How To Detect Yeast Infection

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Wont A Vaginal Swab Be Sufficient To Detect My Yeast Infection

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, anotherquestion here. Here's a question from Susie in Tennessee. Would a vaginal swab be sufficient to detectmy yeast infection? That's a good question, Susie, and one I getasked every now and then from different patients. Women are often used to going to a for a vaginal swab to determine the presence of a yeast infection to make sure it's a bacterialinfection or a yeast infection. I just want to know what kind of infection I've got. Soit's important to remember, though, that a swab does not differentiate between a Candidainfection and a vaginal colony of normally

occurring vaginal Candida. The cotton swab is sampling the surface ofthe vaginal wall, and it won't tell you if your immune system is actually involved orif it's been producing antibodies against the Candida itself. The test will only indicatewhat's going on locally and not systemically. Another problem with a vaginal sampling isthat if you're using a pessary or been douching the area or it's been sanitized to a degree,then it might return a false reading; you may not get a positive response and that couldreally throw you out and then you really won't know what's going on there. You didn't thinkabout those points, did you? I'll bet you

didn't. This catches quite a few people out,so you need to be careful about interpreting Candida tests, including vaginal swabs. So the results could be negative; the resultscould be positive, so how do you really know what's going on there? Don't make any falseassumptions there. And a vaginal swab doesn't necessarily always determine the presenceof a yeast infection for that reason. You may want to think carefully about having thatdouche or that pessary just prior to getting the vaginal sampling done. That's a good pointthere. So look at the totality of your symptoms aswell to see what other kind of problems do

you have? Like fatigue, digestive problems,gas, bloating, sugar cravings, these things could also alert you toward a yeast infection.Be particularly careful there. I hope this answers your question. There are a lot more questions and a lot moreanswers you'll find on my YouTube channel, so be sure to have a look. And if the questionis not there, go to candidacrusher and ask me the question and I'll be sure to reply.And please subscribe to my Candida Crusher YouTube channel. And furthermore, if you reallywant to know about the female yeast infection, do my online survey at yeastinfection that will give you some good pointers as well.

I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

How To Test For Candida Yeast Infection

Hi there, Eric Bakker, author of Candida Crusher.Thank you for tuning into this YouTube tutorial today. Today, I'd like to talk to you a littlebit about testing for Candida yeast infections. Many patients who come to see me want to knowwhether they have an infection or not. They go to their or they go to their naturopathand they're told that they've got all these problems, but then they reply, What are theseproblems? Can we do a test for these problems? What are they? So the medical willhave a few tests that he or she may perform, but not many patients with Candida yeast infectionsare really tested when they go to their medical . If the suspects a vaginal yeastinfection or thrush, then he or she may perform

a test, a smear test, to determine that, andthat will be sent away and those cells will be checked out. They'll be cultured. They'llgo to a special lab to see whether it's bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. But generally, a won't test any furtherthan that in terms of digestive problems or inflammation or brain fog or any of the othersubtle signs and symptoms of a yeast infection. The patient may be given a digestive product,maybe an acid blocker. They may be given a sleeping pill or an antiinflammatory, butI don't usually find that medical s will test any further than perhaps doing avaginal check. Or maybe in some cases with

a male, they may do a skin scraping of a particulararea and then get that checked. The issue I have with the medical test to determineyeast infections and many other health conditions are that they are defined more by statisticalnorms rather than physiological norms. By that, I mean they really work on a slidingscale from say 1 to 10. If you come back as 1.5 in the bottom end of that reference rangeor 9.5, you're deemed to be perfectly normal. In natural medicine, we don't really lookat it like that. We look more at the physiological norm. We're going to be more interested toget you around four, five, or six, which will be more of a midpoint, which we deem to bea really good range for you to be in. That's

one concern I have is looking at these norms. The other concern I have, really, with themedical testing is if a test comes back positive, it will often lead to the prescription ofa pharmaceutical drug. And in many cases, it will be an antibiotic or antifungal; itwill be an quot;antiquot; type of a drug, which will only create further problems. And if the can diagnose you with any particular test, then he or she may even think that you'vegot depression or anxiety and send you to a psychiatrist. And that's what happened tome. I was told to go to a psychiatrist when Ihad Candida because my problems were all in

my head. Well, they were in my head partiallybecause I had brain fog, but what the didn't know is I had a lot of digestive problemsthat he really should have gone further in looking at. And for that reason, now I doa lot of stool testing, comprehensive digestive stool testing. You're going to see a lot moretutorials on stool testing. I'll explain to you a lot more about the markers and what theymean, and how to interpret this very, very important test. In my book, Candida Crusher, I call the comprehensivestool test the quot;Rolls Roycequot; of tests because you can determine a whole bunch of stuff fromthis test. You can look at digestive markers,

inflammatory markers, and immune markers.It goes on and on and on; there's a whole lot of information that we can acquire fromthis test, which can give us a very accurate indication of the health of your whole digestivesystem. It also shows me where to pinpoint the treatment. It gives me a good idea onthe severity of your condition and how long it's going to take to get well. There are various tests that the andthe naturopath will perform to determine a yeast infection. As I mentioned, the may perform a smear test to determine whether it's vaginal thrush or vaginosis or an STDof some form. A may perform a stool

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