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How to make a simple Bone broth soup and why you should

In this tutorial I'm going to talk aboutthe incredible health benefits of bone broth soup not only is it great to help get over acold and flu and viruses things like that but it's also a greatantiinflammatory promotes healthy joints reduces joint pain and it's greatfor bones ligaments tendons as well as hair and skin it's great for your digestive system andits mineral rich and nutrient dense especially with potassium calcium andmagnesium to promote healthy bone

formation it's full of collagen arginine, glucosaminewhich is sold as an expensive supplement for arthritis and joint pain, bone marrowfour cells and gut, amino acid and sulfur the gelatin in this supports digestionand provides allergy relief and because of the collagen it'sactually antiaging now another great thing about this is youprobably been hearing a lot about leaky gut syndrome lately this is something that a lot of peoplehave that they say they don't even know it.

The author of the GAPS diet natashacambel McBride recommends using this bone broth as one of the best things to healand seal your gut as well as provide many nutrients now i'm going to show you how to do thiswith chicken bones but know that you can do the same thing beef bones which you can very easily getany health food store or butcher just ask for the bones

now what I usually do is save.I make thechicken in the way that i have in my tutorial. quot;how to make the healthiest chicken,quot; I'll save the carcass as well as thebones of about three or four chickens in a plastic bag in my freezer before i goahead and make this and just one caveat though is you always have to use thepasture raised and organic or freerange chicken bones as well as with beef you have to use organic and grassfedchicken because any of the toxins from conventional feed or hormones orantibiotics are stored in the fat as

well as the bones so you want to use the healthiest grade possible now there are a few different ways tomake the bone broth soup and they're all good the point is to boil it for longenough to extract the minerals and nutrients fromthe bone and use vegetables and herbs to get the taste that you like to startwith you're going to put enough water toabout an inch or two from the top of the pot but just make sure it's enough tocover the carcass of bones there

you're always going to want to usefiltered water and you can do this in a crock pot for safety which is good ifyou have to leave because it's going to be a long time cooking or large pot these boneswere saved and frozen after eating the meat that was cooked in the way that Ishow in my quot;how to make the healthiest chickenquot; tutorial now you can start with a whole chickenand cook it like that just by boiling the chicken for two hours and after thetwo hours you take all the meat off and put the carcass back in the water

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