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Home Remedies For Trichomonas Vaginalis, Tea Tree Oil tea tree oil isn't any good deal andantibiotic and major it can eliminate the parasiticprotozoan responsible for tracking monus's quite effectively it should be applied on the vaginahowever it may feel a bit irritating on the skininitially colloidal silver colloidal silver is asuspension have silver call me this has a specific property have itsown

it has been seen that the car light justover attach themselves to the parasites and the activate them this can be a veryuseful treatment for trying to Minister John Key West you can get caught little silver in anylocal pharmacy store use it every day to cure Chichen monus'sgarlic this is a traditional remedy for manykinds of infections including tribe Minister John Key West garlic is a strong antibiotic andantimicrobial agents

it can effectively treat reichman Isisin laboratory tests it has been seen that garlic extract can put a stop tothe growth this particular Paris I'd ETL guard and yogurt contains a healthy bacteriumcalled Lactobacillus it promotes the growth of good bacteriain the vagina which help restore the pH balance dotsin stride community is triggered by an imbalance in the pH levels at the vagina regularly eating yogurt prevent you fromcatching this infection

eat lots a tutorial card perjury but email booty oh gods made it home I deliciousalternative consume garlic garlic possesses in abacterial properties and helps prevent any unhealthy bacterial growth including in your daily diet preventsstrike a min is vaginalis infection and is very effective in curing andcompletely add chopped garlic to the dishes Welker keen issue on iraq garlic cloveevery day to get its best benefits

etcetera spring theorists fruits arerich in vitamin C this vitamin facilitates the cervix andproducing collagen which helps hold the cervical cellsclose together that's preventing infections in the vagina dietsinterestgroup that are rich in their vitamin C contentcomprise great print lemon among others include the scrooge in your daily diet in order to preventrecommends vaginalis infection dishing regular douches are extremelyhelpful in treating the child companies

vaginalis infection effectively you can make a douche solution using teatree oil it contains substantive antifungal andantibacterial properties which help fight the infection caused by try penisvagina diluted 30 airworthiness enjoy likeolive prominently on and use this the giant douche eatorganic food organic food is helpful in strengtheningthe immune system love your body if you are suffering froma tribesman is Regina's infection

What is trichomoniasis

Trichomonasvaginalis is responsible for a sexually transmitted infection known as trichomoniasis and as we'll talk about in a minute, the symptoms mainly occurin women in the vagina. Now this STI is not caused by a bacterium, but rather a protozoan which is a more advancedform of microorganism

than a bacterium and this protozoanspecifically is a parasite and it exists mainly by eating cells that they destroy, soeating cell fragments and this protozoan usesthese cell fragments or these pieces of cells for nourishment. Now they typically havea pear shape to them, so I'll draw this pear shape here.

So this is their body, the cell body. These trichomonas, or youcan also refer to them as trichomonads have one cell to them, so this is the one cell pear body and they move around becauseof these protein strands, these whips that they have, that are called flagella, flagella. And finally, one of theother things you might see

if you take a look at thisguy under a microscope, as we will in a minute, is the nucleus. So here's the nucleus. Now because trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection, we have to consider themode of transmission, or how does it commonly spread from one person to the other,

and as the name sort of sugggests, this occurs only through vaginal sex and what makes thisinfection very interesting is that the trichomonadprotozoan can't survive anywhere else. So they can only livewithin the urogenital tract. Now this means they can live within women, like in the vaginaltract or in the urethra,

or they can also live in men, but the tricky thing about that with men is that they rarely have symptoms. So they're asymptomatic, which means that they'recarriers of this infection. So they're asymptomatic carriers that can spread this STI to women without even realizing it.

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