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Cranberry Compote with Kinetico Water and Steve Schimoler

Hi, I'm Steve Schimoler, chef and owner ofCrop Bistro and I'm home again, and I'm getting to cook at home, and I love doing the holidayfood, and it's, you know, family, guests, the house smells great, everyone's in a greatmood, and there's certain recipes and certain dishes that you cannot do without on yourholiday menu. And one of the quintessential condiments is cranberry jelly, cranberry relish.well,over the years I've adapted a recipe that I really, really love and I can't, now, eatanything else with our holiday dinner. So this is really more of a cranberry compote.So, what I've got is fresh cranberries, you can also get fresh frozen, which is fine,and the way we build this, I start off with

a little bit of oil, because we're going tosauté some onions and you go quot;hmm, onions,quot; well onions actually add a great kind of savorinessto it, if you cook them down well and they're slightly caramelized, you actually do bringout a natural sweetness of the onion. So, we're not going to use a lot, I've got 2,3 tablespoons, about a quarter of an onion, and you want that diced pretty finely, thenI'm going to add sugar, and the sugar actually, you want to be careful because we're goingto actually caramelize the sugar.it really brings up a great, great richness to thisdish, and there's really, this is kind of the secret ingredient in some ways, is caramelizingthe sugar first. So while the onions are sautéing,

I've got a cup of sugar, and you gotta keepyour eye on this, because you don't want the sugar to burn, as soon as the sugar startsto get a little golden brown, it's ready to go. It's also very, very hot, so don't touchit. You will get burned. So, onions and sugar, bring it up to a caramelization, and whilethat's coming together, it actually goes pretty quickly, but again, keep your eye on that.So while that's browning, what I'm going to do is, we're going to zest some oranges. Andthis, again, is just such a key part of this recipe, is you want the orange zest, and we'realso going to use the juice. About 2 oranges, and get all that great zest, all that essentialorange oil, I can just smell it right now,

the whole house is going to smell wonderfulin just a matter of minutes. So zest these down, like so, then we're going to take theoranges and juice them.real simple, use your strainer, you don't want pits.and seethe sugar's just starting to get a little brown on the edges, go ahead and add yourjuice of the oranges. Ah, it's just intoxicating as soon as this hits the pan, it starts releasingall that flavor. You'll never make anything else for Thanksgiving or Christmas. And youknow what? You don't even have to wait for then.this is the kind of condiment we actuallyuse at the restaurant yearround, and we put it on our sandwiches, pork loins, it's justso great and it really does last quite a while.

Alright, so now I've got my onions, my caramelizingsugar and my orange juice, then cranberries right in. Fresh rosemary.not a ton, butthis is going to give you that really, really kind of pine forest smell, which only rosemarycan give you. So just about a tablespoon of the fresh rosemary, get that in there, thena little bit of pepper. Black pepper, it's going to give us just a little bit of a spiciness,and some salt. And all you do is let this simmer down until the fruit, the cranberriesstart to pull apart and they start to soften, and then just chill this, at least for severalhours because the sugar and the natural pectin from the fruit will set it up and you getthis great viscosity. Now, the final ingredient

is water. And this is from the Kinetico K5reverse osmosis system that we installed at the house, and this is really very, very criticalbecause the water, being reverse osmosis, has no flavors or impurities and what we'vefound at the restaurant is that cooking with RO has really become essential because ifthere is impurities in the water, you're going to concentrate those.which you don't want.You want the flavors of your ingredients to shine through. So add enough water to coverthe berries until they just start to float, it's about a quart of water. Then, add yourorange zest, give it a little stir, and just let this simmer until the water starts toevaporate and you'll see, it'll start to kind

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