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How Can I Cure My Yeast Infection Naturally

Good day there, Eric Bakker. Here's a questionfrom Jenny. Jenny lives in Alabama. I think that's in America, Alabama. Eric, how can I cure my yeast infection naturally? This is a question I get asked quite regularlyfrom people. Many people are concerned about pharmaceutical drugs. They're not interestedin looking at pharmaceutical intervention or medical treatment for their yeast infectionbecause they've been there, done that, it doesn't work; vaginal infections, toenailinfections, jock itch, there are many different types of yeast infections that simply don'trespond permanently to pharmaceutical intervention.

Natural treatment is different. We're notjust treating the symptoms here. We're going to look at the causes. We're going to getyou to be accountable to make some changes and your body is going to respond by gettingrid of this yeast infection permanently and naturally. So one way to cure your yeast infection naturallyis to look at holistic, is to avoid pharmaceutical drugs entirely, keep away from antibiotics,the pill, hormone replacement therapy, antiinflammatory drugs, steroidal drugs, any type of drugs.You just need to watch out for these pharmaceutical medications. They create side effects andthey're going to give you problems long term,

and then you end up with two types of problems:your yeast infection and symptoms of a disease which you to eventually get on top of as well. Naturally curing Candida involves diet andlifestyle and using natural medicines. And there are many tutorials you'll find on my channelwhich are going to go indepth about the natural ways to cure a yeast infection. There aremany very good natural medicines that will do exactly this that will cure the infectionpermanently without side effects and it's exactly what you want if you're looking fora natural cure. So I hope that answers your question. Anymore questions? You're bound to find them

on my YouTube channel. If you can't find them,please contact me on Candidacrusher and ask me your question and I'll reply to it.Subscribe to my channel; you're bound to find a lot of questions on there that will answeryour questions and you'll be the first one to find out about my new tutorials as well. Andplease go to yeastinfection to complete my yeast infection survey. Thank you.

Less Common Signs And Symptoms Of Blastocysitis Hominis Infection

Greetings. It's New Zealand naturopath, EricBakker, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of supplements. Thisis a Blastocystis hominis series of tutorials that we're doing today. Have you clicked onthe link yet? Please click on the link on your screen right now to download my freereport. And don't forget to do my quiz on yeastinfectin .I don't want to give myself too much of a plug, but my range of Canxida supplementsare fantastic for people with Blastocystis hominis and parasite infection in general.When I created the Canxida Remove, I wanted to create the most effective and powerfulbroadspectrum antiparasiteantifungalantibacterial

product in the world. That's what I wantedto do. I just wanted to create something outstanding. Something that really works time and againfor all of my patients. You can find that product at Canxida . Check that out andthat's going to help you a lot. We're going to talk right now about the unusualsigns and symptoms of a Blastocystis hominis infection. Because it's not all about thegut. Remember the gut influences many different aspects of your health. We, in fact, callthe gut the quot;second brain.quot; I haven't completed some tutorials yet on the vagus nerve and theautonomic dysfunction. I'm not going to confuse you too much with that now. But suffice itto say, the gut has a big influence on the

brain and on many aspects of our wellbeing.When the digestive system is upset with blasto, you can get signs and symptoms throughoutthe body. Common ones I've seen � because I see a lot of people � or I should say,less common, you may not experience these, but some people will really relate to these.You may have a digestive problem, but you also may have very itchy skin. You may havejoint pain. You may have a finger joint that occasionally hurts. You could have brain fog.You could get all sorts of sharp shooting pains throughout the body. You can get allsorts of muscle twitches. You could get Urticaria. Even hay fever and various kinds of hypersensitivityresponses are linked to having blasto.

Now, you're thinking, quot;Hang on a minute. Thissounds like a lot of bologna. How can that be?quot; When blasto affects the body, it affectsthe immune system. When the immune system is affected, the immune system can createall sorts of chemicals that have peripheral effects all over the body, in the brain, inthe central nervous system, in the peripheral nervous system, in the skin, many organs canbe affected, so the whole body can be affected when the gut's been affected. Particularlywhen the digestive system has been affected for a number of years, you can get a lot ofstrange peripheral symptoms. And you go to the and that'll be seen as a separatedisease, so then you'll get more drugs for

those diseases that the has got noclue about. Ask yourself this question, this is very importantand I want you to pay attention. The symptoms that you've got that are unusual; did theycome after digestive system symptoms? Did you a long time ago develop gut complaintsand then over a period of months or years develop other symptoms on top of that? Thoseare the sort of things I look for when I have a patient who's been chronically unwell foryears. Because chronic disease is a progression. It's a development. A ladder develops overa period of time, so we get symptoms here, symptoms here, symptoms here, and they justprogress.

