Candida Stool Test Genova

Why Comprehensive Stool Testing Is The BEST Candida test

Greetings. It's New Zealand naturopath, EricBakker. I'm the author of a book called Candida Crusher and also the formulator of a rangeof supplements called Canxida. Thanks for tuning into my tutorial. I'm going to do a fewmore tutorials in relation to comprehensive stool testing in response to a YouTube subscribercalled prochessplayer. I think prochessplayer's name is Josh. Josh, let's just start off reallyexplaining why I like stool testing and the advantage of stool testing and why I believeit's definitely the gold standard to determine not just yeast infections, but a whole lotof different problems that potentially can affect the digestive system.I'm going to read a little bit of information

out of my book. CDSA Test Times Three. That'sthree samples. The identification of abnormal levels of yeast species, bacteria and parasitesin the stool is a very important diagnostic step in therapeutic planning for patientsin my with chronic intestinal and other symptoms that may be linked with a Candidayeast infection. The CDSA test provides me, the ian,with a wide array of the most useful al information to help me plan the most appropriatetreatment protocol that is quite specific to the individual patient. Note how I said“quite specific� because every stool test result will yield slightly different findings.The findings are very important because they

can pertain very much to that client and whythat person has got a problem that's chronic, that's unresolved, for example.While this test is not for everybody because it's expensive, it will cost a few hundreddollars, it can help solve the most difficult cases and provide me with all the answersI'm looking for. The CDSA Times Three with parasitology is the most comprehensive andcommonly ordered functional stool test, assessing the widest range of intestinal conditions.This test will provide information on your ability to digest, metabolize and absorb nutrients,as well as report on all bacteria whether they're beneficial, commensal or pathogenic.Whether they're good bacteria, bacteria that

perhaps can be good or bad, I call them thepoliticians of the gut, depends on the majority you have, or they can be very bad. So we actuallysee if the digestion is moving from good to bad or is very bad or is predominantly goodjust by the bacteria culture panel. It will also show many different species ofyeast, so not just Candida albicans, but there are around 19 species of Candida that cancommonly affect the digestive system. The common ones I see would be Candida albicansand parapsilosis. There is also Candida tropicalis. There are many other different types of Candida,but we haven't really got time in this tutorial to talk about the specific species of yeast.I'll do that on another tutorial. We can also

see all kinds of intestinal parasites, whetheryou've got worms, eggs, larvae or protozoa. That's why it's good to have three stool samplesbecause what you miss on the roundabout, you pick up on the swings. It's a bit like thefun park. You might not have fun on one thing, but you'll have fun on something else. Youwon't be missing out. It's important to analyze both the intestinaldigestion and absorption functions, as well as the levels of yeast, bacteria and parasitesbecause symptoms of maldigestion or malabsorption often mimic those of chronic bacteria, yeastor parasitic infections. Additionally, chronic bacteria, yeast or parasitic infections mayhave an adverse effect on the body's metabolic

and absorption processes, which can all beassessed using this most comprehensive test. As you're probably aware by now, an overgrowthof yeast can virtually affect every organ system leading to a whole different arrayof al manifestations. Why is this test so good? Why is my personalchoice the CDSA test? If you're going to just take a blood test and look at antibodies,that's all you're going to see is antibodies. Whether they are antibodies that are presentlyaffecting the body or past antibodies. If you're going to do other kinds of test likesaliva tests, that's going to give you a little bit of information, which is not necessarilyyeast infection. It could be on bad bacteria

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