Candida Diet Yogurt Recipes

What Kind Of Yogurt Is Good For Candida

Thank you for checking out my tutorial. I'm goingto talk about yogurt today, yogurt and Candida, and some of the best types of yogurts to eat.Be very careful when you consider to include yogurt into your daily dietary regime to improveyour health, particularly if you have Candida. The reason being is a lot of commercial yogurtsare really crap. They contain a lot of artificial sugars and even just straight sucrose itself.There'll be artificial colors, flavorings, all sorts of things added to it. The smalllittle pots that you buy, in general, are not really good.My recommendations are for you to go to the health food shop and buy a good sour naturalacidophilus yogurt without any kind of ingredients

added to it at all, particularly one madefrom organic milk or cows that have been raised on pasture, grass fed cows without using hormonesor antibiotics. Sometimes you need to go to a good health food shop to buy these. Andif you've got access to whole fat cow's milk straight from the cow, you may know someonewho has a cow or go to a farm where you can actually purchase this milk, this makes fantasticyogurt. There are many different yogurt recipes online you can find, so making your own yogurttakes a little bit of time and commitment, but it's well worth it. You start with a verygood small amount of sour starter culture, and it's quite simple to make. Just followthe recipes.

There are many, many benefits to eating yogurt.And in my book, in fact, I wrote several pages on the 20 benefits of eating yogurt. You mightbe able to find some of my writing on yeastinfection regarding the amazingly powerful qualitiesof a good quality yogurt when it comes to Candida.The lactose or the sugar has been converted into lactic acid. And if you buy some of thecommercial varieties, you'll find that not all of the lactose has been converted, sothere'll still be some milk sugars potentially in there. And also, you'll often find NutraSweetor aspartame in these socalled yogurts through the supermarket, so I'd probably discourageyou from buying the commercial yogurt, the

fruity ones with all the sugars in them, ratherbuy the sour one. And you can grate some green apple and put that in there. You can add someblueberries to your yogurt. That's quite okay. When you start with yogurt, you add a smallamount in your diet on a regular basis to begin with. Don't take too much in. This cancause bloating and flatulence and even nausea with some people if they've got a lot of badbacteria. Slowly include this into your diet, small amounts to start with, and graduallybuild up until you can have like a small bowl per day, very good. Yogurt, I think, is bestconsumed in the evening or in the morning. Try to have it a bit away from meals. Emptytummy is good to have it.

When you do this regularly, you'll find hugebenefits from taking yogurt in. Your immune system will be powered up significantly. Agood time to incorporate yogurt also is in the summertime because you can make drinksout of it. You can mix it with water. It's quite tasty and very refreshing. And by takingin yogurt regularly through the latter part of summer and into fall, by the time you'regoing into wintertime, you'll have a very powerful immune system because the cultureshelp to confer a lot of immune benefits as well.There are many reasons why you want to consider yogurt in your life. It's one of the premierfoods to eat when you have a yeast infection.

And don't be too concerned about milk allergiesbecause you shouldn't really have a problem if you start with small amounts and graduallybuild up and see how you go. I hope this answers your questions about yogurtthat you might have and what type to get. Avoid the commercial ones and get a good organicsour one. Thanks for tuning in.

How to Cure Candida in 6 Steps

Hey, guys. Axe here, of functionalmedicine and founder of DrAxe . Today I'm going to share with you the exact diet, treatmentand supplements you need to take the clear Candida from your body. And this is what Ireally consider to be my SixStep Candida Cure Diet Protocol. And you're going to seeamazing results with this protocol. And let me say this first, what is Candida?Candida is the overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria in your body and it can cause somemajor symptoms that you want to get rid of. And so some of the symptoms of Candida caninclude any type of fatigue issue. If you struggle with chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue,those can be related to Candida.

Any type of leaky gut issue. Leaky gut isintestinal permeability, where proteins like gluten can leak through your gut and causeinflammation of your body. So if you have food sensitivities or if you have digestiveissues like gas and bloating, also if you have any problem related to the thyroid, thosecan be warning signs you have Candida. Also if you get yeast in your body. If younotice, let's say, yeast or whiteness on your tongue or if you ever get chronic yeast infectionsor coming down with the cold and flu often, those can be warning signs that you have Candida.And, of course, also with Candida any sort of other digestive issues, like irritablebowel syndrome or chronic diarrhea or constipation

or even acid reflux, those are warning signsthat you might have Candida. And last but not least, is a sluggish metabolism.If you aren't losing weight and burning fat like you know you should be, those are warningsigns you could have Candida, along with actually even bad breath and lack of detoxification.Those are some major warning signs. So here are the six things you need to do to eliminateCandida fast. Number one, you need to stop consuming somuch sugar. Now, I know that's obvious. That's something that I think most of us realizeis that sugar feeds yeast in your body. But again, you have got to get rid of processedsugar, fruit juices, any sort of added sugar

to any sort of product sweetener. Even mostpackaged products and fast foods are also high in sugar. Even things like pasta saucesand crackers, you'd be surprised, but sugar is added to almost everything. So again, eliminate especially the processedsugar out of your diet. As a replacement, I recommend using a little bit of Stevia,which is a nocalorie natural sweetener and then about one to three teaspoons a day ofmanuka honey. Okay? Those are the sweeteners you should be using if you have Candida. Number two. You need to eliminate grains fromyour diet. Why? Because grains turn into sugar

and they also tend to be more inflammatory.And so again, getting those grains out of your diet, especially wheat products and glutencontaininggrains, that's step number two. Instead, do a lot more vegetables and maybe some starchycarbs. Number three thing you have to do to clearCandida from you system, is support your spleen. Now, this is cuttingedge information thata lot of people don't realize. And this is a practice in Ancient China that is oftenused by acupuncturists today. But they have found that the number one cause of Candidais a weakened spleen. And so if you have spleen issues, and spleen is responsible for digestionof the body, producing red blood cells in

your system. And so the spleen is a very importantorgan. In order to support the spleen, there area couple things you need to do. But really the spleen is supported by starchy foods,especially squash, things like sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and also even doing certaintypes of beans like lentils and mung beans. So again, getting some of those good starchycarbs. And that's really where your sweetness shouldcome from. A little bit of butternut squash, acorn squash, foods like that that has thatmild sweetness. That's the only sweet you should be really getting in your diet. Again,with no processed sugar and, again, very low

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