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Natural Health Hygiene How to Treat a Yeast Infection Naturally

Yeast infections are common in women, butthey can also be found in children and in men. I'm Lauren Roy for Sugar Hollow Farmin Phillipston, Mass. Yeast infections are very unpleasant. The first thing you needto do if you think you have a yeast infection is have it checked out, diagnosed properly.Be careful taking any of the overthecounter medicines because they can have side effects.You can treat it naturally with acidophilus, which comes in a capsule form. Get the kindthat you have to keep in your refrigerator. And double up on that and that will help balancethe amount of yeast in your body. You can also use yogurt nutritionally as well as topicallyto balance the amount of yeast in your body,

which we all have yeast. It's just that sometimesit overgrows and becomes unpleasant. So you have to bring it back down to a normal amountand it's very helpful to do that naturally. You just eat your yogurt, make sure that it'sthe kind that has the active cultures, and you take your acidophilus, drink plenty ofwater, keep yourself clean, and wear cotton underwear. You also want to make sure thatif you're taking antibiotics, you are also eating yogurt andor taking acidophilus becauseantibiotics can sometimes cause yeast infections. This is Lauren Roy for Sugar Hollow Farm inPhillipston, Mass.

How To Effectively Treat A SIBO Infection

Greetings. It's naturopath Eric Bakker fromNew Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietarysupplements. Thanks for tuning into my tutorial. I've done quite a few tutorials already on SIBO,small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. This tutorial is going to be about how to effectivelytreat SIBO. Let's have a good look at how we can offer the patient with SIBO some reallygood natural solutions on how to nail this thing. The different kinds of treatment optionsI recommend. What is already available out there, what experts are recommending, andwhat I recommend. I'm by no means an expert. I don't considermyself an expert. Some people call me an expert.

I consider myself still a student and a practitioner.When you see patients, you're a ian, and you have a practice, which means you'restill practicing, you're far from perfect. And anyone who claims to be perfect and whoknows everything, you need to avoid these kind of practitioners because there is a lotto learn. I can tell you that much. Treating people with SIBO is not really unliketreating people with a Candida yeast infection. It's quite similar really, when we think aboutit. Candida yeast infections are opportunistic infections. But the difference between Candidaand SIBO is Candida is a fungal or yeast infection. Whereas, SIBO is a bacterial infection. Whatwe've basically got is an overgrowth. We've

got an imbalance. When you've got an imbalancein your digestive system, it means that you've got an imbalance in your life. Something isnot right. You're doing too much of something or not enough. There is an imbalance goingon. When I wrote my Candida Crusher book, I wroteabout basically if you go into one of the introduction chapters, you'll see I've gota see saw with resistance on one side and susceptibility on the other side. It's a fineeven balance. If you've got a heavy person on one side, if you're pushing down too hard,you're going to create an imbalance on the other side and vice versa. If we look at themiddle, the balance, it's stress. Stress you

can break down, and understand there are manydifferent kinds of stress that can cause imbalances in people's lives.If we draw stress – I'll just get a piece of paper and I'll show you what I mean becauseit's good to illustrate what I'm talking about here. Stress comes in all shapes and forms.We can see the stress triangle here; you can see that one. If we look at the top part here,the little pinnacle of stress, that's emotional stress at the top. Because I believe thatthe biggest stresses in our lives are people and how we feel about people and how theyfeel about us. They're huge stresses. Stresses that we've got at home with our partner orour children or teenagers or mother in law

or a mother or father or our neighbors oremployersemployees. These are massive stresses. We've got many other stresses in that trianglethat affects the susceptibility and the resistance to disease. When you're doing good things,you become more resistant. When you're doing things that are not so good, you're becomingmore susceptible. We can shift that goal post either way depending on our attitude, dependingon the changes that we're willing to make. Patients that I see with SIBO lead imbalancedlives quite often or they'll do things to themselves that will cause them to be moresusceptible to SIBO. For example, taking an antibiotic. I've done tutorials on this. Youcan have a look at that, antibiotics. Or,

for example, the causes of SIBO. Pharmaceuticalmedications, medications to block stomach acid, medications to stop pain we call nonsteroidaldrugs. Advil, for example, paracetamol. These sort of medications can make us more susceptibleto SIBO because they can attack our digestive system. Antibiotics are a key cause as well.One of the biggest causes, in fact, when it comes to pharmaceuticals.But this tutorial is not about causes. It's about treatment. I want you to understand that stresspackaged in many shapes and forms will make us more susceptible. So treating a diseaseis about understanding your risks and reducing the ability of the bacteria to overgrow inthe first place because that's the most important

Is Green Tea Effective Against Candida

Thanks for checking out this tutorial today.Just doing a quick tutorial on green tea and Candida. I've got a question here from a ladyin London called Sara. Sara has emailed me saying, Eric, is green tea effective withyeast infections? Green tea is a really good drink to have ifyou've got Candida for multiple reasons. One reason why I like green tea is because ofits good antioxidant effects. Antioxidants are very important properties that many differenthigh quality natural foods and medicines can confer on your body like quenching what wecall quot;free radical damage.quot; Spend maybe a bit of time on Google. I'm not going to tellyou what antioxidants are and what free radical

quenching is and things like that.Foods which have got very powerful antioxidant properties about them are like blueberries,green tea, avocados. There are different foods like that which have got a very good abilityto quench potential damage in the body that could lead to things like cancer.Green tea has got very powerful antioxidants called epigallocatechins, ECGs. These particularantioxidants have got a very good ability to actually bust up biofilming Candida. Thereare various research papers I've been reading that these epigallocatechins have a nice abilityto actually bust up the existing biofilm of Candida and prevent biofilm really from happening.There is some potential there for beneficial

use of one to two cups of a good quality greentea per day when you've got a yeast infection. The best green tea to drink is the MatchaTea. Joseph Mercola speaks about Matcha Tea as well. Matcha Tea is a high qualityJapanese green tea. It's almost like a bright emerald green color when you look at it, soI love green tea. Particularly when I go out eating good quality Japanese food at a restaurant,I'll ask for a quality green tea. Green tea is a bit like wine. You've got thebudget stuff. You've got the intermediate range like $10 a bottle or something, andthen you've got the top end. You've got the expensive wines and expensive green teas.Be prepared to pay a lot of money for a high

quality green tea, particularly a Matcha Tea.When you drink one good cup of Matcha Tea per day, you're really helping your body tobuild a powerful immune defense. You're helping to reduce the potential for cancer. Plus you'reactually helping to bust up any Candida biofilm. One or two cups of good green tea per day.I love green tea and I often drink it in the afternoons when I have my patients cominginto my practice. I'll have one good cup of green tea in the afternoon. I love MatchaTea. It's expensive, but it's definitely worth it. So if you want to have a really powerfuleffect on immune function, think about drinking one good cup of green tea per day.Thanks for tuning in.

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