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Is Yerba Mate Good For Candida

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from NewZealand. Thanks for checking out my tutorial. I'm going to talk about yerba mate tea. Mateis a tea that I don't mind drinking myself. It's an interesting tea from South America.It's an evergreen shrub that can grow into quite a tall tree. It's got a low caffeinecontent in it when we compare it with say black tea, which content can range from apercent up to 9 percent caffeine, but Mate is much lower than that. I think it's onlyranges maximum not even 2 percent of caffeine per serving. It's a very small amount of caffeinecompared to most other beverages. It's not usually made by pouring boiling wateron it. I was just reading on Wikipedia that

it's made often by using water that's about18 to 19 c of underboiling to extract things out of it. It's actually not a bad tea todrink in terms of health. It does have various antioxidant properties in it. It containsalso quite a lot of polyphenols or various nutritional ingredients that can have a niceeffect on different aspects of your metabolism. It has an interesting effect also on someof the lipase enzymes, so it can actually increase the satiety and make you feel fullerfor longer. Even though there's no scientific evidence to prove it, products like this sometimeswhen drunk two or three cups per day, can delay gastric emptying and make you feel likeyou've had quite a considerable meal to eat.

So I think it may play a role with some peoplein weight loss or weight maintenance. Another study showed that it has even an effectas a MAI inhibitor, MAOI, oxidase inhibitor. It almost works like kind of an antidepressantfor some people. Some researchers at Sau Paulo University showed that, in fact, for somepeople work as quite a nice mild antidepressant. I've got no objections with people drinkingMate tea at all if they've got a yeast infection or bowel issue. But again, like any otherkind of tea, if you're going to introduce it, you've got to do it very slowly and gradually.You're not going to go out and get this stuff and have like seven or eight cups per day.So don't go crazy on it. Any time you introduce

a new tea, a new beverage, a new product intoyour diet, you take it very, very slowly. Otherwise, you could have problems.Yep, I'm okay with a mate tea. I'm quite okay with it. That's my take on it. Don't forgetto click on the link below if you haven't got my report and don't forget to subscribe.Thanks for tuning in.

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