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Apple Cider Vinegar for Yeast Infection Natural Treatment

Apple cider vinegar for yeast infectionnatural treatment the common problem for people especiallywomen a hot and humid conditions a yeast infection it usually occurs in theintestinal tract mouth or vagina it is also called vaginitis in this diseasecauses itchiness redness of the exterior vagina and in the inner vagina theyellowish or abnormal vaginal discharge and irritation before directly going tothe and get the antifungal that should be finished or you will get theresistance you can try apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar is one ofthe natural remedies to cure this

disease without making any resistance how it works apple cider vinegar is anatural antibiotic so it helps the body to fight the bacteria fungi and otherdisease caused by microorganisms it contains with mild acid and it helps tokeep the natural pH balance of the vagina it also prevents the growth of yeastinfection because you cannot live in the lower ph of the vagina in addition thegood bacteria in the intestine and in the vagina improve the immunity toagainst the infection when you take it

orally the proteins and enzymes in thisvinegar boost the immune system so you can protect yourself from the eastinfection or cure soon yeast love sugar and this vinegar helps you to reduce theblood glucose level in your blood apple cider vinegar is simple to use howto use apple cider vinegar for yeast infection you can take a glass of warmwater and add one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your glass and donot add sugar or honey to it remember that the yeast love sugar drinkthe mixture of it two to three times a day to prevent it and to cure theinfection

another way is by a mix a tablespoon ofapple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink this before meals twice a dayit will be better for you to take it on an empty stomach this natural remedy can be taken everyday to prevent the spreading fungus you should take the organic apple cidervinegar and mix it with fresh fruit or vegetable juice to add the great taste you also can add herbal teas to preventthe spreading of the yeast infection apple cider vinegar for yeast infectionas many benefits besides it is only to

remove the east you can stay healthy by consuming itbecause of its other benefits inside you also will get cured of yeast infectionpitching and irritation the most important thing is you can get thenormal discharge again the most important thing in this case is thisnatural remedy has no side effects you do not need to worry about anythingelse especially about the dose it is not as you consume any medicine it istotally different even you want to stop consuming it italso does not matter it is not a

prescription antibiotic therefore youfeel free to stop or continue in taking it thank you for watching please subscribeour channel to stay up to date with our daily informative tutorial by clicking thesubscribe button also don't forget to like this tutorial and leave your comment.

How Contagious Is Candida

How contagious is Candida? Is Candida contagious?Can you get it from somebody else? Can you give it to somebody else?Well, not really. It's not a disease that you're going to spread around that easily.In fact, I don't believe many diseases are easily caught from other people because itall depends on your level of susceptibility. To get sick, you have to be a person who attractssickness to them. A very interesting book I read when I wasa student was called the Organon of Medicine written by Samuel Hahnemann. Hahnemannwas the founder of Homeopathy. Homeopathy has been very maligned, particularly in thelast 5 to 10 years. It's been ridiculed and

slammed incredibly. Its biggest opponents,obviously, are the pharmaceutical industry. We've seen this 100 years ago in America aswell. When homeopathy was almost completely destroyed and it came back up again.It's been destroyed in many countries again like the U.S. and the U.K., but it will comeback up again in years to come. As allelopathic pharmaceutical medicine slowly dies and peoplerealize that these drugs kill more people and maim more people than they cure, powerfulnatural therapies will once again arise. I firmly believe that.Hahnemann wrote in his book that people attract illness to them a bit like a magnet attractsmetal to it, and I've repeatedly seen this

as well. People that are stressed, that areweak, that have an increased susceptibility and a decreased resistance are the ones thatget sick. This is especially so. You will find that many people can be around otherswho get sick and never get sick. And yet other people develop this sickness spontaneouslywithout even being around someone who's sick, so how does that happen? Why doesn't everybodyget sick when somebody else is sick? It's all about immune resistance. It's allabout susceptibility. If you are a person who suffers from stress, malnutrition, nutritionaldeficiencies, you've got problems with bowel flora; there are many reasons why we couldcontract a Candida infection.

One of the biggest stresses that can affectus are pharmaceutical drugs, particularly patients who've been taking steroids, antiinflammatorymedications that wreck their gut function, antibiotics that destroy the gut function.These sorts of drugs taken repeatedly. The oral contraceptive pill is another prime oneinvolved in yeast infections. Passing it from one to another is a possibilitywith intimate contact, so I've certainly seen that occur, but not in all cases, but it canhappen. But you're not really going to pass a yeast infection from one person to anotherwith utensil sharing like giving somebody a cup or a spoon or something like that, notgenerally. Most Candida won't survive the

stomach anyway. But certainly genital contact,sexual contact, I've seen that definitely happen. So with partners, it's always importantto make sure that if one person has a yeast infection, that the other one takes precautions.That's certainly worth bearing in mind. But other conditions like gastrointestinalor toenail fungus, I don't really believe that these things are passed around from oneperson to another. Many people say that you get Athlete's foot just by being in gym rooms,but that's not true. Many people walk around in locker rooms, changing rooms, in bare feetand don't get toenail fungus. Toenail fungus, again, is not a contagious disease. It's acondition that you develop because you wear

socks all the time. Because you don't airout your feet. Because you have too much sugars in your diet. These things are not, I believe,passed from one person to another. So to answer that question. Yes and no. Itcan be spread intimately, but I don't believe in other ways necessarily. I hope that answersyour question. Thank you.

What Grains Can I eat On A Candida Diet

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath Eric Bakker. Author of Candida Crusher. Formulator of the Canxida range of products. Thanks for checking out my tutorial. I get so many questions asking me if theycan get oats, millet, quinoa, brown rice, white rice, all these sorts of things. I get them all the time.

Now, I just looked at a website. Quite a wellknown Candida website. Not my website and I found this informationI'm going to read out to you, which I think is a load of crap and I get quite upset whenI read these sort of things because they're actually giving people misinformation. But this is the kind of information that'sout there. This is the kind of information that is beingput together by people who never see any patients. This is the kind of information put togetherby people who are just pushing pills and some

kind of products or books or something withoutever dialoging with people or seeing cause and effect. This is their own personal opinion. It's not based on any fact or anything. Some diets will tell you that you can eatspecifically brown rice but not white rice. Where other diets say no grains at all. No matter what rice you eat, the fact remainsthat rice is pure starch and starch equals sugar that will break down in your intestine.

This equals food that Candida survives on. I can tell you now that's a load of crap. I've seen many, many patients fully recovereating brown rice, so you can't blatantly say that everybody who has got a yeast infectionneeds to strictly avoid all rice. It is simply not true. It's all about test and measure. Some people can't tolerate rice. Some people have got no problem toleratingbrown rice at all.

I've even got some people that can tolerateeating white rice, long grain rice, basmati rice. It's something that you need to experimentwith yourself. Be careful of Google. Most Candida diets list millet, quinoa orsometimes both as being acceptable foods for a Candida diet. Millet and quinoa are both grains and allgrains break into carbohydrates and their digested by the intestines.

All carbs are converted into glucose. Glucose is a simple sugar that will feed Candida. Wrong, wrong, wrong again, my friend. Many people can eat millet and quinoa on aCandida diet successfully. You can't blatantly say this. This is not really fact. It's pure fiction. This person is saying quot;I studied lots of Candidadiets over the years in books and now on the

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