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What I REALLY eat for breakfast hint its NOT just juice

Hello Fitlifer, Drew Canole, welcome backto the Fitlife Kitchen. At the end of this tutorial I'll giving away a juicer, not thisjuicer. Actually this juicer is really cool. Let me show it to you quick. If you're a juicermaniac like I am, this is the Kuving's, but it also has the big wide mouth spout, andit's a slow juicer. Really, really cool. I'm going to used that for my favorite breakfastjuice. One that I have almost every single morning. And, I'm going to make it for you.And today we're talking about breakfast. I get a lot of emails from you guys. Drew, whatdo you do for breakfast? So this strategy is all about how you start you're day. Lotsof greens. Carrots loaded with betacarotene,

one of my favorites. In this juice recipe,we actually have some Kale which is loaded with phytonutrients as well. Different typesof Kale, this is red Kale. Cucumbers. the Zucchini isn't going in to the juice but I'mgoing to talk about that a second Fitlifer. We got Romaine Lettuce which is very hydrating,and this also has a chemical in it that actually tells your stomach, sends a signal to yourbrain that says you're full or satiated. So you don't really eat as much which is coolif you're dieting your try to lose weight. Turmeric which is an amazing antiinflammatory.As you know, we've talked about that before, and if it's your first time here, welcome.And we have some Ginger, Ginger presses out

a lot of toxins in your body, and while you'resleeping you're not absorbing toxins your body is resting, it's detoxing, so when youwake it's the best time to do it with this juice recipe. I'm going to leave the juicerecipe below this tutorial. You can get the recipe there, like we always do. Now that I've explainedthe juice recipe, I'm going to talk to you about starting your day the right way withthe right mindset. So while I'm making this juice there's something that I do that's evenmore important than drinking the juice, and having the nutrients pour into my cells, andthat's actually pouring nutrients into my mind. Right? You've heard the word deficiency.And the opposite of deficiency is efficiency.

You know when we speak to our own selves,it can be degrading, it can be commanding. We can say things that are not good to ourselves.We can beat ourselves up in the mirror. We're our worst advocates sometimes. Even I am,I give myself a hard time, all the time. So one thing I want you to recognize while you'remaking the juice for this week in this Saturday Strategy is while you're pouring in the nutrientsof the phytonutrients, the aminos, everything that's in these greens. I want you to pourin nutrients in to your mind. So if it's something simple like reading a book for 10 minutes,or writing a thank you card to somebody you haven't talked to in a while. I want you tothink about those things while you're making

this juice. I can guarantee you that as littleas 7 days, your whole outlook will start to change. And when your outlook will start tochange, the whole world around you will start to change as well. You start to feel better,you start to look better, you start vibrating at a whole new level, and your life gets alot better. So, I'm going to make this juice recipe. One thing, and this may come as asurprise to you Fitlifer, that I actually eat in the morning. And everybody always emailsme like, quot;are you a vegan?quot; quot;are you a vegetarian?quot; And for my body type, and I believe maybethis does not work for all of you, may it does. Everybody's different right? I actuallyeat eggs in the morning. I've done a lot of

research on eggs. I'm friends with Jonny Bowden,I'm actually going to bring him on a little bit later, in our one of these Strategies.He wrote a book called The Great Cholesterol Myth. And he's going to come on, and starttalking about why eggs are loaded with really good cholesterol. We're going to table that.We're going to bring Jonny Bowden on. We're going to have some fun with him. Alright,eggs are absolutely amazing. Spencer has prepared some of stats for us today. We call him theStat Man. Stats, I need some stats, who do we go the Stat Man! A recent study performedat Louisiana State University found that obese people who ate two egg breakfast at leastfive times a week lost 65% more weight, and

Juice Shots Saturday Strategy

Oh hey there, I just had an amazing dreamlast night that I gave away this juicer, so the FitLife team and I are going to go andgive away a juicer, guess what? You're invited. Let's go. Alright, juice shots for everyone,here we go. An immunity booster, ginger, lemon and cayenne. You want to receive a juice shot?Juice shot, sure why not. Juice shot, here we go. Are you ready for this? Yes. Have youhad a juicer? Yeah, you look like it. I've got your app. Aww, nice dude. This guy hasour app. It's awesome. Show him the app, that's awesome. Here it is. Is that coffee ma'am?Is this coffee? Tea. You want a juice shot? No. Immunity shot? No. Come have a juice shotwith us. We're in this together. Are you paying

for it? Yeah, of course. Really? Yeah, ofcourse. I already paid for it. You did? You're good. Yeah! What are you doing it for? Justto do it. Just to pay it forward, kind of thing. Something nice to do. That's crazy.You're real right? Do you want a hug? Here, bring it in. Here we go. Juice shots righthere. Nobody does anything for me. Really? I'm serious. Well, people are going to startdoing more for you. Let's call that into our experience here. Really? What's your name?Gayl. Nice to meet you, I'm Drew. Drew, you're unusual. Yeah I am, I'm a crazy bird right?No! I think you're awesome. Look at how many shots we have. What's your name? Gail. Gail?Gail. We've got Gail squared over here. Oh

we juice all the time. You juice all the time?Oh, you bet I do. What's your juice story? How has it helped you? Well, my husband justhad cancer surgery, thyroid cancer surgery and it's because of the juicing, and thatkind of thing that he's on, he went in and he had a scan, and he's normal. He's betternow? Yeah. He's been waiting actually. Bring him in, let's meet the man. He needs a shot.Really? He needs a shot. I will! I'll go get him. Yeah! Go get him! Go get him! Okay Drew,I'll go get him. This is awesome. What's his name? Larry. Larry? Okay. You healed yourself!With juicing! You look great! Both of you guys. You look vibrant! This is awesome! Really?Yeah. We juice all the time. But so do you

huh? Yeah, all the time! We love juicing.Larry, take this. Gayl, here you go. Thank you. So, tell us the story, what happened?You started juicing and then? Well, we. I got thyroid cancer, I've always been veryhealthy and my wife has always juiced so she juiced more. She got me all juiced up. Andyou healed it right? And it's healed! High five! You can see his surgery was from here,all the way around up there. You can see it a little bit when you point it out. You seeright there? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, you guys, such a compelling story, I want to give youguys this. What? Are you serious? I'm giving you this juicer. Here you go. Congratulations!Nobody's ever done anything. Congratulations!

Oh God! This is awesome! Congratulations!This is the day that everybody starts giving you everything you've ever wanted. Oh God!No! Way to keep juicing guys. Nobody ever does like anything. Thank you! Yeah, you'rewelcome. God bless you, Drew, and what you're doing. Thanks to you too. Yeah. Thank you.Great story! Take care! Goodbye. You've got to be kidding me! Why didn't I put on somethinga little more colorful? Oh! Sorry about that. Woof! That's better! Alright! FitLifers, herewe are. Another Saturday strategy at the end of this tutorial, we will be giving away a juicerto one lucky winner who leaves a comment on the blog below last week. This week, we'retalking about one of my favorite things, and

that's, juice shots! You wake up in the morningand you're like quot;ahhh! I got tons of energy!quot; And see, juice shots is going to do it foryou. They're healing, they're medicinal, they're really small elixirs, and they're very potentso they pack a powerful punch. These are some of the basic shots that we use. The juicewith your system. We got four recipes for you today. So it's going to be absolutelyamazing. Pick your favorite one. If you like this tutorial, give it a big ol' thumbs up ifyou learn anything at all. Check out our premium content below this tutorial. It says geseksucher.We have a membership site over a thousand members that are a part of this community.Absolutely amazing! Engaging information that

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