Yeast Infection Zithromax

Natural Health Hygiene How to Treat a Yeast Infection Naturally

Yeast infections are common in women, butthey can also be found in children and in men. I'm Lauren Roy for Sugar Hollow Farmin Phillipston, Mass. Yeast infections are very unpleasant. The first thing you needto do if you think you have a yeast infection is have it checked out, diagnosed properly.Be careful taking any of the overthecounter medicines because they can have side effects.You can treat it naturally with acidophilus, which comes in a capsule form. Get the kindthat you have to keep in your refrigerator. And double up on that and that will help balancethe amount of yeast in your body. You can also use yogurt nutritionally as well as topicallyto balance the amount of yeast in your body,

which we all have yeast. It's just that sometimesit overgrows and becomes unpleasant. So you have to bring it back down to a normal amountand it's very helpful to do that naturally. You just eat your yogurt, make sure that it'sthe kind that has the active cultures, and you take your acidophilus, drink plenty ofwater, keep yourself clean, and wear cotton underwear. You also want to make sure thatif you're taking antibiotics, you are also eating yogurt andor taking acidophilus becauseantibiotics can sometimes cause yeast infections. This is Lauren Roy for Sugar Hollow Farm inPhillipston, Mass.


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