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Apple Cider Vinegar For Yeast Infection Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Candida

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from NewZealand, author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements.Thanks for checking out my tutorial. A question I get asked from time to time is quot;Eric, isapple cider vinegar any good for people with yeast infections?quot; It is. It is very good.But listen up; it's very important for you to get the right kind of apple cider vinegar.Braggs makes quite a good apple cider vinegar. It's a raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar.We have a really nice one here in New Zealand and the brand is called Coral Tree, and it'sactually made from apples fermented in oak barrels from biodynamically grown apples.Organics are here. Biodynamics are just a

little bit higher than organic, so they'revery, very high quality products when you buy the Demeter certified, which is a funnylittle sort of peanut shape character. The Demeter, I think they call it, certificationfor biodynamic is an extremely high standard. If you can get a biodynamically certified,beautiful quality apple cider vinegar, which is naturally fermented in a wooden barrel,you've got a really good product. This is a fermented food or otherwise knownas cultured. These foods like the cider vinegar are okay for a Candida yeast infection internallyand externally. Keep away from commercialized, mass produced apple cider vinegars in supermarketsin plastic bottles. They're junk. Just keep

away from that sort of crap. It's the samewith olives and pickles and crap like that from supermarkets that's been commerciallyfermented in lye or just in cheap sort of waters with chemicals added. I hate oliveslike that. I prefer to buy olives from those big buckets at the Greek or Italian shopsquot;the way that mama used to make itquot; a long time ago. When you're looking at foods thathave been preserved according to techniques that have been going on for hundreds and hundredsof years, you're usually getting a better quality product than something that comesfrom a factory using a lot of white sugar, which is usually a junk product.Vinegar has had a bad rap for a long time

with Candida, but a good quality fermentedapple cider vinegar, there's nothing wrong with it at all. It's great to use as a vaginaldouche. Guys can use it for a jock itch rinse. You can soak your feet in apple cider vinegar.You can wash different parts of your body if you've got fungal infections. You can useit on psoriasis. You can use it on your scalp, flaky scalp, dandruff. You can soak your toenailsin straight apple cider vinegar. So there are many applications.It's also really good for your stomach. It can create some burning sensations if youtake it too strong, so you might need to dilute it down. I've also had a patient a while agowith a very itchy rectal area, he got incredible

relief by using enemas with cider vinegarand water. He said the itch went away within a week. It disappeared. So for itching hemorrhoidsit can be used. It can be used for many different applications.Yes, apple cider vinegar is good to take internally also. Small amounts. You might want to putone or two teaspoons of a good quality, organically fermented and made apple cider vinegar ina glass of water. You can have small sips of that with certain types of foods like highprotein to help you digest protein better. Don't be afraid of having a good quality applecider vinegar like Braggs regularly if you've got Candida. Don't go too crazy on the doseto start with. Go very slow and see how you

go.I hope that answers your questions. Thanks for the question.

Is Turmeric Good For Candida

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Author of Candida Crusher, formulator of theCanxida range of products. Thanks for checking me out. We're going to talk about turmeric today. Turmeric is quite an interesting spice. I used to grow turmeric years ago when I livedin Australia. It belongs to the ginger.

It's got a very nice, sweet smelling whiteflower, almost a surreal sort of strong perfume about it. It's got a nice funny knobby root when youbreak it open. It's a deep golden yellow inside. Turmeric is a spice that's been used for about5,000 or 6,000 years now. Asian people have been using turmeric, ginger,garlic, lemongrass and these natural products in their food for so long. It's incredible.

The worst is just starting to click onto it. I really enjoyed fresh turmeric and I usedto cook it like ginger, just peel it a little bit and finely grate it and mix it in withegg dishes, meat dishes, and curry dishes. There is a lot of research that has been conductedon the benefits of turmeric. Especially, curcumin, which is one of theactive compounds in this product. When you look at it, it's a very brightlycolored natural occurring food. Foods that have very powerful natural colorstend to have a very powerful antioxidant property about them, antiaging property about them.

We find the same thing in red chilies andblueberries and foods like that, avocado. Brightly colored foods tend to have powerfulbenefits for the health. Curcumin tends to work best in a fatsolubleenvironment. If you're going to use the turmeric powder,which is not as strong as a high curcumin based raw material and dietary supplement,you're best to mix it with coconut milk. Coconut milk, fat or butter, olive oil. You can simply make up a drink yourself forquite a healthy antifungal drink, just half a can of coconut milk.

You can experiment with milk or cr�me tosee which tastes better for you. Get a good brand. I find the ones from the Pacific are usuallygood, the Samoan coconut products are the best you can get from the island called Samoa. Half a can, half a teaspoon of turmeric powder,half a teaspoon of ginger powder, you can put a few drops of vanilla essence, cinnamonalso is very nice with it. Cinnamon, turmeric and ginger combine verywell together. You can put a bit of stevia powder in there,but I like vanilla essence.

Put about 5 or 10 drops of vanilla essence. Blend that all up. That's a beautiful drink. Good antifungal drink. Turmeric powder is used by some women as aface mask. It has a very good antioxidant, rejuvenatingproperties to the skin. Turmeric powder can also be used and sprinkledon cuts or burns or stings. It's incredible how fast a wound will healwhen turmeric powder is sprinkled on it.

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