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Ask Lindsey 12 Oral Sex Questions

I received some questions about oral sex andI'd like to answer them starting with quot;WHY?quot; Intro Researchers at the University of Texas inAustin have found 237 reasons people have sex. Physical pleasure, pleasing a partner,having fun, something to do! Revenge! Which is probably not procreation. quot;What are the pros and cons of oral sex?quot; On the pros: a better overall sexual experience.For femalebodied people more orgasms, for malebodied people less rapid ejaculationand impotence. Pregnancy prevention, stress

relief, diversity of behaviors and options. Cons: it can smell bad, taste bad, feel uncomfortable,take a long time. Remember one person's cons can be another person's pros and viceversa. quot;In your opinion, when should children beeducated about oral sex?quot; This is such a great question! Here's my answer:I believe there isn't one age or developmental marker to determine when. If a child asks,I gauge what a child needs to know, wants to know, and can understand, and then I respond.If the child doesn't ask I teach the information as it comes up in conversation. For example:

quot;What is 69ing?quot; It's about sex. Do you want to know more? quot;Sure.quot; Sure, yes? Or sure, no? quot;Yes.quot; It's a position people put their bodies intoto perform sex. It looks like the number 69. quot;I don't get it.quot; Let me show you a tutorial.

Oral sex tends to enter one's vocabulary duringmiddle school. Psychology will tell you that this is the end of the psychosexual latencystage and the beginning of the genital one. Freud! 69ing, quot;third base,quot; quot;pink tacos,quot; quot;blowjobs,quot; and quot;rainbow ringsquot; will become the new terms of their peer education. quot;Rainbow rings?quot; Multiple shades of lipstick marks left ona penis from multiple people fellating it. At whatever age things come up, support thecuriosity and teach healthy options.

How about some of your curious questions,most of which I've noticed are about oral sex troubleshooting. quot;How do you not end up with semen in yourmouth?quot; Don't put a penis in your mouth to begin with.Or, cover the penis with a condom. Or, ask the penisposessing person to pull out beforeejaculating. quot;Does a guy just know when he's going to ejaculate?quot; Some do. Some THINK they do. quot;If you swallow some semen what happens?quot;

It is digested. Broken down into usable andunusable parts, molecules absorbed by the bloodsteam and then excreted. If there areinfectious viruses or bacteria you may have gulped an STI. quot;What are the dangers of blowing into a vagina?quot; Embolism and death. If you force the air intothe vagina without a way for it to get out it can build up in the blood vessles and blockthem. As long as there's a way for the air to get out like a puff across it, you're good! quot;Should you brush your teeth first and avoidsugary things like gum?quot;

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