Candida Yeast And Endometriosis

Candida Case Study 8 Nikki Thrush and Endometriosis

We're going to do another case history now.This is a 32yearold lady called Nikki. Again, as usual, I'm going to read a little bit outof my book, Candida Crusher, and then I'm going to give the narration. I'm going toexplain a bit about the case as well. Nikki had her first antibiotic prescribedto her when she was five years of age for minor health concerns like tonsillitis andrepeated ear infections. As she grew up, she started to develop bladder infections or cystitis.During her years at boarding school, her prescribed a broadspectrum antibiotic andNikki was given penicillin twice annually for four years until she was 16.Her skin started to develop a good deal of

acne. At this stage, the again prescribedtetracycline, another antibiotic. At 17, Nikki developed a bad case of bronchitis that lefther with a wheeze and the prescribed her an asthma inhaler, a bronchial dilator,and a preventative steroid inhaler. She also started to develop vaginal thrush when shewas 17, and the prescribed fluconazole. And she also had regular prescriptions ofcreams that she applied regularly. At 18, she was given the Pill and stayed onit for 10 years until she decided to have a baby when she was 28. It took 18 monthsfor Nikki to conceive when she went off the Pill, and she had been unable to have a secondchild due to a case of endometriosis. I've

been working with Nikki for the past yearto help her overcome Candida. She's gained a considerable amount of weight and was prescribedProzac for depression last year. This is a typical case I see of a ladder ofdrugs, a progression of drugs. Can you see what's happened? Antibiotics, antibiotics,increasingly sick, increasingly poor immune response, cystitis, vaginal thrush, endometriosis,it just goes on and on. I saved this woman from a terrible fate because had she stayeda victim to the medical system, she would've been prescribed more and more and more drugs.The drug merrygoround goes nowhere. It just leads you to increasing sickness.I may sound cynical, but I'm speaking from

nearly 30 years of experience. In the earlydays, I was very angry and upset with the medical profession, but I've developed anunderstanding and an ability to accept the status quo, this is how it is. Most peopleare hooked into a drugbased system. They're victims to the system. Most people are hookedinto symptom prescribing, and that's because s have been taught to prescribe forsymptoms and never to look for causes. s see anywhere between 30 to 60 patients ina day. They've got no time at all to spend with you like I have in my consultation room.It's important for me to understand who you are, what you eat, how you live, how you relateto people, your lifestyle considerations are

critical to me if I'm to find out what thehell happened to you. What was the exciting cause? What started stuff? And what's themaintaining cause? If I can't work these things out, how the heck am I going to help giveyou assistance so your body can restore itself? I can't do that. Purely giving you Echinaceafor a cough or another herb or a vitamin for some symptom is as stupid as a givingyou antibiotics and different drugs. It's just not really going to get you anywhere.In poor Nikki's case, we can see here what's really going on here. Endometriosis is nota nice thing to have. One of my friends many years ago went to Canada on an endometriosisconference and she said that the whole three

days what was spoken about was how to getrid of vaginal thrush, different treatment that could be used because a lot of snow are starting to see a connection between vaginal thrush and endometriosis.When you get yeast in a vaginal area and you keep applying creams and applicators to tryto cure it or to keep taking diflucan, fluconazole, to try to cure it, you're not curing it all.You're basically just eradicating a symptom. And not only that, in bad cases, you're actuallydriving the yeast in through the cervix into the endometrium where you get endometriosis.You're going to get infections internally, and these cysts can start forming, these chocolatecysts, and you end up getting abdominal pain.

Candida Case Study 16 Jill With Endometriosis

Another case presentation. Interesting onehere. We've got a 22yearold lady called Jill, and Jill presented with endometriosis,a shocking condition. I'm going to talk a little bit about it from my book and thengive you some explanation about the case. I first saw Jill when she was about threeyears of age. Her mother brought her in with eczema, an itchy skin condition. Jill wasbreastfed for about a week and her mother was too tired and stressed with her otheryounger children to breastfeed, and placed Jill on a cow's milk formula.Jill had already been prescribed a few rounds of broadspectrum antibiotics by the timeshe was three. She presented with dark circles

under her eyes, was lethargic, and had multipleskin lesions up her arms and on her torso, legs, and it was scratched raw. We successfullytreated the skin complaints with diet change and a special probiotic.I saw Jill when she was 15 years of age, but this time she had post viral fatigue. It wouldhave been Epstein Barr virus. Jill was very tired, complained of headaches, and fallingasleep at school. Her mom had taken her to the where she received more antibiotics,all to no avail. She had menstrual cramps and breakouts of vaginal yeast infectionsat this stage. I then saw Jill last year when she was 21.This time she presented with endometriosis,

which her had diagnosed the year before.Jill had come to me concerned about her fertility, as she had just become engaged and she wasgetting regular urinary tract infections as well. She had undergone surgery to removeseveral cysts and had experienced lowgrade pelvic pain since. This time we placed Jillon the Candida Crusher program, and the results have been fantastic. We've had no more bowelproblems or urinary problems. There's a million Jill's out there. If you'vegot endometriosis and you're a lady watching this right now, I want you to sit back andlisten. Did you have vaginal yeast infections prior to having endometriosis? Did you usediflucan or fluconazole? Do you use applicators

like Canesten? Did you use any creams or productsfrom the pharmacy to cure this problem? You've probably driven the condition back in thevaginal area into the endometrium. It's not uncommon. It happens all the time.Endometriosis is an inflammation of the lining of the endometrium, and it usually comes fromsome kind of irritant inside there. There are different theories on endo. Some peoplecall it the retrograde menstruation theory where they think menstrual fluids have goneback through the cervix internally and caused it. Other people call it an autoimmune condition.I call it a yeast infection gone wrong, or a bacterial infection like bacterial vaginosis,which is even more common than Candida. But

conditions of endo often have had an originwith Candida parapsilosis or Candida albicans or another Candida species that's basicallygot caught in the endometrium and the immune system has started to go crazy and haywireand started to really develop inflammation internally.Take heed. If you've got thrush, you need to nail this thrush. You need to crush thethrush. You get rid of this damn thing and get rid of it. Don't use applicators. Don'tgo and fall for the 's line that you'll go on an antifungal drug. It's crap! It doesn'twork. I've treated too many women out there who've used these drugs recurrently, and ithas come at a cost. I've seen many women with

infertility. Many women over the years thathad vaginal thrush and they never really got rid of it.If you get recurring urinary tract infections, you need to get your immune system strong.No booze. No smoking. No refined carbohydrates or crap food. Drinking plenty of water. Yourimmune system needs to be made strong. Immune system weakness often occurs with stress.I see stress quite commonly in 21yearold girls like this because they're living awayfrom mom and dad. They're flatting or they've got a mortgage, a new career, a boyfriend,or something. There's some kind of stress underpinning it. Usually, if you dig deep,you'll always find something.

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