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Is Oatmeal Ok on Candida Diet

Greetings. It's New Zealand naturopath EricBakker and I'm the author of a book called Candida Crusher and the formulator of Canxida,the Candida dietary supplements of choice. Thanks for checking out my tutorial today andalso I would like to thank you sincerely also for looking at my YouTube channel. We've gotabout 550 tutorials on this channel now, and I intend to make this the best channel onYouTube in terms of not only yeast infections, but also digestive problems like irritablebowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, parasites, inflammatory bowel conditions, all those sortsof things. The question today is, quot;Is oatmeal good onthe Candida diet?quot; Oatmeal is fine on the

Candida diet. Now, let me explain a few differentthings because you may be confused at this point. Many people who I speak to regardingoatmeal say, quot;But Eric, it contains gluten. I shouldn't be eating it.quot; Well, oat containsgluten, but only a very small amount of gluten compared to wheat.When you eat oatmeal, I'd like you to eat not the processed, the really fine oatmealin those little sachets you can buy. You tear them open and you pour them in a bowl andyou put some milk or water on it, then you put it in the microwave. Don't eat that kindof junk. That's like eating plastic cheese. The cheese with the plastic on it. Those squarebits of cheese. It's a little like plastic,

plastic with plastic in between. Processedcheese is crap. Processed oatmeal is crap. Don't eat it. So the really powdery or fineoatmeal that's broken into small pieces, that's a processed food. Try to keep away from processedfoods. It's like white flour is a highly processed food. But when you go to get a stone ground,biodynamically grown, whole meal flour, that's a good quality flour, especially if it's grownreally well. Don't get confused. I eat oats every morning and I like oats preferablylike in their raw state. The small oats. In fact, you can actually sprout them. They'rereally a nice sprout. So just get the raw oats and there's a few ways you can do it.You can just soak them for a few hours in

water and then cook them or other people sayto soak them and then process them through a blender. I've also got one of those littlestone mills. It's basically just two stones and you pour oats in the top and you turnit, and it flattens the whole oat. But I think they call it groats. And you can also getsteel cut oats. I used to buy those by the five pound bag, brown bag, at the organicgrocer and they're really, really nice. Oats. I cook up oats every morning in a bitof water and I have those usually with a little bit of honey on top and I find that exceptional.Honey, of course, is not really good when you've got a yeast infection, so you needto avoid that. But there's no reason to avoid

oats. If you're not eating oats now, try asmall amount. You may have an oat allergy, but it's quite rare. I've performed well over1,000, probably 2,000 food allergy profiles on patients over the years, probably in excessof 3,000 for a long time. I've been doing it now for about 25 years. I have rarely foundoats to come up high in the allergenicity scale. Wheat and gluten is a different thingall together. I do find that from time to time, but oats I rarely find on an IgE, IgGfood allergy panel. I've looked at many of these panels, so it's not really a commonthing to find. Start slow with oats. Don't eat a whole lotof them if you're not used to them. I probably

eat a good three quarter cup of oats per day.So if you're not used to oats and you want to incorporate them in your diet, start evenwith just a tablespoon in the morning, and see how your digestion feels. Interestingthing I'll point out is many people I've seen over the years that lived to their 80s, 90s,and 100 began the day with rolled oats. A lot of elderly citizens have been eating oatsfor a long, long time. Oats also have been known to calm the nerves. It calms the nervoussystem. It has a fantastic effect on the bowel and digestive system. It contains differentkinds of fibers that help to really feed up the beneficial bacteria.Also, oats are known to bind to the bad cholesterol

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