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Is Terramin Clay Good For Candida

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath Eric Bakkerhere. I'm author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements.I've got a question here from Bert Christian from Ottawa, Canada. quot;Eric is terramin claygood for Candida? Can terramin clay treat my yeast infection?quot; Bert, clay's excellentfor many different reasons. It's a good detoxifier and healer of the body. I've been recommendingclay supplements for quite a long time for patients. It forms a nice adjunct as partof a healthy diet. Clay's been consumed by many indigenous cultures going back to eventhousands of years. As long as people have made fires and cooked food, they've also consumedsoil, earth, and clay in particular.

There are different types of clay you canget, but the common ones you may have heard of are bentonite clay and montmorillonite clay. These are used interchangeably.Basically, what we're talking about is a volcanic clay, so it comes from the ash of volcanos,I believe. This is quite a pure natural source of many different types, hundreds of differenttypes of minerals, in fact, trace elements. There is a lot of calcium in there, magnesium,iron, copper, zinc, many different minerals are found in clay, so it's a good way foryou to access minerals for your diet is to include small amounts of clay in your dieton a regular basis. You generally do this slowly and you buildyour body up first. I've just had a look at

some websites and there are many differentsuggestions on taking clay. It works quite well as a part of a detox program, and youcan follow the suggestions of the manufacturer. You need to ingest plenty of water when youdo it. Clay basically has a negative charge to it, toxins have a positive charge, so generally,they are attracted to each other and then will form a complex, and they'll bind to eachother. When you take regular amounts of clay in yourdiet over a prolonged period of time, it will help to reduce lots of poisons from the body,including heavy metals, cadmium, arsenic, lead, mercury, metals like that, but alsomany different kinds of toxins like benzene

and petro chemicals and agricultural chemicals.There are many of them that can be slowly pulled out with the use of clay.It also helps to cleanse the digestive system and balance the gut in general. It's goingto help to remove toxins produced by bacteria in the gut, so it will certainly help youryeast infection because it will clean the body up and make the immune system more powerful.Terramin, I believe, I think the mineral is called iamin, so the clay was called iaminin the States and in 1998, they changed the name to terramin. It looks to be a very highquality product. I think even NASA did some testing on this clay.I would certainly endorse the use of terramin

and bentonite clay or montmorillonite clay.Any of these clays are high quality and very good for cleansing the body, and can be usedin conjunction with detoxification, plenty of pure water, sweating or perspiration asin have a sauna therapy, and colonics, all of these things have an enormous benefit tothe body for pulling rubbish out, purifying the gut and the body in general and reducingthe Candida. But particularly by taking toxins out and putting minerals in, we can powerup immune function, which is our strongest ally when it comes to overcoming not justa yeast infection, but any kind of infection or inflammatory disorder in the body.Am I fan of clay? Yes, I am. I think it's

a good one for you to use in your diet. Thanksfor the question.

Candida QA with McCombs Part 2

New Years 2011 QA with McCombs – Part2 The best a test can do is give you an indicationof what's going on, so I always recommend that people use two or three tests, combinedwith signs and symptoms, their case history, any history of antibiotic use. You look atthat all together to get a better picture because the tests I'm gonna give you arebasically gonna give you indications of what's in the intestinal tract, but mostly withinthe stool. So there's some variability. A lot of times, what's in the small intestinedoesn't show up in the large intestine. And blood work can vary, depending on thehealth of the immune system and its response.

So Genova Diagnostic Labs has a Candida immunecomplex, and Metametrix Labs has a GI stool effects, and they have a subtest inthere called a microbial ecology profile. Those will give you a good indication.Generally, you have to get that through a practitioner. So he will have to order thetest kits, provide you with the kits, and then you will send in those samples yourself.Yeah. Well, you can almost always trace that back to antibioticuse, and that type of chronic inflammation is just another sign of imbalances withinthe intestinal tract. So the bottom line is you're gonna wanna balance the intestinaltract. One of the great things of our plan,

the approach that we use helps to create thatbalance in the intestinal tract again. Correct, and those are all factors that playa role. So can you get it back? Yes, you can get it back. It's just if the balances getrecreated, then you can recreate the Candida in the body. I think the way we all approachedhealth in the past has been that we think once we do a diet, it's done. That's nottrue. There are many things that still aren't being addressed, even in this diet, such asthe body burden of toxins that every person carries with them, which is gonna number inthe tens of thousands. And these are always having an impact on your body.So one of the great benefits of doing our

plan is we also, to a certain degree, lookat whole body detoxification with the plan. So we're looking at the Candida; we'relooking at whole body detoxification, which is also gonna be liver detoxification; we'rerestoring normal tissue flora; and we're boosting the immune system. All of these thingsneed to be done to create the balance. It's not just doing one thing here or there. Youhave to do everything. And it's something that it's good to periodically go back anddo the plan again, just to clean up and balance out the intestinal flora.Well, it sounds like that could be something that would be maybe a combination of things.One'll be that body burden that I talked

about where each person has tens of thousandsof chemicals in their body, and these are having an effect in our body all the time.But also, when you have imbalances within the intestinal tract, the inflammation thattakes place in the intestinal tract will cause inflammation in your brain. And for© Copyright 20102011, All Rights Reserved, Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC Page 126 of 130some people, it just shows up as brain fog; other people, it may be headaches; other people,it may be other symptoms. So it's gonna play a role. And if we never get the intestinaltract balanced, we're always gonna be out of balance. It's a big key to health in

the body.Yeah, something increases the inflammation in your intestinal tract from what you ate,and it shows up in your nervous system pretty quick.

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