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Does Candida Cause Herpes

I'm answering a question here I just got onYouTube a few days ago. Eric, is herpes related to Candida? Can herpes cause Candida? Is theresome association between them both? Well, no not at all. Herpes is a virus. Itdepends on what kind of herpes we're talking about. There are different kinds of herpesviruses. There's shingles, herpes zoster. We've got oral herpes. We've got genital herpes,type one and two. We've got chicken pox, which is a herpes virus, so there are various kindsof herpes viral strains that cause these problems. Viruses are notoriously hard to eradicatefrom the body because they are very, very, very tiny. They have got an extremely toughprotein outer coating and the immune system

can't really penetrate that coating. Theyalso tend to hide in different parts of the body and can come out at certain times. You'llfind with herpes, for example, from some research I did, herpes, particularly for the lips,the oral herpes, the herpes virus can hide in various parts of the spine, in variousareas where there's poor blood supply and it can come out at certain times and attacka particular site. And it's the same with the genital herpes. Again, that can be harboredin the lower parts of the body and come out at set times.There are ways and means for you to control herpes and one of them is to have a diet highin lysine, the amino acid, the lysine foods,

and take out the Larginine amino acid containingfoods from your diet. Foods high in Larginine that you need to avoid with herpes, in particular,are chocolate and nuts. Foods high in lysine are the meat foods like chicken, particularlyis high in lysine. Beef as well. That's just a few tips.Stress is one of the biggest triggers I find for herpes, particularly the genital and theoral herpes. You'll find people under high stress eating chocolate and they get a coldsore coming up. Herpes being a virus has got no relationship with Candida which is a fungus.A yeast fungus has nothing really to do with a virus. They're two separate entities.However, in saying that, I have found many

people with herpes are more prone or susceptibleto getting Candida. And also the other way around, people with major yeast infections,it's easier for them to catch herpes as well, especially if they're sexually active andthey're in a relationship with someone who has got herpes or cold sores. You can pickthese things up because you'll only pick them up if you've got a high susceptibility anda low resistance. And that's what Candida will do. It will makeyour resistance low so you are more prone to getting things like urinary tract infectionsand chest infections and all manner of infections and it's particularly fueled by people withadrenal fatigue or people with cortisol problems,

so lots of tiredness, sleeping disturbances,and high stress. These things cause a lot of adrenal and thyroid malfunctions, whichmakes you a sitting duck for a yeast infection. If you look at Candida Crusher, the book Iwrite, I write a whole section for this very reason on adrenal fatigue and Candida. AndI think it was the missing link for a lot of people. Not many people knew about thisuntil I started to really speak about it on YouTube and write about it. I notice now someother blog sites are starting to do that. It's not so much how do I get rid of Candida.It's how do I make my body strong, so it's easy to beat. Not just Candida, but any kindof infection. And that's what you've got a

good immune system for. The immune systemwill keep you healthy and strong providing it's powered up. And what powers up your immunesystem, in particularly, is a very wellfunctioning endocrine system or hormone system underpinningthat. And how that can be optimized is by getting the balance between work and play,stress, good diet, chilling out, not working too hard, not staying up too late on Facebookand things like this. These are good ways for you to power your immune system up andparticularly by improving your relationships with a lot of people around you. Not gettingstressed out about stuff. I hope that answers your question. Thanksfor tuning in.

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