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Dont Forget To Look After Your Kidneys When You Have Candida

Greetings. It's New Zealand naturopath, EricBakker, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of products. I'm goingto talk a little bit about kidney problems this morning. It's a beautiful day here inNew Zealand. It's still summertime. We've got actually wonderful weather at the moment.We've had some really strange weather as of late, though, and a lot of people I've spokento in America and in the UK have had very similar strange weather patterns. Let's getback into the kidneys. Many people talk about liver detoxification,bowel detoxification, gall bladder flushes, getting the digestive system fixed up, butnobody talks about the kidney. You've got

two kidneys and their role is critical andvital for maintaining excellent health. What do the kidneys do? What are they responsiblefor and why is it so important to look after them?The kidneys are incredible. They're a very high filtration unit. You've got two of themin the lower part of your back. We'll talk a little bit about back pain later on. Manypeople feel kidney pain from time to time, but actually think they've got a lower backproblem. The kidneys, as I mentioned, are a high filtration unit. They filter a staggering400 pints of blood per day, so that's probably around 200 to 230 liters of blood are filteredby the kidneys every day. They produce a staggering

amount of waste that they actually pull outof the blood and put into the urine, so you can excrete them. It's estimated around threeto four pints, which is probably around 2 liters of waste get put out every day.If the kidneys didn't function properly, you'd be in big trouble in no time at all. Yourblood pressure would be unregulated. You wouldn't be able to produce red blood cells becausethe kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin and that stimulates the production of redblood cells, so you'd quickly get anemia and fatigue if you didn't have good kidney function.More importantly, the kidneys not only help to cleanse the blood, the kidneys have glandson top of them called the adrenal glands.

You've got two adrenal glands, and the adrenalglands are little mushroom shaped glands that sit on top of the kidneys that produce upto 50 different hormones. They produce some of the most powerful hormones in the body.The kidneys are positioned very interestingly quite central in the body and also close topossibly one of the largest artery in the system where they can have access to a lotof blood there. But more importantly, the adrenal glands have access to the main circulationsystem where they can put their hormones straight into the main circulation. We're talking cortisol.We're talking sex hormones because the adrenals also produce estrogen and progesterone. Theyproduce DHEA. Many hormones are produced,

so it's vital that the kidneys are in goodshape to also keep the adrenal glands in good shape.The kidneys have their own extensively detoxification system. And even the adrenal glands have gottheir own enzymatic detoxification system, which is a little bit similar to the liverdetox pathway. So it's critical that you keep your kidneys in really good shape.How do you know if you've got kidney disease? What are some of the signs and symptoms? Thingsthat you could be ignoring right now? Do you get itchy skin a lot? It might not be a yeastinfection. If you get a lot of itchy skin around the thighs, around the legs, the backof the legs, you're always itching the inner

part of the thigh, itchy, especially if theskin is dry a lot. Dry skin, itchy skin, and I find particularly in the lower extremitycarefully think are you drinking enough water? You may have the signs of kidney disease.Look for things like puffiness or fluid retention. If you've got that, that's seriously bad kidneydisease. Things we're looking at are consistent unexplainedanemia. So if you've got low red cell count and you're anemic quite a lot. If you've gotlow ferritin, which is a low iron storage protein that's constantly low and yet theycan't explain why you've got low iron. They can't find any iron in the stool. You haven'tbeen bleeding or haven't had any heavy menstruation,

The 10 Signs Of Candida And How To Treat Them

Greetings. It's New Zealand naturopath, EricBakker. I'm author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of supplements.Thanks for checking out my tutorial. I've got a fan called prochessplayer. His name is Joshand Josh has asked me a few times now to do a tutorial called the 10 Signs of Candida andhow to treat them, so I'm going to have a go at this, Josh. Thanks for your ongoingsupport and I trust you'll get some good information out of this. I think Josh might live in Canada.I just got that feeling that he's a Canadian person judging from some of the comments Ireceived on YouTube. What I've done, Josh, is I've broken thisdown into different categories. I've got a

few gastrointestinal symptoms. I've got afew genital urinary symptoms, a few ear, nose and throat, a few skin ones and a few centralnervous systems. Because there are so many different signs and symptoms of Candida, I'mnot going to go into all of the different signs and symptoms of Candida. I'm just goingto really pick on 10 of the most common presentations that I would see in the , then I'm goingto explain a little bit about some of the best ways to treat these particular kindsof symptoms. Bear in mind that when you've got a yeastinfection, it's good, obviously, if it's a bad symptom to get symptom relief, but you'rebetter off really treating the condition as

a whole in terms of lifestyle and diet asI've explained in Candida Crusher. The quiz that we have created at yeastinfection also will give you a very good idea on how severe the yeast infection really is and itwill also show the different kinds of signs and symptoms as you grow through the screens.A lot of those signs and symptoms on that quiz I'm going to talk about here right nowon this tutorial. The first three signs and symptoms reallyrelate to gastrointestinal, so GI or gut issues tend to be some of the most common thingsthat people talk to me about when it comes to a yeast infection. Yeast tend to ferment.They love sugar. They cause fermentation and

that naturally causes bloating and gas, whichis probably one of the most common symptoms I hear people talking about is abdominal issues.It could be pain. It could be gas. It could be bloating. It could be farting. It couldbe lots of burping. We get that occasionally with people if they tend to get a lot of yeastin the upper part of the gut. Yeast can also thrive in the stomach, the small intestine,the large intestine, in the junction between the small and large intestine. Yeast havebeen known to flourish throughout the digestive system, so it's quite a fallacy to believethat they just live in the colon or the large intestine. They can live anywhere in the gut.They'll thrive anywhere. Especially if they

find a good sugar source or a nutrient sourceand a lack of opposing beneficial bacteria. Lots of gas and bloating is number one. Agood way obviously to treat that is to cut back immediately on the kind of foods thatcan promote gas and bloating, so sugars in your diet, fruits in your diet, take awayfood in your diet. In the Candida Crusher book, I talk about the sevenday inductiondiet before you actually start going into and get serious with the threestage CandidaCrusher diet will try to do what I call quot;warm turkey.quot; That's very appropriate coming outof Christmas to talk about the warm turkeys. Cold turkey is not that pleasant. Cold turkeymeans you stop things right away. Warm turkey

means that you have a sevenday period ofgrace before you cut the crap out of your diet, so just gently over a sevenday periodtake foods out. Swap over to a fresh, clean kind of a diet. That's what I call the quot;warmturkeyquot; approach and that immediately is going to help cut back on gas and bloating.What about if you have gas and bloating now and you've got a perfect diet? Well, you mightwant to take some digestive enzymes and some probiotics. I've created a product calledCanxida Restore, which is perfect for gas and bloating. So the Canxida Restore productyou can get at Canxida . You would take two or three of these per day and that's goingto help significantly with the gas and bloating

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