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Fungi Death Becomes Them CrashCourse Biology

Hello and welcome to the wonderfulworld of fungi (fuhngahy), or fungi (fuhnjahy).Both are acceptable pronunciations. But I say fungi because it's fungus.Not funjus. Though funjus is also fun to say. Fungi are a little bit like plants, and more like animalsthan you might think. They diverged from protistsabout a billion years ago, and today scientists estimatethat there are about 1.5 million

species of Fungi on the earth,though in a formal, taxonomic way, we only know about100,000 or so of them. And those that we have metare wonderful, weird, and, in some cases, deadly. And the fact is, death is prettymuch what fungi are all about. Sure, there are the fun fungi,like the singlecelled Saccharomyces, also known as yeast. Without them, we wouldn'thave beer, wine or bread.

It's also true that fungi areresponsible for all kinds of diseases, from athlete's foot to potentiallydeadly histoplasmosis, aka spelunker's lung,caused by fungus found in bird and bat droppings. Fungi can even make people crazy. When the fungus Clavicepspurpurea grows on grains used to make bread and beer,it causes gangrene, nervous spasms, burning sensations, hallucinations,and temporary insanity.

One compound in this fungus,lysergic acid, is the raw materialused to make LSD. And finally there's the destructionthat some fungi bring onto other animals: More than 6 millionbats in North America have died since just 2007, due to a fungaldisease called white nose syndrome. And a fungus has beenimplicated in several extinctions of amphibians andthreatens many more, perhaps as many as a thirdof all amphibians on Earth.

But none of this is what I meanwhen I talk about fungi and death. While some members of thefungus family are total bummers, all of them together performperhaps the most vital function in the global food web: They feaston the deceased remains of almost all organismson the planet. And by doing that, they convertthe organic matter that we're all made of back into soil,from which new life will spring. So, fungi: They thrive ondeath, and in the process,

make all life possible. Aha! You Didn't expect to seeme in the chair so soon! But before we go any deeperinto the kingdom fungi, I wanted to make a toast to Louis Pasteurin the form of a Biolography. By Pasteur's time, beer had beenbrewed for thousands of years in cultures all over the world. Some experts think it may havebeen the very reason that our

Can Candida Cause Migraines

Hello there. It's naturopath, Eric Bakker,author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of products. Thanks oncemore for checking out my tutorial. I appreciate all my subscribers out there.Another question. I get questions, questions, questions. This is an interesting one. quot;Eric,can Candida cause migraines? Are migraine headaches caused by Candida yeast infections?quot;There is definitely a link between migraine headaches and Candida. It's not fair to saythat all migraines are caused by Candida, but there is certainly a relationship betweenthem both. It's not fair to say that fire trucks cause fires, but there is definitelya relationship with fires and fire trucks.

Because quite often when we see a fire, especiallya big fire, we'll see a fire truck turning up there. Did the fire truck cause the fire?Probably didn't. But there is a bit more of might of if there's a stupid fire operator,but it usually doesn't happen. But there's a relationship between them both. And oftena relationship between them is quite common. It's the same thing we're going to find withmigraines. Many people with migraine headaches have got some kind of Candida yeast infection.That's my al experience. I see many times if we clear up the yeast infection,the headaches get less and less and less. I see the same thing with psoriasis. Whenwe clean up the yeast infection, the psoriasis

disappears. I can show you hundreds of emailsfrom people that have told me this. I can show you many emails and go over many casestudies of people who got rid of their migraines once the Candida clear up. But did the Candidacause the migraine? Who knows? Who cares? There is a relationship there. If we breakthat relationship, we are also going to help to sever the tie between those two things.Let's have a look at a couple of interesting facts. Back in 1998, a study was done on alarge group of migraine sufferers and they found that 16 percent of all migraine sufferershad a very bad Candida yeast infection. Another interesting point is a lot of people withmigraines have got a very low level of monocytes

in their blood. Monocytes are a particulartype of white blood cell that get depleted with long term chronic infections like Candidayeast infections or bacterial infections. When you've had an infection for a while,the monocytes go down, down, down. If you had a gambling problem for a while, your bankaccount is probably going to go down. You get the point? A problem long enough causesanother problem. Perceptive and smart people, investigators when they see things, they startnoticing that there's a problem. The other thing is an interesting point I'venoticed is that women tend to get migraines two or three times more than mean. Many womenget migraines also around their menstrual

cycle or the women on oral contraceptive pills.We know that there is a relationship with estrogen and migraines as well. We also knowthere is a relationship with estrogen and Candida. Funny that. What's the connection?The estrogen has an effect on increasing the release of glycogen from cell walls, whichfeeds up the Candida. That's what you've got to bear in mind. This is why vaginal yeastinfections usually flare up premenstrual rather than after the menstrual cycle. Migrainesusually are improved by about 50 percent of people who take fermented foods out of theirdiet. Fermented foods. Alcohol is a fermented food. Sauerkraut is a fermented food. Agedcheese has a fermentation about them. All

these foods can really cause big headacheproblems with people. But when you take them out, the headaches go away. When you takethem out, the Candida tends to go down, too. Many of the foods I've got on my migraineavoidance list are also on the antiCandida avoidance list. Funny that. Another bit ofa relationship there. Have a think about those points. While we can't say the fire truckcaused the fire, we can say there is a huge relationship between them both. Think aboutthat. If you've got migraine headaches, consider my Candida Crusher program. Consider takingthe Canxida Remove and Canxida Restore products. The Canxida products work very well with peoplewith migraine headaches. Just like they do

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