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Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Candida With Just Probiotics

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker. I'm the author of a book called Candida Crusherand I'm the formulator of a product range called Canxida. Thank you for tuning into my tutorial today. I always get questions from people and particularlyfrom my subscribers from all over the world. I have a question here from a lady in Sweden. The question is quot;Eric, is it possible to getrid of Candida with just probiotics?quot;

The difference between the possibility andthe probability are quite remarkably different. Of course, it's possible. Anything is possible, but the likelihood orthe probability is quite remote. I'll explain to you exactly why that is. First thing I want you to understand thatprobiotics are bacteria. Bacteria are not necessarily bad. In fact, most of the bacteria in the body,the trillions of bacteria that we have are, in fact, very good and they're beneficial.

But like anything in life, it's all aboutbalance. Something I always try to teach my patientsis about balance. Good, bad, ugly and somewhere in between. On top of the bacteria, our body also hasto contend with many different kinds of viruses and parasites and also yeasts. Different types of fungi that can come inand on the body. On top of that, we've also got all sorts ofpoisons to deal with. There are hundreds of thousands of chemicalsand toxins in our environment.

I'm straying from the point here, but we'retalking about bacteria. Anything is possible, but in my opinion, oneof the most important things to recognize when you have a Candida problem is to understandit's an imbalance and you really want to get the Candida numbers and the beneficials upat a similar kind of a time. Probiotics are very important for the body. And finally, in 2009, there was a study publishedin the States. I think it was the University of Pennsylvania. There was an important one from Yale in 2008and an even more important one in 2009.

The one in 2009 actually discovered that whenthey looked at mice and rats and rabbits and animals like this, they found a very interestingcorrelation between animals with good levels of beneficial bacteria in their body and poorlevels. The animals with the higher levels of beneficialbacteria certainly had a much stronger immune profile. That's the whole crux of the research todaywith probiotics is about immunity. We know that people with good levels of lactobacillusand bifida bacteria and many other kinds of bugs that we have in our system that we normallyhave got there.

When we've got them in high amounts, we'vegot a very defense force there. But the problem with human beings is we eatfoods containing antibiotics. We go into high stress. We take antibiotics as pharmaceutical medicationsand particularly we suffer from stress, which reduces our immunity. Of course, the imbalance becomes quite evidentand slowly but surely the Candida species build up. And all of a sudden, one round of antibioticscome in there and boom, we get a huge yeast

Do Probiotics Kill Candida

Greetings. It's New Zealand naturopath, EricBakker, author of Candida Crusher. Thanks for tuning in. We're going to talk about probioticstoday. A question I get asked sometimes is do probioticsactually kill Candida directly? Do they have any sort of killing power? Well, they don't.Probiotics is something you take to build up the environment of the digestive system.Very important to do that to get good gut health, which means it's going to be a loteasier for the digestive system to inhibit bad things like parasites, viruses, bad bacteria,and things like that. They're not going to thrive in areas where the system is very healthyand balanced with large amounts of beneficial

bacteria. Lactobacillus and bifida strainsare going to help produce lots of different types of beneficial health effects for yourbody, particularly for your immune system. By having a powerful immune system, you'regoing to eradicate Candida much more easily than if you've got a very weak immune system.Some of the features we're talking about are antibiotic production. Lactobacilli themselvesproduce different kinds of antibiotics, which have very powerful effects in your body. Alot of research from the �70s and �80s has shown that a lot of these antibioticslike acidophilin can be just as powerful, if not more powerful, than penicillin. Whywould you want to use an antibiotic when you

can put the probiotics in your gut to useto help fight off a lot of different types of bad bacteria and, therefore, not get sickin the first place? Think about that. Antibody production.The other one is they stimulate a process called phagocytosis, which is a process wherecertain kinds of white blood cells will gobble up � a bit like Pacman. Have you seen thePacman game? They quot;rah, rah, rahquot; across the screen. You've got this big thing eating thesmall things. Think about something going around in the bloodstream eating something,engulfing something. That's a process called phagocytosis, and that gets stimulated a lotby beneficial bacteria. When you're cleaning

up the blood and cleaning up the digestivesystem, you're going to be in a lot healthier state than if you don't clean these thingsup. That's the effect that the probiotics have on the immune system. That's why they'reso beneficial for people with any kind of digestive problem.Thanks for tuning into my tutorial.

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