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What Are The Signs Im Recovering From A Yeast Infection

Hi there, Eric Bakker here, naturopath. Here'sa question from a lady called Mrs. Watson in Atlanta, America. What are the signs I'm recovering from a Candidainfection? Well, the way to answer that one is to probablyanalyze the kind of symptoms and problems that you've had over the time and to see ifthere's any improvement in those or reversal of those symptoms. When I see patients with a chronic yeast infection,I really like to obviously write down all the signs and symptoms that person's presentingwith.

And if you're intelligent, what you'll dois create a symptom tracker. You'll find this in my book and I haven't seen this beforewith Candida, but it's an intelligent approach. So write down all the problems that you'vegot on the column on the left side on a piece of A4 paper and then just draw lines and thenput every two to three or four weeks put a column on the top. And then what you're goingto do is you're going to work out the severity of that problem over a period of time; you'regoing to track it. Let's just say something like gas or constipation;when you first see me, there could be a grade 3 symptom, which is severe. But then you mayfind two or three weeks later, it could actually

in fact get worse. You could put a 3+ in thatcolumn. But then over time as you improve, what you'll find is there should be a reductionin the severity of that symptom and the number value should go down as well. So you shouldin time go from a three to a two, which is a moderate; to a one, which is mild. But as I say, people never improve in a linearfashion. So you never go from feeling terrible to feeling fantastic in a period of months.There's always these up and downs which are going to occur, okay? It's like the stockmarket. The stock market will be up one day and down the next; up one day and down thenext. But what you'll find over a long period

of time is the score value increases, whichmeans there is an improvement. Just like in your symptoms, if you're doing the right thing,then there should be a reduction in the score value of your symptoms; threes being severe,ones being mild symptoms. If you're going to track all these symptoms over a periodof time, get a piece of paper and tape it on the inside of your wardrobe or something;every couple of weeks just track this. And I've got a My Symptom Tracker in my book youcan print out with all the common signs and symptoms. So, Mrs. Watson, that's how you're going tobe able to know if you're improving in Candida,

is by testing and measuring your symptomsin comparison to the treatment protocol that you put into place. And this is somethingI'm not seeing with any other program. So if you're doing things correctly, there shouldbe a good reduction in your score and that's how you'll know you're on the right track,okay? So I hope that answers your question. Thankyou.

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