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How To CURE Your Yeast Infection In ONE DAY

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath. I'm going to do a tutorial today on how to cureCandida in 24 hours. How you can get rid of your yeast infection completely in one dayand be fully cured and healed and never get it back again, zero. What do you think aboutthat? Well, I just spent a good hour on YouTubehaving a look at a whole array of different YouTube tutorials by experts in Candida. Andone particular person claims you can cure Candida 100 percent in one week; every caseof Candida can be cured by following a 100 percent vegan diet. All you've got to do iseat lots and lots of fruit, nothing but fruit;

you avoid all animal proteins completely,no meat at all, no eggs, no fish, no chicken, no beef, absolutely no animal food. Just eatnothing but fruit and within one week, it's fully cured because all animal foods containfats, which line your arteries and keep sugar in your blood, which allows Candida to feedoff. What a load of crap! I just can't really buy a lot of this stuff that people come upwith. I'm telling you folks, there's so much bologna on line. There's another man I saw on a YouTube clip.He said, You can drink alcohol with a yeast infection. There's nothing wrong with Vodkaor Gin. Neutral spirits are fine. Just avoid

other things like Whiskey and Bourbon andbeer, but Vodka and Gin are fine to drink with a yeast infection. Now, if you're going to watch these sortsof clips and believe them, you're going to be a real fool and a sucker for punishment.Some of these tutorials have had 20,000 or 30,000 views in 30 days, which shows me that a lotof people maybe are falling for this sort of crap. I really hope you don't fall forthis absolute nonsense. Think about it logically, eating lots of fruit, 15 pieces of fruit aday, loaded with sucrose and fructose. What are you doing to your gut?

Now, this particular person's about 20 yearsold and quite a fanatical vegan no doubt like a lot of vegans are. But I'd like to see thisparticular person when she's 50 like me to see what she looks like; if she's still bubblyand bright and bouncing around and all happy. She could be a big ball of lard at that stage;we don't really know what she's going to look like. I'm not here to criticize her, but I'm goingto tell you that these sorts of approaches are absolute garbage. You know they may workfor 6 months or 12 months. They may work for her, but if you're going to try this approachwith a seriously bad yeast infection and just

eat fruit all day, how do you think you'regoing to feel? Within a couple of years, you're going to be B12 deficient, you're going tobe Iron deficient, you're going to get fatigued and tired, you'll have recurring infections,you'll have blood sugar problems, and you're going to feel pretty sick. I want you to takemy advice and don't follow these sorts of ridiculous radical approaches. My approach makes a lot more sense and isbased on the work done by a naturopath and medical many years ago. Trowbridge; Trowbridge's MEVI approach makes common sense to me. Eggs, vegetables, meats, yogurt,cultured fermented foods, nuts and seeds,

a wide range of different foods obviouslytailored to suit a specific person. Now I'm not here to argue the merits of veganism orvegetarianism versus eating meat in the diet, but I've been through a strict stage in mylife where I've avoided all that or more, proteins, completely for a while and I feltgreat. But then after a while, I didn't feel great until I incorporated protein back intomy diet from an animal source. I'll do some YouTube clips outlining the importanceof animal proteins in your diet, which I believe are very important. But it's up to you todecide what way you're going to get your protein sources from. You may want to get them fromvegetable sources or legume sources or nuts

Antibiotics Cause Candida Part 1

Antibiotics Cause Candida – Part 1There are many mechanisms which cause the transformation of the yeast form of Candidainto its fungal form. One of the ones that we see on a daily basis, and the one whichI think is the main cause of the transformation of the yeast to the fungal form of Candidais the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics, whether directly taken into thebody, or indirectly through foods, will assist in the development of fungal pathogenic Candidain the body. That happens through several different mechanisms. Since the introductionof antibiotics in the late 1940s, research showed that there are certain antibioticsthat possibly directly stimulated this conversion

of the yeast to fungal form.Through research since the late 1940s and early ‘50s and ‘60s, we know that thishappens through a variety of different mechanisms. When you take an antibiotic in the body, whatwe know is antibiotic means antibiotic is against life. It destroys life, life in theform of bacteria. Antibiotics are specifically designed to destroy bacteria as opposed tofungus and yeast and parasites and viruses within the tissues. So as you destroy thebacteria in the digestive system, you will destroy, basically, what we call “good�and “bad� bacteria. The reality is they may all be good, in termsthat they coexist in a way that's beneficial

to human health. But there are certain strainswhich we consider to be problematic, pathogenic, and other strains which we think are morebenign, and therefore beneficial, simply because of their presence in the digestive tract.The reality is that they're all beneficial because they've evolved to coexist in sucha way that these bacteria, viruses, mold, parasite, yeast, fungi, derive the nutrientsfrom the foods we eat, and they were able to absorb those nutrients into the body. Sowhen you take an antibiotic, you destroy bacteria, good, bad, however you wanna look at it. Thedestruction of that bacteria creates more of an open terrain for the yeast to grow into,and it does so in its fungal form more rapidly

