Candida Yeast And Pcos

Apple Cider Vinegar for Yeast Infection Natural Treatment

Apple cider vinegar for yeast infectionnatural treatment the common problem for people especiallywomen a hot and humid conditions a yeast infection it usually occurs in theintestinal tract mouth or vagina it is also called vaginitis in this diseasecauses itchiness redness of the exterior vagina and in the inner vagina theyellowish or abnormal vaginal discharge and irritation before directly going tothe and get the antifungal that should be finished or you will get theresistance you can try apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar is one ofthe natural remedies to cure this

disease without making any resistance how it works apple cider vinegar is anatural antibiotic so it helps the body to fight the bacteria fungi and otherdisease caused by microorganisms it contains with mild acid and it helps tokeep the natural pH balance of the vagina it also prevents the growth of yeastinfection because you cannot live in the lower ph of the vagina in addition thegood bacteria in the intestine and in the vagina improve the immunity toagainst the infection when you take it

orally the proteins and enzymes in thisvinegar boost the immune system so you can protect yourself from the eastinfection or cure soon yeast love sugar and this vinegar helps you to reduce theblood glucose level in your blood apple cider vinegar is simple to use howto use apple cider vinegar for yeast infection you can take a glass of warmwater and add one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your glass and donot add sugar or honey to it remember that the yeast love sugar drinkthe mixture of it two to three times a day to prevent it and to cure theinfection

another way is by a mix a tablespoon ofapple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink this before meals twice a dayit will be better for you to take it on an empty stomach this natural remedy can be taken everyday to prevent the spreading fungus you should take the organic apple cidervinegar and mix it with fresh fruit or vegetable juice to add the great taste you also can add herbal teas to preventthe spreading of the yeast infection apple cider vinegar for yeast infectionas many benefits besides it is only to

remove the east you can stay healthy by consuming itbecause of its other benefits inside you also will get cured of yeast infectionpitching and irritation the most important thing is you can get thenormal discharge again the most important thing in this case is thisnatural remedy has no side effects you do not need to worry about anythingelse especially about the dose it is not as you consume any medicine it istotally different even you want to stop consuming it italso does not matter it is not a

prescription antibiotic therefore youfeel free to stop or continue in taking it thank you for watching please subscribeour channel to stay up to date with our daily informative tutorial by clicking thesubscribe button also don't forget to like this tutorial and leave your comment.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Hey guys, Axe here, of FunctionalMedicine and founder of DrAxe . Today I want to share with you the incredible benefitsof turmeric. Listen to this. This will blow your mind.There are over 6,000 al studies proving turmeric to be maybe the number one healingherb available today. This herb, that most of you can find probably in your own kitchencabinet, has been used for over 5,000 years. It's referenced throughout history. It's usedthroughout Asia today, especially India and China. It's been found to be probably more beneficialthan at least 20 different medications out

there today. The reason why turmeric is sobeneficial is it contains an active compound called curcumin. Curcumin or curcumenoids,which there are many different types, are highly antiinflammatory. If you want to harness the benefits of turmeric,I'm going to go through some of the benefits. Number one, turmeric, again being antiinflammatory,can help relieve pain. If you struggle with chronic joint pain, muscle pain, whether itbe something like fibromyalgia or arthritis, turmeric can help because of its antiinflammatoryproperties. Number two, turmeric can also help with bloodsugar. If you have issues like diabetes or

low energy levels, we know turmeric, becauseof its antioxidants, can help balance out those blood sugar levels. Number three, turmeric has antimicrobial properties.In fact, many women today actually use turmeric as a face mask. You can simply mix a littlebit of turmeric with raw honey, rub it on your face, and then wash it off about fiveminutes later. You can make a turmeric face mask mixing it with raw money. Also, you canactually use some essential oils like frankincense would be great as well. Put it on your face.Wash it off. It has incredible benefits of killing off different types of bacteria likeacne.

Also, turmeric has been shown to be very powerfulwhen it comes to detoxification. It does support liver detoxification and boosting two antioxidantsin your body called glutathione and SOD, that's superoxide dismutase. These are very importantantioxidants for cellular function. Also, turmeric has been shown to be effectiveat cleaning out your arteries. If you have high cholesterol issues or high blood pressure,we know turmeric is helpful for that. If you have plaque in your arteries, turmeric andcurcumin have been shown to be effective. Those are just really a few of the benefitsof turmeric. There are numerous other benefits. If you go throughout the medical literature,you'll see it's been shown to be beneficial

for just about everything because it's highlyantiinflammatory, it supports detoxification, it's so high in antioxidants, and it has antimicrobialproperties. The benefits of turmeric are numerous. I want to mention a few ways to get more turmericin your diet. The number one thing I do is I drink a turmeric tea every day. I take atablespoon of turmeric with a little bit of coconut milk and then make an herbal tea withit. That's one way I get it. You can check out the recipe on my website. Just look up Axe turmeric tea. You can find my exact turmeric tea recipe for that. Another thing you can do with it is add itto let's say chicken breading. I tend to bread

my chicken. If I fry up some coconut chickentenders, I'll use a little bit of coconut flakes and gluten free flour. I also add turmericto that as well. Also, I'll sprinkle turmeric in my burger meat and eat it that way. I thencall it a power burger because of all the health benefits. I'll sprinkle it on my saladas well. Also, you can take turmeric in a capsule form.Take about two capsules a day or 500 to 1000 milligrams a day is another great way to getsome turmeric in your diet. There are a lot of ways whether you take it in supplementform, in a tea form, or add it to any different type of food.

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