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Are Mushrooms OK On The Candida Diet

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker. Author of Candida Crusher and also the formulatorof the Canxida range of dietary supplements. Thanks for tuning in. The question today is quot;Do mushrooms aggravateCandida? If you've got a yeast infection, can you eatmushrooms?quot; In my Candida Crusher book, I did write precautionarythings about mushrooms for people. But since then, I will tell you that I'veworked with a lot of people who do eat mushrooms

on the Candida diet that have had absolutelyno bad effects at all. In fact, one researcher recently told me thatit was quite stupid telling people who've got Candida to avoid all forms of mushroomsbecause Candida is like a fungus, so is a mushroom. Therefore, it's feeding itself. That's probably a bit like saying if you'vegot a strep or staph infection, you should kill of all the beneficial bacteria in yourgut. Because why would you want to feed the beneficialbacteria if you're trying to kill bad bacteria.

When, in fact, strep and staph bacteria arevery closely related to lactobacillus. Much more so than Candida is to mushrooms. Think about that kind of logic for a moment. It doesn't make sense. I must admit I've got many patients that eatPortobello mushrooms or champions, the small white ones, with Candida that have got noill effects whatsoever. I've also got some patients who believe it'sperfectly fine to eat blue vein cheese when you've got Candida.

I keep telling you guys. You need to experiment for yourself. Don't listen to me. Don't listen to stuff you read on the internet. Try it for yourself. If in doubt, try very small amounts to seehow you feel. Don't automatically assume that all mushroomsare going to create a huge aggravation with Candida.

Because if you cook beautiful Portobello mushroomsin butter and eat them, in my opinion, you probably won't get any problems. It's trial and error. You need to experiment for yourself. Some of you out there will have a bad effect. But I can probably automatically tell younow that I think the majority won't have a bad effect eating mushrooms with Candida. Just because you read something on the internet,it doesn't mean to say that it's necessarily

the truth. I read lots of interesting stuff from theinternet just like you do that the world's coming to an end. That we're all going to die of herpes andaids. All this sort of stuff. Don't believe this kind of nonsense. You need to trial this for yourself. Because mushrooms are a really good food toeat.

Healthy Chocolate Cake Recipe Vegan Paleo Chocolate Cake

happy mother's day today I'm gonna showyou how to bake a really healthy chocolate cake for yourmom I'm dedicating this tutorial to my own momcuz I know she loves sweets and I made this just thinking about herbecause this is a cake that you can eat guiltfree so enjoy we're gonna need 3 cups of almond flour or groundalmond half a cup cacao powder 2 teaspoons a bakingpowder half a cup of melted coconut oil orany

unflavored oil if you're choosing 5tablespoons a agave nectar or honey and a half a cup of coconut milk or any dairy free milkmilk of your choice also you're going to use banana small banana that we're gonnamashup 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract gonna start offby mixing all the dry ingredients so we're gonna chuck in the almond flour the cocoa powder and also the baking powder and we just inthe blend that together

I'm just gonna put that to one side andI'm gonna mashup my banana the riper for your banana is the sweeter it will be I try to have my bananas ripe aspossible so now that that's mashed the recent but that one site again of am gonna come back to my mixturehere I'm gonna I'm gonna pour in the coconut oil and mycoconut milk I'm just gonna give that quick blendnext up I'm gonna put in my sweetener which I'm using agave nectar heremy mashed banana

and also the 2 teaspoons vanilla extract and now we can give another blend lookat that chocolatey goodness I'm just gonna prepare cake tin 10 and I'llshow you how to do that so here have my cake tin and gonnatake a little bit of vegan butter and I'm just gonna spreadthat really doing this with the vegan butter so that it doesn't stick and obviously we've already preheat youroven to 180 degrees Celsius because the

a bit thicker batter gonna have to just a spread around alright so our cake is inthe oven right now and is gonna be there for around 30 minutesand then I'm gonna check on it to see if it needs more time meanwhile I'm gonna try and make thefrosting here so it's the first time make this frosting but I found this great recipe that uses dates instead of any sugars so I have a cup of dates here and I'vedepitted

and so next up I'm gonna use some coconutoil so quarter cup of melted coconut oil into a blend is this man nutribullet and I'm gonna use a quarter cup of water so and I'll also gonna use aquarter cup of cacao powder and now I'm justgonna blend this all up and show you how that looks like so this is what I'm gonna use to put onmy cake and then refrigerate that until my cake it done

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