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How Can I Cure My Yeast Infection Naturally

Good day there, Eric Bakker. Here's a questionfrom Jenny. Jenny lives in Alabama. I think that's in America, Alabama. Eric, how can I cure my yeast infection naturally? This is a question I get asked quite regularlyfrom people. Many people are concerned about pharmaceutical drugs. They're not interestedin looking at pharmaceutical intervention or medical treatment for their yeast infectionbecause they've been there, done that, it doesn't work; vaginal infections, toenailinfections, jock itch, there are many different types of yeast infections that simply don'trespond permanently to pharmaceutical intervention.

Natural treatment is different. We're notjust treating the symptoms here. We're going to look at the causes. We're going to getyou to be accountable to make some changes and your body is going to respond by gettingrid of this yeast infection permanently and naturally. So one way to cure your yeast infection naturallyis to look at holistic, is to avoid pharmaceutical drugs entirely, keep away from antibiotics,the pill, hormone replacement therapy, antiinflammatory drugs, steroidal drugs, any type of drugs.You just need to watch out for these pharmaceutical medications. They create side effects andthey're going to give you problems long term,

and then you end up with two types of problems:your yeast infection and symptoms of a disease which you to eventually get on top of as well. Naturally curing Candida involves diet andlifestyle and using natural medicines. And there are many tutorials you'll find on my channelwhich are going to go indepth about the natural ways to cure a yeast infection. There aremany very good natural medicines that will do exactly this that will cure the infectionpermanently without side effects and it's exactly what you want if you're looking fora natural cure. So I hope that answers your question. Anymore questions? You're bound to find them

on my YouTube channel. If you can't find them,please contact me on Candidacrusher and ask me your question and I'll reply to it.Subscribe to my channel; you're bound to find a lot of questions on there that will answeryour questions and you'll be the first one to find out about my new tutorials as well. Andplease go to yeastinfection to complete my yeast infection survey. Thank you.

Is Organic Peanut Butter OK With Candida

Thanks for checking my tutorial out today. Ijust did a tutorial a few minutes ago on peanuts, if organic peanuts are okay to consume. I'vegot another question here from the same person asking me, I know that peanut butter is supposedto be avoided, but we make our own with no sugar and just plain peanuts and coconut oil,is that okay to eat? Again, I recommend that you avoid peanut butterfor a period of two or three weeks in the intermediate phase of the Candida Crusherprogram, so we're going to recommend the MEVY diet for a few weeks, meat, eggs, vegetablesand yogurt. We've got a low allergy phase for two or three weeks. If you look at mybook, Candida Crusher, you'll find the low

allergy diet sheet, so it's basically an A4sheet with the columns, foods potentially allergen, avoid these; that's on the rightside. On the left side, you'll find another column, foods that are okay to eat.In the potentially allergenic column, you'll find foods in bold, in italic and plain font.Now the foods in bold have got the highest allergic potential, and this is based on performingmany, many hundreds, if not thousands, of food allergy tests on patients, both the RASTtest, so it's the skin prick test, but more particularly, IgE, IgG serum based tests throughUS Biotech in Seattle. So after studying hundreds and hundreds ofthese reports and also reports from many other

s and naturopaths and chiropractorsas I've worked in a technical capacity, I've worked out what the top allergy foods are.And guess what? Peanuts, they're in the bold category. They're in the top. They often comeback having an allergic potential. In some people, it's very, very high, but in manypeople, it's very, very minor. Still minor enough to cause your immune system problemswhen it comes to fighting or tackling Candida, so take out peanut butter. Take out peanuts.Regardless of how organic or clean they are, if you've grown them yourself or whatever.Just take them out for a period of a few weeks. I hope that answers your question. Thanksfor tuning in.

I Have Little White Bumps On My Penis Could This Be A Yeast Infection

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, authorof Candida Crusher with another question. I have little painless white bumps on my penis.Could this be a yeast infection? It most probably is. A good thing to do ifyou're uncircumcised is to roll the foreskin back and have a look. If it's intensely itchyin particular, and small white bumps, it could well be a yeast infection. If in doubt, getchecked out. That's my saying. So go and see your and get a swab and get the areachecked and to see if the can culture any yeast. If Candida albicans can be culturedfrom this swab, then it most certainly is a yeast infection. But you could be dealingwith any one of different types of conditions.

But itchiness, irritability to that area,small white bumps, generally will signify a yeast infection. A good home treatment would be to give ita good wash with tea tree oil soap and to keep it dry and clean. And to take precautionswith sexual relations, use condoms of course, until you really know what you're dealingwith. So to answer that question, would these littlewhite bumps on the penis be a yeast infection? They probably are, but get checked out justto be sure. And if you're told they are yeast infection, always consider internal treatmentas well as external treatment.

You can read a lot more in the fourth chapterin my book, Candida Crusher, if you're a male particularly with what to do with these typesof infections. They'll give you lots of different solutions and ideas, so do read that chapterin my book. So I hope that answers your question. Thankyou.

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