Difference Between Diaper Rash And Yeast Infection

Learn To Prevent And Treat Diaper Rash With Amy Amys Daily 4 Diaper Rash Baby Pibu

Hi I'm Amy, a dermatologist mom andfounder of Baby Pibu. To help and teach parents exactly what to do withbaby skincare I've created Amy's Daily 4. TheseDaily 4 are Splash, Slather, Spot, and Soothe. Here I'm going to teach you how to spotand soothe a common baby skin condition diaper rash. Almost every baby will havea case a diaper rash before the age of three years old. There is a range of diaper rash and itcan show up quickly or gradually. Common triggers of diaper rash includeirritation, wet diapers left on too long,

too many poops from a change in diet orantibiotic use, and diapers that are too tight. So here's how you spot diaper rash.Typically diaper rash will appear as a bright red patch in the diaper coveredarea. If this phase goes untreated the diaper rash can progress and result inan overgrowth of yeast and culminate in a fullblown diaper rash with satellitered bumps and pustules. Here's how you prevent and soothe diaperrash. To prevent diaper rash apply a moisturizing ointment withmost diaper changes to provide extra

protection between baby skin and theirpee and poop. Zinc oxide is the white stuff that yousee in both sunscreens and diaper rash remedies since it acts as a physicalblocker. Zinc oxide further protects the skin by acting as a physical barrierbetween your baby's skin and the pee and poop elements. When diaper rash has set in you mustincrease the frequency of diaper changes and make sure the diapers are not tootight. You may also want to let your baby godiaperless for short periods while at home

to let their bottoms breathe. You can use awarm washcloth instead of a wipe as this can be lessirritating and more soothing. If red bumps appear you can apply an antiyeast cream like overthecounter Lotrimin AF mixed with diaper rash ointment 2 to 3 times a day. After 2 to 3 days if symptoms have not improved see yourpediatrician or dermatologist. Now that you've learned how to spot andsoothe diaper rash, move on to learn how to spot and soothe eczema and cradle cap.

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