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Home Remedies for Vaginal Yeast Infections II II

Welcome to healthcare at home One of our viewer has email us She is having vaginal itching problem She has written that she had consulted to Gynecologist Dermatologist and also consulted to so many s and tried but there were no benefit and she is highly upset and asking us for any remedy if we have.

Yes, of course i will tell you remedy and that also very effective and easy remedy i will tell you You have to take 21 leaves of margosa tender and fresh specially those which are just grew up take 21 of them and you add

11 black pepper into it and also add one cup of water and mix it well in mixer and 23 times in a day use it 3 times if you have major problem then morning, afternoon and evening you have to consume this water you will notice that the problem of your vaginal itching will healed up in another 7 days

Apart from that along with this you have to do one thing Almost 4 spoon of triphala powder add into 300ml of water overnight and in the morning with triphala water you have to wash that area where you have the itching most you have to dip the cotton into the water and wipe that area with it to this 34 times in a day you will notice within few days your vaginal itching problem

or wherever you have itching there you can apply margosa and triphala remedy and you will definitely feel releafe Apart from that there is one more remedy take 12 spoon of black pepper powder and approximately 1 to 12 spoon of Clarified cow's milk butter mix them well

and just lick it Make sure that you should not eat before or after two hours of licking this liquid you will notice that this is effective in any kind of dermatology or itching Apart from that i will tell you one more remedy which is very effective in 1 glass water of water add 2 spoons of chiretta and two spoon of picrohiza kurroa powder

Caboose Visits the Halo Reach Campaign

Church: Man, I am so excited for the start of Season 9, Sarge. Sarge: Me too. Church: And we're totally on easy street this year man. We just, you know, have to stand around and talk like we usually do. Let those other chumps handle all the action stuff. Watch out for that falling rock, by the way, Sarge: Thanks. Church: Yeah , no problem.

Caboose: Yeah, I don't know. I miss all the action sometimes. Sarge: Uhh, did you just fall out of the sky? Caboose: Yeah. Church: Caboose, what action do you miss? All we ever did was get our ass kicked by Tex. Sarge: You weren't even in the action scenes last year, Caboose. Caboose: Oh, I don't mean last season. I mean during the break.

Church: During the offseason? Sarge: What were you doing? Caboose: Oh, I was outside the base one day and a guy pulled up in a Warthog and told me to get in cause I was late. So I got in. And then he took me to this cool place and there was some stuff and then there was some other stuff. Touch. Hello. And then I met some new people and they were nice and I was scared of them because they looked mean.

You look scary even though you are smiling. Hello nice lady who is also a robot. Church: Wait. Wait a second. Wait a second. Are you saying? Did you go into the campaign? Caboose: Yeah. I don't know what that means so I am just going to nod and say yes. Yes. Sarge: Who told you, you could do that? Caboose: Oh, the man in the car. He just kept asking me, quot;Are you Six? You are Six, right?quot;

And I'm way older than 6. So, I said quot;Yes.quot; Every time. Church: That's not. He didn't. He meant quot;Noble Sixquot; dumbass. Caboose: Yeah, he did seem pretty confused or maybe he was just confusing. I forget which one. Anyway, me and my new friends went on lots of adventures together. Carter: Not gonna lie to you lieutenant. You're stepping into some shoes the rest of this squad would rather leave unfilled.

Caboose: Is it because they stepped in gum? I do that all the time. Caboose: Yeah, we saw stuff on fire. And some destroyed stuff. And some stuff that was birds. But mostly stuff on fire that was destroyed. Church: What?! Emile: Crevice to the east.


(heavy piano roll) I'm Coyote Peterson. This is a mountain of fire ants. I think we all knowwhere this is headed. Oh boy, here we go. Holy Cow, that's alot of stings already. (groans) (fast percussive music)

(sighs) All right, guys. So when I was in Arizona you saw me put myhands into a mound of harvester ants, aspecies that both bites and stings. I lasted 60 seconds andtook a lot of venom. (squeals in pain)

Yeah, got stung already. (squeals in pain) They're all over myhands now, look at that. Today I'm in South Floridaand right in front of me is a giant mound of fire ants. I'm sure you're looking at this pile of dirtthinking to yourselves is that really an ant hill?

Looks like no one's home. I promise you, thereare thousands of these fiery little antsbeneath the surface. And the second that myhands disturb this dirt I'm going to be swarmed bythese ornery little insects. Am I excited about this? Not really. Am I curious aboutwhat's going to happen?

Of course, and I knowyou guys are too. I think at this pointI am ready to enter the strike zonewith the fire ant. The red imported fire antis native to South America. Yet they have establishedpopulations in several places across the United States,including Florida. What makes these insects sodangerous is that their mounds camouflage into the environment,

resembling nothing morethan a pile of dirt. Stumble into one, andbefore you even realize what you have done, youare caught in the swarm. Now just like theharvester ant, the fire ant can bite and it can also sting. And they say that thesting of a fire ant feels like putting yourhands into a ring of fire. Now before I actuallygo through with this,

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