Internal Breast Yeast Infection

Home Remedies for Vaginal Yeast Infections II II

Welcome to healthcare at home One of our viewer has email us She is having vaginal itching problem She has written that she had consulted to Gynecologist Dermatologist and also consulted to so many s and tried but there were no benefit and she is highly upset and asking us for any remedy if we have.

Yes, of course i will tell you remedy and that also very effective and easy remedy i will tell you You have to take 21 leaves of margosa tender and fresh specially those which are just grew up take 21 of them and you add

11 black pepper into it and also add one cup of water and mix it well in mixer and 23 times in a day use it 3 times if you have major problem then morning, afternoon and evening you have to consume this water you will notice that the problem of your vaginal itching will healed up in another 7 days

Apart from that along with this you have to do one thing Almost 4 spoon of triphala powder add into 300ml of water overnight and in the morning with triphala water you have to wash that area where you have the itching most you have to dip the cotton into the water and wipe that area with it to this 34 times in a day you will notice within few days your vaginal itching problem

or wherever you have itching there you can apply margosa and triphala remedy and you will definitely feel releafe Apart from that there is one more remedy take 12 spoon of black pepper powder and approximately 1 to 12 spoon of Clarified cow's milk butter mix them well

and just lick it Make sure that you should not eat before or after two hours of licking this liquid you will notice that this is effective in any kind of dermatology or itching Apart from that i will tell you one more remedy which is very effective in 1 glass water of water add 2 spoons of chiretta and two spoon of picrohiza kurroa powder

How to Treat a Skin Yeast Infection Naturally

Use coconut oil. Coconut oil contains three different fattyacids (caprylic, capric lauric acids) that are fungicidal, which means they kill fungisuch as Candida and other species. These fatty acids within coconut oil killyeast by destroying their cell walls, so it's very unlikely and difficult for fungi to gainresistance against them. Buy a good quality coconut oil (it's likelyto be a solid instead of a liquid) and rub some it into your yeast infection 3x per day. You should see results (less redness and itching)within a week.

Coconut oil is also a popular remedy for fightingsystemic (internal) Candida yeast infections, although its taken orally in such situations. Coconut oil is also effective against bacterialskin infections and other kind of skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, which can looksimilar to yeast fungal skin infections. Try tea tree oil. Application of tea tree oil, an extract ofmelaleuca alternifolia, can also be effective on yeast fungal infections of the skin becauseit has strong antimicrobial properties and works well as a fungicide.

Tea tree oil also boosts immunity, which canbe helpful in preventing initial infections and reinfections of Candida and other fungi. Start with 2 3 drops of the tea tree oil onyour skin infection, 3x daily for at least a couple of weeks and see how it works. Tea tree oil has been a popular antimicrobialand antiinflammatory for many years in Australia, but has become better known in the U S.over the last decade or so. Tea tree oil can cause both skin irritationand allergic reactions in some people who are especially sensitive, but the prevalenceis rare.

As such, test a little on some healthy skinbefore applying it to your yeast infection. Consider oil of oregano. Oil of oregano contains a couple of differentcompounds (carvacrol and thymol) that are both strong fungicides. These compounds completely inhibit Candidaand other fungi via dehydration they dry out and eventually die. Oil of oregano is quite strong and can causea burning sensation on skin, so make sure to dilute it with vitamin E or some cod liveroil water won't work well to dilute because

it doesn't mix with oils. Mix 12 drops of oregano oil with the samequantity of vitamin E or fish oil and apply it your skin infection 3x daily for a coupleweeks and make note of the progress. Taken sublingually (in the mouth under thetongue), oil of oregano seems to stimulate the immune system and help prevent most typesof infections. Keep your immune system strong. With any type of infection (fungal, bacterialor viral), true prevention and protection depends on a strong and healthy immune response.

Your immune system is made up of specializedwhite blood cells that are designed to search for and destroy potential pathogens such asfungi. However, when your immune system is weakeneddue to the abovementioned reasons, diseasecausing microorganisms can grow and spread virtuallyunchecked. Thus, focus on boosting your natural immunityin order to combat yeast infections and stay healthy. Getting more quantity and better quality ofsleep, eating more fresh produce, eating less refined sugars (sodas, candy, deserts), reducingyour alcohol consumption, quitting smoking,

Black Salve By Mouth What Happens Dangerous Safe Cansema Indian Herb Nancy Gurish

feel that I had a case lt;lt; feel that I had a case or a condition that looked pretty muchto be skin cancer and I felt pretty badly lt;lt; I felt pretty gt;gt; I had very big loss of energy I had of some marks on my skin thatlooked to be skin cancer growths lt;lt; so I began totreat them in from several different ways gt;gt; I have atutorial that I made recently on not using just one health source gt;gt; or one alternative source of supplement

but to use a variety of health gt;gt; ofdifferent sources that support for it and one was black salve gt;gt; I used ittopically on the gt;gt; what looked like cancer spots but I found out that treating cancerspots is like trying to break and bubbles that are just flyingthrough the air just just popping bubbles that keep arising and arising skin cancer spots if they arise gt;gt; they canarise all over the body in many places gt;gt; and um gt;gt;

I've treated many of them I had gt;gt; a lot ofthem on my back and I had gt;gt; a lot on my face gt;gt; I treated a couple in different places on my skin on myface but I found out that there are many places that cancer spots will appear. And chasing them from the outside isjust like chasing bubbles in the air so Irealized I had to treat myself from the inside And one of the ways I did that was of course

colloidal silver, which I talk about gt;gt; I alsotalk about mineral supplement, but I wanted to use BlackSalve in a way that is suggested that can bedone which is internally and I'm going to show you what I did gt;gt; I tookit by using a piece of bread. by putting the black salve on a piece of bread Black Salve is the gt;gt; biggest uh ingredient the most common ingredient in Black Salve, or thelargest ingredient is zinc chloride, I believe it is zinc chlorie note: it is zinc chloride

and then there is some DMSO in it and then there are like three or fourdifferent herbs depending on what type of black salve you buy gt;gt; I split my black salve up gt;gt; I divided it from the container it came and I put somein a small glass jar The rest of it I have refrigerated gt;gt; Black Salve is a lot of differenttypes of herbs mixed with gt;gt; like I said Zinc Chloride gt;gt;

which is boiled from crystals gt;gt; it is boileddown to a paste like substance, and then the herbs are put inthere gt;gt; some DMSO is put in there and some glycerin to keep it smooth gt;gt; now I did read about I like I read a lot and I look to a lotof tutorials before I use products that are alternative products and I usethese things and that's why I'm sharing them on my YouTube tutorials so if you want to take um if I wanted to take

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