Diaper Rash Cream And Yeast Infection

When to Use Diaper Cream CloudMom

In this tutorial I'm going to talk about diapercreams. There are two basic sorts of diaper creams. The first kind are white, creamy, oilycreams such as Triple Paste, Desitin or Balmex. These creams are wonderful, and they reallywill go a long way towards relieving your baby's symptoms if he or she has a diaperrash. The second kind of cream is really a Vaseline type of ointment such as an A and Dor an Aquaphor. If your baby has a very severe diaper rash, you might find that your pediatricianrecommends Triple Paste, which is really, in my view like the king or the queen of thesecreams. He'll tell you to apply it liberally. However, this is sort of like an quot;ouch moment,quot;because this cream costs thirty dollars for

this jar. So it's quite expensive, but it'sreally, really worth it. If you have a baby girl, you might actually find that her diaperrash is caused by a yeast infection. This is something I found out with my fourth babywho was my first girl. In this event, your pediatrician might recommend that you usea female cream and that you mix it with your diaper cream. So with these creams what alot of parents tend to like to do is to alternate. So they'll put one time a white, creamycream, such as a Desitin, and then the next time they'll use A and D or Aquaphor. Thiscan be very, very effective. In general I do think that if your baby's skin is notirritated, you can forego the cream.

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