Candida Enzymes

The Importance Of Digestive Enzymes And Candida

Good day, Eric Bakker, naturopath, authorof Candida Crusher. A patient asked me a couple of weeks ago Eric,why are you recommending I take digestive enzymes with my yeast infection? What's thebenefit of taking a digestive enzyme? What am I going to get out of it? I'm already takinga magnesium supplement, fish oil, vitamin C, what benefit am I going to get from anenzyme really? I chew my food properly. I don't think I need this product. Now this lady's had a yeast infection forabout 15 years, and my reply to that was you do need a digestive enzyme. And these aresome of the reasons why you will really benefit

from this digestive enzyme. When Candida really gets a foothold in thebody like it has in this patient, we did a stool test and we found she had a major yeastinfection. She also had poor levels of beneficial bacteria. She also had poor levels of amylase,which is a pancreatic enzyme. She had pancreatic elastase 1, which is a particular marker Ifound to be very affected. And I told her I said, Allison, you need this digestive enzyme.It's going to help you big time. It's going to allow you to break food down better. So I put her on a product with protein, fatand carbohydrate enzymatic activity to really

improve her digestive system functionality.Digestive enzymes in probiotics, in my opinion, will one day be more important than multivitamins,much more important because we don't really live in a natural world anymore. We eat thewrong foods. We eat too much food. We eat food under stress. It's now found that 1 in5 people in America have one meal of the day in front of Facebook. We tend to use our mobilephones all the time. There are too many reasons why we're distracted from eating properly.But when we've got a yeast infection, we tend to also have an altered digestive system ingeneral with a reduced functional capacity to digest these foods, so we really need theseenzymes. They make a big difference.

Digestive enzymes to me are a bit like whenyour battery of your car is flat and you get three big guys at the back at the car to giveit a good push and then drop the clutch and then all of a sudden the engine starts. You'regiving it a boost. And that's what enzymes do to your gut. They give it a boost. Theykickstart it. They allow you to break foods down, healthy foods down to better substrate,which in turn will allow better absorption and digestion and utilization of these nutrientsinto the cells. But, furthermore, they also allow these foods to move down to the lowerregions of the gut where the beneficial bacteria can thrive on their residues. Also if youbreak foods down properly, it's going to stop

some of these partially digested foods goingthrough the leaky gut and setting up a food allergy response. So those are just three reasons out of manyI could tell you why enzymes are required. Some people say that enzymes help to breakup Candida cells and eradicate them and wipe them out. They may do all that, but I don'treally care about that much. I care more about improving the gut function of the patient.And I'll do that by lifestyle, education, and enzymes. Now my book, Candida Crusher, is full of theserecommendations. So if you're watching this

tutorial, I highly recommend that you have alook at a copy of my book and incorporate the methods I've outlined particularly inChapter 7. You're going to find a lot of good information on eating properly, what foodsto eat, how to eat them, how to incorporate special foods into the diet, the right wayto take dietary supplements; all these tips and tricks you won't find in these phony andfake books that are currently on line which don't explain these at all. Because thesepeople never saw patients. It's just a book full of information basically. If you wantthe real deal, have a look at Candida Crusher. So digestive enzymes are important for Candidaeradication, and it's something I'm working

How to Cure Candida in 6 Steps

Hey, guys. Axe here, of functionalmedicine and founder of DrAxe . Today I'm going to share with you the exact diet, treatmentand supplements you need to take the clear Candida from your body. And this is what Ireally consider to be my SixStep Candida Cure Diet Protocol. And you're going to seeamazing results with this protocol. And let me say this first, what is Candida?Candida is the overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria in your body and it can cause somemajor symptoms that you want to get rid of. And so some of the symptoms of Candida caninclude any type of fatigue issue. If you struggle with chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue,those can be related to Candida.

Any type of leaky gut issue. Leaky gut isintestinal permeability, where proteins like gluten can leak through your gut and causeinflammation of your body. So if you have food sensitivities or if you have digestiveissues like gas and bloating, also if you have any problem related to the thyroid, thosecan be warning signs you have Candida. Also if you get yeast in your body. If younotice, let's say, yeast or whiteness on your tongue or if you ever get chronic yeast infectionsor coming down with the cold and flu often, those can be warning signs that you have Candida.And, of course, also with Candida any sort of other digestive issues, like irritablebowel syndrome or chronic diarrhea or constipation

or even acid reflux, those are warning signsthat you might have Candida. And last but not least, is a sluggish metabolism.If you aren't losing weight and burning fat like you know you should be, those are warningsigns you could have Candida, along with actually even bad breath and lack of detoxification.Those are some major warning signs. So here are the six things you need to do to eliminateCandida fast. Number one, you need to stop consuming somuch sugar. Now, I know that's obvious. That's something that I think most of us realizeis that sugar feeds yeast in your body. But again, you have got to get rid of processedsugar, fruit juices, any sort of added sugar

to any sort of product sweetener. Even mostpackaged products and fast foods are also high in sugar. Even things like pasta saucesand crackers, you'd be surprised, but sugar is added to almost everything. So again, eliminate especially the processedsugar out of your diet. As a replacement, I recommend using a little bit of Stevia,which is a nocalorie natural sweetener and then about one to three teaspoons a day ofmanuka honey. Okay? Those are the sweeteners you should be using if you have Candida. Number two. You need to eliminate grains fromyour diet. Why? Because grains turn into sugar

and they also tend to be more inflammatory.And so again, getting those grains out of your diet, especially wheat products and glutencontaininggrains, that's step number two. Instead, do a lot more vegetables and maybe some starchycarbs. Number three thing you have to do to clearCandida from you system, is support your spleen. Now, this is cuttingedge information thata lot of people don't realize. And this is a practice in Ancient China that is oftenused by acupuncturists today. But they have found that the number one cause of Candidais a weakened spleen. And so if you have spleen issues, and spleen is responsible for digestionof the body, producing red blood cells in

your system. And so the spleen is a very importantorgan. In order to support the spleen, there area couple things you need to do. But really the spleen is supported by starchy foods,especially squash, things like sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and also even doing certaintypes of beans like lentils and mung beans. So again, getting some of those good starchycarbs. And that's really where your sweetness shouldcome from. A little bit of butternut squash, acorn squash, foods like that that has thatmild sweetness. That's the only sweet you should be really getting in your diet. Again,with no processed sugar and, again, very low

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