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What Is The Best Diet To Treat Helicobacter Pylori

Greetings. Welcome back. It's Eric Bakker,naturopath from New Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida rangeof dietary supplements. This is another tutorial in this series of helicobacter. We just didone previously on helicobacter treatment. How to treat naturally. We've done other tutorialson how to prevent getting it, risk factors, testing, diagnosing, the causes, all thatsort of stuff, so this is a whole series on H. pylori. If you just come in and watch thetutorial, please be sure to watch the other tutorials as well.We spoke briefly about the diet in the previous tutorial, natural treatment. I've just spenta good half an hour looking at different blog

sites on helicobacter treatment, the bestdiet, and some of the information I've seen is just crap. It's just absolute junk. I don'tknow how people can put this stuff up on the internet. One website actually said it's perfectlyokay to drink a little bit of beer if you've got helicobacter. Another website said thatyou can eat copious amounts of fruits. Is it any wonder people get all screwed up andthey come to me and they read all this ridiculous advice? There are so many people out therewho think they know about helicobacter, but how many patients have they actually treatedwith this condition. How many people have they spoken to who actually treat this conditionfor 3040 years, a long time?

Some of the colleagues I have, have been treatinghelicobacter since the moment it was discovered, right back in the �80s and they've beenlooking at the best ways of eradicating it. The information I'm going to share with youon this tutorial is quite important and it's based on my experience with helicobacter forover 20 years. But also experiences that I have learned and knowledge I've gained frompeople that have been in the business a lot longer than me.There is no clearly defined diet for helicobacter pylori. Let's just get that right at the start.There is no like magic diet that's going to cure it. As I mentioned over and again inmy previous tutorials, you will not cure helicobacter

with a pill alone. You need to work with adiet plan, so you need to eat certain kinds of foods that are conducive towards buildingyou up. The most important thing that I explain at the beginning is with helicobacter foodor choices. You need to obviously avoid the foods that are aggravating you the most. Thefoods that make you feel sick in any way, you need to push them aside, and I want youto be intelligent about this. In fact, get a piece of paper and write all the foods youlike to eat on a list. A pad like this, you write down all the foodshere. Write them all down. And then what you do�all the foods, cucumber, Budweiser beer,Hersey's chocolate, Xanax pills, I'm being

facetious here, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Ifyou do like treats or naughty foods or take away or anything like that, just write thatall down, too. Every single thing that you eat. It's good if you can break down intodifferent vegetables as well. You should only come up maybe with one or two pieces of paper.What you do then is a column on the right, you draw a line down it. And then what youneed to do is write 1, 2 or 3 in that column by each food. For example, 1 means you'refine with that food; 2 means it might give you a little bit of trouble; 3 means thatquot;Wow, I can't touch this. I'm getting a lot of problems with this food.quot;Garlic, for example, could make you feel like

a 3 and feel terrible. Cucumber could makeyou feel like a 3. Bell peppers or capsaicin could make you feel like a 3. Potatoes couldmake you feel like a 1, no problem. This is a very smart thing to do. Very smart. Becauseif you put the date on this and put all the foods down and grade them on severity on howthey make you feel from 1 to 3, any way you want to grade, 1 through 10. I don't carehow you grade it. This is smart because now you've got a baseline. Now you know how yourdiet or the foods that you're eating are affecting you. Because what you're going to find outin 6 or 12 months from now with treatment is it won't be the same. Some of the foodsthat are making you feel like crap, in six

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