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Parasite Cleanse What is Eating You VitaLife Show Episode 167

Welcome to the VitaLife Show I'm Janine Bowring naturopathic and today we'll betalking all about parasites and candida and all ofthese nasty things that ninetyfive percent of us have inour digestive tracts in our blood streams in our organs and we don't even know it the shockingthing about parasites and candida is that they cause a whole host ofdifferent health issues and diseases that are oftenundiagnosed

and the s just don't know thatthese are the causative factors for what may be ailing you. So Ihave some great information today please do you make sure they stay tuned to theend of the tutorial and make sure you Subscribe to ourchannel as well because we're always uploading new and great health information and tips beauty tips as wellhere at the VitaLife Show that you absolutely love So the topic of parasites you may ask whatare parasites maybe you've heard

about parasites candida as well yeast, IBS types of symptoms that are caused bythese organisms well parasites are basically organismsthat we have in our digestive tract, in our bloodstreams and our organs that really shouldn't be there so theyare sort of making their home in your body and causing a whole host ofsymptoms which I'll go through today now how do we get parasites well ifyou've ever traveled if you've ever sat

on an airplane if basically you've ever eaten any type of meat unfortunately you are exposed to parasite larva and youwouldn't necessarily know that these larva are eggs are in the meat but yet they are thereand then there are of course ingested and then they start to live inyour body and that's when they start to grow and cause all the symptoms its truefor children as well

especially undercooked meat now sushi isnotorious I don't know how many you know my patients over the years thatI said you know sushi is just isn't a good idea especially if you're eating it here inNorth America the way that it's prepared is not the same as in the indigenous regions in Japan wherethey take certain measures to make sure that those eggs and larva of whether it's a fish parasite or adifferent parasites that are you know

accustomed to being in sushi are a problem so sushi is notorious ifyou love sushi and it it so interesting when I see my patience I can think ofyou know years back I saw a young woman she was the lawyerbeautiful young girl and she was having so many digestiveissues and you know no could figure it out she'd been tested for alldifferent types of things and I asked her what do you tend to eatwhat's the main thing that you eat She's very thin and you know to care forherself and she loves sushi well

The Try Guys Recreate Korean Drama Scenes Kpop Part 4

(quot;Piano Sonata No. 14 inCSharp Minor, Op. 27quot;) Ugh! Ready? Start. (techno music) Why not? (laughing) Got 'em.

KDramas became really popular before KPop rose to its prominence as we know of it today. Cristina Well, I'm Cristina. And I'm Daniela And we're Kdrama experts. I have a question. Are you two Korean?

Cristina No. Daniela No. Okay, Ooh. just want to make sure. It's very interestingto see how it became a global phenomenon. Korean culture is bringing a lot of different people together regardless of ethnicity.

Just take a look outside of KCON. Yeah, all these people here. (laughing) All these beautiful people. Fans play a huge role and Korean drama fans tendto be extremely knowledgable. What is a KDrama? KDrama is a Korean Drama. Is it all in the Korean language?

Cristina Yes. Daniela Yes. We have dramas. Are they different? Korean dramas in Korea used to be entertainment formdesigned for housewives. However, that notion iscompletely challenged nowadays. Today we are doing a few scenes from very popular KDramas.

quot;My Love From Another Star,quot; quot; The Heirs,quot; and quot;MyUnfortunate Boyfriend.quot; To show that we can act. Ding! Ohhh! I noticed that thereare certain tropes that you can't really escape whenyou're watching a KDrama.

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