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Doing This ONE Thing Can Cause Severe Candida DieOff

Greetings. It's Eric Bakker, naturopath fromNew Zealand. Author of Candida Crusher and the formulator of the Canxida range of dietarysupplements. Thanks for checking out my tutorial today. I'm making this tutorial because overthe years, I've had patients on and off that I notice end up with severe aggravations whenthey're on the Candida cleanse. Regardless whether they're on a Candida diet or the CandidaCrusher diet or whatever kind of a Candida cleansing approach, some people end up witha severe aggravation and severe die off. Now, this is one patient in particular whomI had yesterday on Skype. Of course, I won't mention her name, the country, or any detailsabout her, but she was quite happy to discuss

her case anonymously with the public. Thislady still has got quite a major yeast infection, vaginal yeast infection, intestinal yeastinfection, probably systemic yeast infection, and for many years, she's been treated bydifferent practitioners and she's been taking fluconazole on and off for a long time. Recently,she's been on a strict diet, and then occasionally, she'll break out of the diet. So then, sheapproached me. My recommendations were for her to go nice and easy on the treatment andgradually build treatment up. And what this poor lady did is she droppedthe treatment she was doing entirely and went on a very powerful cleansing regime. She startedto take right off the bat, 60 drops of grapefruit

seed extract per day, 6 capsules of oreganooil per day, one liter of a very strong antifungal tea, different kinds of tea she was drinking,5 tablespoons of coconut oil, and a very strict diet. All carbs were gone. It was like a meatdiet with some eggs in it. Literally within a couple of days, she felt unwell, but shekept the treatment going and pushing and pushing. She ended up in the emergency room. She thoughtshe was dying of a heart attack. She had chest pains, she had facial pains, and she couldn'tsleep. I think it lasted almost two weeks this headache. It was a severe headache onone side of the face. She thought her head was going to explode. She was vomiting. Shecouldn't sleep. She had severe aggravations.

Well, these things can come about when youdo a 360, when you do an about turn, and do a very abrupt stop of everything you're doingand a very abrupt start of everything new and in particular in high dosages. You cancause a serious aggravation. This is not what I want people to do. And in my book, I'vewritten about this on many occasions that you're better off to slowly wind down, especiallyif you're eating a poor diet, just slowly take your diet down over a two or three weekperiod and gently introduce new foods. And at that time, it's probably not a good ideato put antifungal treatment in right from day one. You're better off cleaning yourselfup a little bit in terms of diet and lifestyle

and then putting an antifungal approach inthere. And when you do, you start on a low dose if you have severe Candida, then yougradually build up. It may take two or three weeks before you can start taking even a reasonableamount of antifungal. I've had this same thing with people takingmy Canxida Remove and Canxida Restore products. Some people will start, they take 12 straightaway,so they'll get the bottle, and they'll take three tablets, 2 hours later another three,then another three. Some people seem to think that if you take a huge amount of something,you're going to hurry up and quickly get the cleanse over and done with. You're going tokill all the Candida in your body. This is

a stupid way of thinking. If you want to feelreally sick and get bad aggravations, go ahead, take lots and lots of things. Make lots andlots of changes abruptly. It's not a good idea.For example, if you're going to join a gym or going to get fit, you're not going to goto the gym on day one and do three hours of weights and then go out and do 50 miles ona bike, and then a week later, you won't be able to walk for a month. No. You don't dothat. You go very slowly into exercise. Very slowly and get a reasonable level of fitness,then build that fitness up gradually until you become increasingly fit. And who knows,in six months, you may be able to do a quarter

AntiFungal Diet for Cancer Prevention Roby Mitchell

Ty Bollinger: You've talked about the importanceof the environment for cancer cells to be able to revert back intonormal cells. So what is an optimal diet that you couldrecommend people eat just generalities, of course, to make that environment in the bodyso that it would not be a good host for cancer cells,so that it would be a good host for normal cells and itwould keep cancer at bay? What would be a diet that you—a general diet that you couldrecommend that would keep the immune system strong andprevent cancer?

Roby Mitchell: So when I started workingwith Wright, one of the things that I have been involved withwas treating people for the fungal overgrowth that happens in our body. And the thing thatI started to realize—one of the things that I realizedyears before that was that the common denominator of any of thesenatural herbal plant, exotic fruit, super food remedies that work, the common denominatorwith them was that they had some powerful antifungal in them,right, and that's what garlic, that's with aspirin, that's with thesepolyphenolic compounds in the skin of red

grapes, the resveratrol. So I went into thelab and I started investigating, well, which foods are the highestin these—or not necessarily which foods are the highest, butwhich foods had the most impact on controlling candida overgrowth. And so I set up Petridishes right there in the lab. And we inoculated them with candida.And then we just went about inoculating them then with extracts from different fruits andvegetables and so forth to see which ones made the biggest, what we call,zone of exclusion in the Petri dish, right? And so we had the Petri control down herewith a medication call

Diflucan that we know kills yeast, right.And so we knew that it was going to leave a big clear space in there,right, where it didn't allow yeast to grow. And then down here we have just water, right.And so that plate just grew white with yeast overgrowth because therewas nothing to inhibit it. And then all these other plates I wasable to see, you know, which ones worked better or worse at keeping yeast under control. Sowith that, that was the spring board for what is now calledthe BALI eating plan—BALI. And BALI's standing for—that's anacronym for basic antioxidantantifungal,

and then low insulin.So we want to—and regardless of the name that you call it, right, whether its the Gersontherapy or the paleo diet or Mediterranean diet or whatever, whatis going to work as far as keeping cells out of an environmentthat incents them to pleomorph into cancer cells is one that keeps the yeast under control,right. It keeps you from developing fungal overgrowth becausewhen that fungus gets up to a certain level then your immunesystem is going to response with the weapons of mass destruction and its going to createa toxic environment

and your cells are going to cough and chokeand they're going to start changing into a cellular form that willallow them to survive that toxic environment. So again, regardless of what you'd callit, the food that you eat has to be food that keeps fungal growth undercontrol and doesn't throw gasoline on the fire. So when we eatfoods that have, what we call, a high glycemic index, right, so the grains and sugars, right,in corn, wheat, rice, those things, then we're creating an environment,right, that promotes fungal overgrowth, right, and that'sgoing to cause inflammation and that's going

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