Monistat For Underarm Yeast Infection

DIY Itchy Scalp Dandruff Treatment

Is your scalp itchy? Do you have dandruff? Ew.I'm kidding. Actually, dandruff is reallycommon amongst all hair types. Even animals can get dandruff intheir fur, you know, sometimes. So don't feel bad if you have it. So if you have dandruff I'm assumingyou wanna get rid of it, right? Well, sometimes it's not dandruff.

Sometimes it's just product buildup. You need a clarifying shampoo to removethe buildup, but if it is dandruff, then it's usually a scalp disorder or afungus that causes your skin to react and itch and flake. And you need to get a medicatedshampoo in order to treat it. If it's really serious, you might wanna see a dermatologistto see what you can do. If it's mild though, you might be able totreat it at home using Listerine guys.

Weird.I thought so too, but actually Listerine, back in the day, was used toprevent infection during surgery, then it became a mouthwash. And now we're going to usethe ingredients to fix our itchy scalps. Yay. Okay, this is all you need. You wanna get a spray bottle. And you can find these at,I don't know, CVS, $0.10 cents.

I'm just joking but,nothing's $0.10 cents anymore. I don't remember. They're really cheap. The little travel size things. Or you can just use like an emptybottle of something else but you need to put it in a spray bottle. Or a cotton swab. You can use those, too.

It needs to be the yellow Listerine, okay? It cannot be like the green one,or the purple one, or the pink one it needs to be the yellowone cuz that has the, you know, the, the right ingredients forthis science stuff. Okay. Take your hair out and what youwanna do is with the cotton swab or the spray bottle, is you wanna startspraying it directly onto the scalp. Now, it's okay if it gets on your hair.

However, protect the length of your hair,because it dos have alcohol in it, and you don't wanna dry out your hair,unless you just don't care, then just go ahead andpour the bottle over your scalp. Well, you really don't want to just,like, pour the bottle, though, because then you're justgoing to waste all this Listerine. It's, there's no point. Just save your Listerine,put it in a spray bottle. And then massage it on your scalp.

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