Unfortunately, the medical profession seesall these symptoms as completely unrelated and each symptom gets its own drug, whichto me is just crazy. Because chronic disease has an origin. And if we really carefullypeel back the layers, look at the beginning, and treat that, we can often clear up allof these other symptoms that came. Isn't that common sense? To me, it's just common sense.But for the medical profession, it means all these additional drugs are given to you, whichcreate additional side effects. Remember, blasto can create gut problems,but it can also create a lot of peripheral problems as well. Have a think about that.Thanks for tuning in.

4 Ways To Quickly Stop Leg Cramps Foot Cramps With Natural Remedies

My name is Larry Cook and I would like toshare with you four natural remedies that you can use to stop leg cramps and foot crampsright away. Let me start by saying that for quite a few years, I used to get leg crampsand foot cramps all the time, and I went and saw a naturopathic and I found outfrom this naturopathic . Angela Agrios, here in Los Angeles, that I had somecirculatory problems and it never occurred to me what was causing the leg cramps or whatthe issues might be, but we noted down pretty quickly, she noted down pretty quickly andI got on to a supplement plan and did a lot of other things to help build my circulatorysystem. In so doing, the leg cramps and the

foot cramps diminished. However, with thatsaid, I still get leg cramps and foot cramps every now and then, and what I want to doin this tutorial is share with you a little bit about what happens, why we get leg crampsand foot cramps and what we can do to stop those pretty quickly. First of all, like Imentioned, circulatory issues can be one of the causes, and if you have leg cramps orfoot cramps on a regular basis, I really recommend that you go see a naturopathic , getchecked out and see whether or not that's a contributing reason for your foot crampsor leg cramps. Another reason for getting foot cramps or leg cramps should be an electrolyteimbalance or depletion of electrolytes. Electrolytes

are minerals and the three main ones are calcium,magnesium and potassium. If someone goes to the sauna, sweats a lot or exercises, sweatsa lot, you can easily lose a lot of electrolytes, and that is definitely a contributing causeto foot cramps or leg cramps. Finally, another major reason is when there's cold feet orcold legs. That can contribute to leg cramps or foot cramps. If one of the reasons whywe get leg cramps or foot cramps is a lack of electrolytes or electrolyte depletion,then obviously it makes sense to put electrolytes back into the body and I've been using anelectrolyte replenisher for quite some time now, several years, and it's called Ultima.I highly recommend it. I actually met the

rep from Ultima many, many years ago. Theygave me a great story about what they do, no artificial anything. It's all natural andso I've been using it almost every single day and I don't have any tie to them, butI really do like their product, and so if I get a cramp at night and I know that I'veeither exercised really hard that day or I went to the sauna and sweat it, I'll immediatelytake some Ultima and that will definitely help subdue the leg cramp or foot cramp. Ifyou think that there's an electrolyte imbalance and you take an electrolyte replenisher, thatdefinitely is a good idea. That's the first method, and then number 2 would be take magnesium,because magnesium is also not only an electrolyte,

but it calms the muscles. It calms everythingdown, and speaking of calm, a great magnesium supplement on the market is called Calm. Itactually can help you go to sleep as well, so I highly recommend Calm. It gets into thesystem right away. I've been using it for several years and if you want to go to sleepmore easily and if you want to stop leg cramps and foot cramps, give Calm a try. Now thethird remedy I'm going to share with you is a homeopathic remedy. It's called Cuprum.This is what it looks like, Cuprum. It's a homeopathic copper remedy. Now here's theinteresting thing about Cuprum and homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies work at anenergetic level, and when you work at the

energetic level, sometimes it can work reallysuper fast and if you've ever wondered whether or not homeopathy works, here's an experiment.Get a cramp, get some Cuprum, take the Cuprum, take 2 pellets under your tongue, and in about2 to 3 minutes, your cramp will be gone. Tell me that's not amazing, and I guarantee youthat it works most of the time for most people. It works for me. I keep this in my pocketat all times. I can't recommend it enough. I learned it from Angela Agrios and ifyou want to have an instant cramp relief remedy on you at all times, take Cuprum whereveryou go. Now the fourth remedy is a really interesting remedy because I found it in ahealth foods store. I wasn't even looking

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