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Is Candida An STD

Thank you for checking out this tutorial today.A question I get asked sometimes is, is Candida an STD? Is it a sexually transmitted disease?Can it be passed from one person to another? Well, it's not an STD as such, but it canbe passed from one person to another. I'm not quite sure what the criteria for a diseasebeing a sexually transmitted disease, but I take it it's mainly or only carried fromone person to another in the sexual sense. Candida is not really something that you considerto be an STD because Candida is something that normally occurs in our bodies. Unlikesomething like Chlamydia or Gonorrhea or Syphilis or many of the other sexually transmitteddiseases like, for example, genital Herpes.

These things don't normally occur in our bodies.These are illnesses that are certainly transmitted from one person to another by intimate contact. But Candida, for example, occurs in the vaginalarea of about 20 percent of women normally anyway, and it occurs in the digestive systemof most people, but it's kept in balance by friendly bacteria and other bacteria we callcommensals, so certain kinds of bacteria will keep these kind of fungus in check. But, ofcourse, when the balance becomes disturbed by things like antibiotics or high stressor poor diets, then, of course, Candida can get the upper hand.

If you're a woman, for example, and you havea vaginal discharge, it's certainly worth getting checked out. It pays to go to your and get checked out. The most common one that women get is BV or bacterial vaginosis.This is not really a sexually transmitted as such, but, yeah, it's not really an STD,Candida. And if you're a guy and you've got some issuesthere in the groin and you're concerned again, you're not sure what it is, get it checkedout. It's certainly worth going to the and getting checked out as a first line tofind out what you've got. If you're not sure and you're not sure ifit's an STD or Candida or what, once you get

a diagnosis then you can look for the propertreatment. That's important to do that. So to answer that question again, is Candidaan STD? It can be transmitted sexually, but it is not a sexually transmitted disease assuch. Thank you.

Yeast Infection Candidiasis Causes symptoms and treatment

Hey everyone! You are now watching The Naked Truth. Where we take one of your questions About sex and your body and give you a straightforward answer. I'm Shalpa, and let's get started. So today's question comes from a nineteenyearold from (indistinct) I have severe itching around my vagina and I'm getting burning discharge. My friend said it's a yeast infection,

But is this an STD? I've never had sex. So from what it sounds like, you do have candidiasis, commonly known as a yeast infection. a fungus that grows in warm in moist places of the skin, such as your mouth or your vagina So normally, a woman's vagina already has yeast. However, if there's some sort of imbalance, this can lead to a buildup of excess yeast, which then results in white and odorless discharge, burning when you pee, and severe itchiness.

But don't worry! This is not an STI (sexually transmitted infection). It is an infection very common amongst women. So go ahead and consult a to make sure that it is indeed a yeast infection, and he or she will give you some cream or some pills to have it cleared up in no time. In the future, make sure that you change your pad often, avoid scented soaps, and avoid wearing extremely tight clothing that trap in moisture to help prevent getting a yeast infection. So girls, I hope this helps, and I'd love to keep hearing from you

So shoot me more questions at our email address, or SMS me. And don't forget to subscribe to our channel, and tune in I'll see you guys next time.

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