Curing Yeast Infection Tea Tree Oil

Using Tea Tree Oil for Yeast Infection Natural Remedy

Using tea tree oil for yeast infection remedy tea tree oil for yeast infection mightstill be debated but the fact of it is already spread out if you're curiousabout it have you ever heard about the function of tea tree oil to cure theacne and acne scars based on its ability tea tree oil is trusted to kill thebacteria and one of the bacteria is Canada it is a kind of fungi but withthe one of tea tree oil components canada can be killed very well by thismethod how it works

tea tree oil contains terpening it kills the fungus that caused theyeast infection and it also contains gamma terpening an alpha terminating itinhibits the growth of candida albicans it restores the bodies balance of goodand bad bacteria because of the tea tree oil ability and reducing inflammation inaddition tea tree oil has antimicrobial antifungal and antibacterial agents thathelp to treat yeast infection one important agent is tea tree oil hasmany therapeutic agents and can eliminate the large number ofmicroorganisms how to use tea tree oil

for yeast infection using tea tree foryeast infection is simple you just need to mix it with baking soda baking sodawill help you to restore the skin's pH balance and reduce the itching burningand swelling you need to add a cup of baking soda and 10 drops of tea tree oilon your shallow sitz bath and put the water over the bath get in and soak for20 minutes Ryan with plain water and dry it using atowel repeated until the infection subsides you also can mix the tea treeoil with apple cider vinegar and take a bath with it

another method is by a mix a tablespoonof baking soda with four drops of tea tree oil and sufficient amount of waterapply it on the East infected area and leave for three to seven minutes wash it with water and apply regularlyyou also can mix the tea tree oil with isopropyl import into a dropper bottlemix 10 drops of this solution with a pint of water you can use it as a doucheonce a day for a week you also can mix a drop of tea tree oiland lavender oil plus a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar stir well mix intocups of warm water pour the solution in

a douche bag and shake well you can usethis dish once a day to clear the infection of the East tea tree oil foryeast infection can be mixed to another home remedy in this case you need to bediligent and patient to apply it every day until you get free from theinfection you do not need to worry about the sideeffects come or if you use it in the wrong dosage you will not get anyresistance therefore you can use it as the prevention or as the treatment keepthe infected area dry and watch your hygiene can avoid this infection to come

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