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Is Wine Good For Candida

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath from NewZealand coming back to you with another tutorial again. Thanks for checking out my tutorial today.We're going to talk about wine and Candida. Can I drink wine on the Candida diet? Is wineokay? Why is wine bad? Why can't I have it? Well, if you think about wine how they makeit, they basically get grapes, whether they're white grapes or red grapes, which naturallywill contain a mold or a yeast already on them and they'll crush these and they'll evenadd more yeast. They'll crush it and crush it, so the yeast is going to convert the sugarto alcohol and carbon dioxide will be formed as a byproduct, but they'll be plenty ofalcohol left in there, which is what people

really like. And it will still contain yeastysubstances in there. I find especially white wine to be a really big problem with ladieswith the yeast infections. Chardonnay or the sweet wines, pinot noir, the pinky sort ofred wine is a high sugar one, too. Wine, in my opinion, is one of the taboo thingsif you've got a yeast infection. Many people who've seen me over the years who struggleto get on top of their Candida and there's one thing that they're not doing and that'scompletely giving up alcohol until they feel 100 percent well and then some. So I likepeople to stop and then stop for a prolonged period of time.If you're serious enough about getting rid

of Candida, then you are serious enough aboutcutting out the alcohol as long as it takes to recover. And sometimes that can be theone thing that's stopping you from recovering is that one or two glasses of wine per week.People often tell me when I ask them the question how much wine they drink. quot;Well, I have aglass once or twice a week.quot; Basically, what they're saying is they're having two glassesthree to four times a week. Nobody drinks one glass of wine. One leads to two. Two glassesusually, in my opinion, are at a minimum, especially white wine. With red wines, olderpeople sometimes have one small drink. But with white wines, in my experience, once thecap is off the bottle, the bottle will become

empty.It's your call. It depends on how bad you want to recover, so you must understand thatwine is one of the foods on the top of the quot;noquot; list. There's also a quot;maybequot; list, butalcohol is on the quot;noquot; list. The ball's in your court. It depends how bad you want torecover. If you're committed and you want to do the right thing, you want to get ontop of the Candida yeast infection or gut problem, then the alcohol just has to takea backseat. If you're not prepared to do that, then again, it's your call. Don't go complainingto people like me or go to practitioners and say, quot;Well, I went to see that guy, but itdidn't really work out. I need someone now

to show me how I can get cured.quot; The onlyperson that can do the curing is you. You're the one that has to make those decisions.You have to think what's right for you. The decisions you make will affect you one wayor another. I hope you understand that. Is wine okay on the Candida diet? What doyou think? It's not a good idea is it? You can always come back to it down the trackafter you've recovered. That's something to think about. on the link below if youwant my Candida report. Don't forget to subscribe. Thanks for tuning in.

Candida Case Study 4 John Diabetes and Psoriasis

Thanks for tuning into my tutorial once again.I'm going to do another case history today. This time it's case history number four. I'mgoing to read a little bit from my book, Candida Crusher. This is a case study of a 58yearoldmale named John who lives here in New Zealand. John's not his real name, of course.John and Susan are patients to our practice. Together they own a large and highly successfulnational franchise chain and have worked hard all their lives to achieve the amazing successthey now enjoy. John is a Type 2 diabetic with major patches of psoriasis that occasionallyspiral out of control. The scaly patches of skin up his arms and legs are quite an embarrassmentto him, and once he mentioned to me that he'd

dearly love to have beautiful skin for summertime,so he could go out and play golf without having to wear long trousers. He'd like to wear shorttrousers in the summertime. He also likes the beach. He's quite a wealthy man. He hasa huge property on the beach. He has a large avocado farm and he's quite an interestingcharacter. The problem with John, though, like a lotof people, he likes wine and chocolate. He loves red wine. He loves motorsports. He lovesgolf. He loves to chill out and relax with a nice big glass of red wine and a few piecesof dark chocolate. After a successful bout of liver detoxification, John experiencedalmost total remission of his psoriasis. And

when John adheres to the principles of theCandida Crusher program, he's basically free from psoriasis.What I should explain to you is what underpins a lot of psoriasis cases, in fact, 78 percentof research shows a yeast infection underpins psoriasis. Many, many people out there withpsoriasis, when they clear their Candida up, they have an incredibly beautiful result withtheir psoriasis. They can almost clear up their skin entirely. Lots of psoriasis patientsare addicted to sugar. They'll either drink alcohol or they like sweet foods or take awayfoods. Many of them are high stress and they worked out that stress is a trigger. And,of course, when there's stress, they'll reach

for salt, sugar, or fat, one of those threebad things. And often that combined with the stress, which increases cortisol and stimulatesinflammation, bang, they've got a big psoriasis flare up or outbreak.John's a naughty boy. Occasionally, when he lets his hair down and has a whole bottleof red wine, he really flares up with his psoriasis big time and then he'll be on thephone to me, quot;Eric, what have I done? It's really bad.quot; And then I'll talk to his wifeand I'll say, quot;What has he done?quot; And she'll say, quot;Well, he's had red wine again and lotsof chocolate and he's been out with his drinking buddies.quot; And, of course, you know, there'susually cause and effect. The point I'm making

is if you're really serious about gettingrid of your psoriasis and yeast infection, you need to look at these habits. Habituallydrinking wine. I had a patient yesterday on Skype from Australia.A man in his 30s. He's a plumber. A very nice man. He got a total cleanup of his skin, butthen he went to his brother's. His brother has got a child, a one year old, who justhad a birthday party and he had 10 cans of beer. For two days later, his skin flaredup really bad and he's on to me saying, quot;What am I going to do?quot; And he said, quot;I know I'mbad. I've got to be good again.quot; The issue with this young man is he started to get sucha good result and clear up, he thought, quot;Well,

I'm okay now. I can go back to having a fewbeers,quot; and then bang! Away came the skin again. Cause and effect.What we can learn from case four, from John, is (a) there's certainly a link with psoriasisand Candida in 78 percent of cases; there's lot of research that validates that. You cango to Google and have a look, psoriasis and Candida, there's a clear link there; (b) manypeople with psoriasis and also Candida have got cravings and addictions to one particularlyfood I find, but it could be several. They need to cut that food out, to stop that andrepair the lining of their gut, and that can give them a fantastic result and it boostsselfconfidence.

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