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How Can I Cure My Yeast Infection Naturally

Good day there, Eric Bakker. Here's a questionfrom Jenny. Jenny lives in Alabama. I think that's in America, Alabama. Eric, how can I cure my yeast infection naturally? This is a question I get asked quite regularlyfrom people. Many people are concerned about pharmaceutical drugs. They're not interestedin looking at pharmaceutical intervention or medical treatment for their yeast infectionbecause they've been there, done that, it doesn't work; vaginal infections, toenailinfections, jock itch, there are many different types of yeast infections that simply don'trespond permanently to pharmaceutical intervention.

Natural treatment is different. We're notjust treating the symptoms here. We're going to look at the causes. We're going to getyou to be accountable to make some changes and your body is going to respond by gettingrid of this yeast infection permanently and naturally. So one way to cure your yeast infection naturallyis to look at holistic, is to avoid pharmaceutical drugs entirely, keep away from antibiotics,the pill, hormone replacement therapy, antiinflammatory drugs, steroidal drugs, any type of drugs.You just need to watch out for these pharmaceutical medications. They create side effects andthey're going to give you problems long term,

and then you end up with two types of problems:your yeast infection and symptoms of a disease which you to eventually get on top of as well. Naturally curing Candida involves diet andlifestyle and using natural medicines. And there are many tutorials you'll find on my channelwhich are going to go indepth about the natural ways to cure a yeast infection. There aremany very good natural medicines that will do exactly this that will cure the infectionpermanently without side effects and it's exactly what you want if you're looking fora natural cure. So I hope that answers your question. Anymore questions? You're bound to find them

on my YouTube channel. If you can't find them,please contact me on Candidacrusher and ask me your question and I'll reply to it.Subscribe to my channel; you're bound to find a lot of questions on there that will answeryour questions and you'll be the first one to find out about my new tutorials as well. Andplease go to yeastinfection to complete my yeast infection survey. Thank you.

Superdrink Kombucha gesund lecker probiotisch

Hi!Today's topic is the super drink Kombucha. Kombucha is a sweet and sour fermented drink made of tea and sugar. It has probiotics. That means that living microorganisms are found in Kombucha which benefit our health. 80% of our immune system is located in the gut. Therefore drinks such as Kombucha are very important for our health. Kombucha has been used in traditional Asian medicine for about 2500 years. Fermentation is the process in which organic material is transformed by living organisms. The manufacture of Kombucha starts with a dilution of tea and sugar.

Can that much sugar be healthful? STOP!The sugar is only food for the scoby! Scoby is a pool of yeast and bacteria. Scoby looks a bit like a pancake;) It is the engine of our Kombucha manufacturing process. The yeast transforms almost all the sugar into ethanol and CO2. Ethanol is alcohol. Readymade Kombucha contains only a small amount of alcohol.

About 1%. The bacteria transform CO2 into glucoronic acid and gluconic acid and other beneficial substances such as lactic acid, acetic acid and enzymes. We present a fistful of reasons why you should drink Kombucha. Kombucha detoxifies our body, helps to break down toxins and food particles through living microorganisms and enzymes and helps our digestion. Kombucha is good for our gut flora because the probiotic substances help our body to regulate the phlevel Therefore toxins and pathogens are killed. Kombucha boosts our immune system! It rejuvenates our cells through b vitamins.

Former US president Ronald Reagan drank Kombucha every day as a procedure of his anticancer therapy. Kombucha delivers energy through iron and caffeine. Kombucha contains aminoglucose which can help to prevent and treat arthritis. An essential aspect of Kombucha is that it helps to kill candida albicans and to heal leaky gut. Many health experts believe that leaky gut is the main cause of diverse illnesses, autoimmune diseases and allergies. A leaky gut cannot prevent toxins, undigested food particles and pathogenes to enter our body. Now, I will drink Kombucha of Fairment. It tastes very interesting.

sweet. sour. It contains almost no calories. It is definitely a very tasty and healthy drink. It can definitely substitute sodas and sweetened beverages. Through the use of different herbs and spices, different flavours of Kombucha can be made. Very important is to drink unpasteurized Kombucha! Pasteurization kills the living microorganisms which are responsible for the health benefits.

A very good choice is to drink unpasteurized Kombucha such as Fairment Kombucha. A big thanks to Fairment!The sponsored us a whole Kombucha set which we will use to make our own Kombucha in the next tutorial.

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