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Will Reducing Body Fat Help To Fight Candida

Thanks for checking out the tutorial. The questiontoday is I have a YouTube subscriber here by the name of Tamara Humphrey, and Tamarawants to know about reducing fat to fight Candida. Do you know anything about reducingfat to fight Candida? Will it improve an outcome for a patient if they're overweight? If theylose weight, will they get rid of Candida? That's an excellent question and that's whyI'm replying to it on YouTube. There are many reasons why reducing weight is going to helpyou fight a yeast infection. Let's just go through some of the reasons.Probably one of the biggest reasons is larger people, particularly obese people, often havea big problem regulating their blood sugar.

In fact, if we look at a lot of Type II diabetics,many diabetics end up with thrush. They pass out urine containing sugar, the glucose. Theyspill glucose out in the urine, so this makes them more prone to getting vaginal infections,urinary tract infections. They also tend to have a disordered regulation of insulin andblood glucose, so they tend to have high levels of sugar in their system in general, and thatcan definitely predispose them toward Candida and different types of yeast infections.Larger people also tend to have more of a possibility of having a fatty liver, so liverthat's not operating properly because they've got excess body fat, and that often comesfrom excess carbs, alcohol, sugars, not necessarily

fats because we know that fat doesn't makeyou fat, it's more the sugar that creates this problem. The liver is a very importantorgan when it comes to the immune system and filtering the blood. So when the liver isnot well, the person is not well. When the immune system is not well, it hasn't got thecapability of fighting a yeast infection, so it's laboring; it's having a hard timepowering up the immune system, which means that the person is more prone to things likeSIBO, small intestinal bowel overgrowth, parasites, Candida, these are all much more common, too,in larger people. Bloating, gas, heartburn, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, and all thesebowel problems I tend to see often in bigger

people.We see them in skinny people, normal people as well, but we see them in larger peoplequite a lot. Bigger people also tend to have a problem regulating sugar that they eat.They often lose the ability to say no to foods like breads or alcohols, so they crave thesefoods more often. Remember they've lost their ability to control their blood sugar, so theytend to snack inappropriately, eat inappropriately. There are many reasons as you can see whybigger people would do well to lose weight if they want to fight Candida. There are certainlylinks there. You can't say that all big people have got a yeast infection, but they're moreprone toward it.

Bigger people also tend to carry more bodyfat and also more toxic fat around their organs. These toxins, again, create a problem andincrease the production of what we call circulating immune cells or CICs. Circulating immune cellsare basically bits of pollen or antigen complexes, dead cells, and spent cells, busted down Candidaor by products of bacteria. These toxins tend to clog up the immune system again. It's likea traffic jam basically; it's a highway jammed up, so your bloodstream is basically likea large expressway and lots of things travel up and down these various arteries. But ifit starts getting jammed up with CICs, again, you're having a problem with immune cellsgoing to certain spots. The police can't get

to a near fatal road accident if there's 500cars all backed up. You can see the complexities here. There aremany other reasons that I haven't explained which I can't really go into because they'rea little bit too complex on a biochemical level, but there are many reasons why largerpeople would do well to lose weight to fight Candida. The biggest reason is losing weightis going to prolong your life and increase the quality of your life. Increasing the qualityof your life is a very, very big plus in your favor. Decreasing weight increases health.Increasing health reduces the chances of contracting a yeast infection and maintaining a yeastinfection.

Is Candida making your fat and anxious

so if you ever thought if candida as a cause of your weight gain you know especiallyif you're below to read you look in the mirror and if you stickyour tongue out you see little like blue fluted edges on the side David Tongyou might have eighty years they're bitchy backside Richie girly parts foryou ladies are guys he might have like a fun going on down there can remain you know gas bloating I hormone issues anxiety depression and things like thiscan all be related to

yeast overgrowth in your body and I justwhat you know about this a much looser researching a because it is really freaking hard toget rid of but let me tell you been working onsomething they think I have finally mastered it am hoping toshare with you within the next couple months overly an hour early early 2014 but I just want to start looking into itspecially if you've been dealing with

chronic pain you can't get rid of it this scale keepsgoing going going I've actually I read some articles oncandy to in used but I take I finally cracked the code but Idon't wanna speak too soon based on what you know start researchingand start asking me about it and if I get it done as soon as possiblewhen a good as is possible I will be sharing it with you because Iknow that a lot if you're struggling with this problem

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