than it does its yeast form.There are several mechanisms by which the antibiotics will further conversion of theyeast to fungal form of Candida. One of these mechanisms is by destroying the bacteria.It creates space for the fungus to grow into, meaning there's less competition from thebacteria which was previously there. So it's creating an open field, space for the Candidato grow. Another way that this happens is that thebacteria that's in there produces lactic acid, or these acids which help to maintainthe pH of the intestinal tract at an acidic level. At an acidic level, Candida existswithin its yeast form. When it starts to rise

to a more alkaline pH, around the pH of 6.5,that induces transformation of the cell wall membrane of the yeast into its fungal form.So we have creating space by eliminating the bacteria. We have a change of pH by eliminatingthe bacteria which causes acids to maintain an acidic pH. We also have transformationof the yeast cell wall membrane to its fungal form by the effect of, when© Copyright 20102011, All Rights Reserved, Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC Page 118 of 130we destroy these bacteria, they release components from their cell wall membranes and from theinside of them which will also directly stimulate the cell wall membrane of the yeast to convertto its fungal form. So there are a number

of these which we know directly stimulatethe conversion of the yeast to fungus in Candida. In addition to the three other mechanismswhich we previously mentioned, other ways that the yeasttofungal conversion takesplace is eliminating these bacteria. By doing that, we eliminate the antifungal substancesthat these bacteria produce in order to create space for themselves within this ecosystemof the digestive tract. So we eliminate something which would also suppress the yeasttofungalconversion. Also, when you take an antibiotic, you haveimmune system suppression. One of the uses for antibiotics commonly by the medical professionis to give someone an antibiotic as an antiinflammatory.

The McCombs Plan Part 1

The McCombs Plan – Part 1With the McCombs Plan, there are four main components. The first component that we consideris the dietary program. On the McCombs Plan, you can have all meats except for pork – fish,chicken, turkey, beef, buffalo; all vegetables; all fruits; eggs; tea; coffee; and brown rice.And brown rice is the only grain, brown rice either as plain brown rice, plain rice cakes,or hot brown rice cereal. Now the one thing to note here, is that, withthe traditional Candida plans, which have been around for quite a few years, is thatthey try to starve Candida out of the body, which is nearly impossible. So they don'tallow you to have fruits or starchy vegetables

like potatoes. And those are allowed on theMcCombs Plan. And why is simply because we found that when you take the supplements andfollow the plan as outlined, you can have fruits. It wasn't a factor.If you look at the reality of the situation, Candida doesn't really need any food. There'sno way you can really starve it out of the body. Candida can lay dormant in the body.It has that ability. Candida can derive all of its nutrients from all the cells and tissuesin the body. It doesn't need to look outside of the body for a source of nutrients.So why does anyone need to use a diet at all if Candida has this amazing ability to deriveall its nutrients from the body? Simply that

there are certain forms of sugar which willenable the Candida to spread very quickly, very rapidly, and keep the Candida growthgoing at a rapid pace. Candida grows very rapidly, dies off rapidly, so it constantlycreates its own toxicity within the tissues from this constant dieoff. But it doesn'tneed much food. But we wouldn't wanna assist that process.And what we've found is if you give it these extra foods which contain sugars, for instance,whether it's white sugar, brown sugar, honeys, syrups, etc., all these will feed Candida.Also, simple carbohydrates will break down very quickly in the blood to sugar. So thesewill also propagate the growth of Candida

in the fungal form throughout the body. Soit's not that you can starve it, but what you don't wanna do is facilitate its growthand impede the efforts to get rid of it. So along with the foods that you can eat, youcan also have any seasonings, as long as there's no sugar, yeast, or dairy.The second part of the McCombs Plan is that there are three products that we give youwhich help in elimination of fungal Candida, boosting the immune system, and the restorationof normal tissue flora. The first of these products is Candida Force, which is an undecenoicacid product. Undecenoic acid is a fatty acid which is derived from castor bean oil. It'sthis fatty acid, which is assimilated into

the cell wall membrane of the fungal formof Candida, which causes it to revert back to its yeast form in a slightly weakened state.Now that we have it in its weakened state, what we wanna do is boost the immune system.We do that through our second product, Detox Essentials. Detox Essentials contains C, Echinacea,red clover, and bioflavonoid. This helps to boost the immune© Copyright 20102011, All Rights Reserved, Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC Page 100 of 130system, especially a specific part of the immune system, such as neutrophils, whichare most effective in getting rid of the excess yeast.The third product is our Flora Prime, which

is a probiotic. And as we had talked aboutearlier, antibiotic means “against life.� Probiotic is “for life.� So probioticorganisms are organisms which have demonstrated an ability to improve the health of the digestivetract. Our Flora Prime contains 12 different strains which fulfill that role.Now the first two products, you start at the beginning of the plan. The Flora Prime isn'tadded into the plan until you reach Week 7. The reason why we have you hold off is wewant to get rid of the Candida and create space for this Flora Prime to really implantitself and establish itself within the ecosystem of the digestive tract.

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