Can You Get A Yeast Infection By Not Wearing Underwear

Can Wearing Thong Underwear Cause A Yeast Infection

Good day, Eric Bakker, naturopath, authorof Candida Crusher with another question. Here's a question from a lady in New York.Can wearing thong underwear cause a yeast infection? I think this lady's talking aboutthose Gstring kind of underclothing. I don't think it can cause a yeast infection,but I think that if you've got an existing infection, it may be harder for you to getrid of if you've got quite tight clothing in the genital area that's not going to allowa lot of air to get to the region. So if you've got an existing vaginal infection,it's probably not a good idea to wear thongs or what you call thong, I believe, or a Gstring.If you do wear them, don't wear them for long

periods of time. You're better off wearingloose cotton clothing in this area. It's going to be better in terms of allowing that areato recover quicker, particularly if you're going to do good treatments. I've got a very good treatment in Chapter5 of my book, a threestage protocol for instant relief. And there is also a twostage protocolfor chronic yeast infections, which is going to work exceptionally well. So if you've got a current infection, probablynot a good idea to wear a thong or a Gstring for prolonged periods of time. You'll probablyget away with it, but not for days and days

on end. So I don't think it causes yeast infectionsas such, but I certainly think it will make you have one longer or find it harder to getrid of if you have got a yeast infection. Stick with the more loose cotton clothing.Silk is also quite good to wear. So I hope that answers your question. Thankyou.

Do I Have To Buy New Underwear After I Cure My Yeast Infection

Good day there, Eric Bakker again, naturopath,author of Candida Crusher with another question which I get asked every now and then regardinga yeast infection. Do I have to buy new underwear after I curemy yeast infection? This is the same as one I got from a ladyin Canada not that long ago. You don't really have to buy new underwear. Don't throw yourunderwear out. Make sure that your underwear is sufficiently disinfected and cleansed. So whenever you have a yeast infection itpays, obviously, to wear cotton underclothing and to change them very often, frequently,and to drop the cotton clothing perhaps in

a bleach solution. If it's washed in hot waterand cleaned properly, you've got no fear really of contaminating these permanently where theyneed throwing out. I don't think you need to worry too much abouthaving to buy new underwear when you cure your yeast infection. Some people do thisbut it's not really a problem. The only time I encourage people to throw out clothing witha yeast infection is if they've got very bad athlete's foot, and they've got a pair ofold shoes, you can throw these shoes out. But you wouldn't really have to throw outthe underclothing unless, of course, you wanted to buy something new.

I hope that answers your question.

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