Candidate Key

Key Peele Sexting Scandal

These allegations that Ihave sent inappropriate pictures over the internetare completely ridiculous. They are leviedby my political rivals who are trying to embarrass meand advance their own agenda. So let me be perfectly clear. These allegations are false. I will be vindicated. Okay, please, questions.all speaking at once

Senator, senator.overlapping shouting lt;igt; TMZlt;igt; has obtained an actualphoto of your genitalia. They're posting itto their website as we speak. They're saying you took it. How do you respond? cameras clicking Hmm? Okay. I may have sent one photoof my genitalia. All right?(reporters) Senator, senator!

Okay, but I assure youthat's an isolated incident. It was a onetime thing. Okay?overlapping shouting Yes. Mark? Senator, what about the new report that there are threenew pictures having been sentto three different women? That's not a onetime thing.That's a lot of What secondrate newsorganization is trying to

lt;igt; New York;igt; (all)Oh.oh. OIt wasit was four total. No more. That was it.all speaking at once It was justIt was four, and no more. Questions? Yes, Amy. Yes, you are sure that therewere only four photos sent? That's it. Four. That's all.

There's no more than four. Then how do you explainthe one you sent me? What?all gasping Everybody please, please. I'm begging you. I'm begging you to forgive mefor the foibles and transgressions. It was the reckless actof a younger man.

A younger man?You sent it two seconds before you stepped on stage. (man)Senator, senator,that's very recent. Yeah, Amy, last time I checked,time is still real, okay? So, technically speaking.text message dings I am much older nowthan I was all of those seconds ago.all cell phones beeping

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