Pregnancy Yeast Infection Gestational Diabetes

How to Know if I Have Gestational Diabetes

Can you tell me how to know if I have gestationaldiabetes? If you even think you have gestational diabetes,get thee to a medical dispensary immediately. Very funny. Why are you so concerned? Gestational diabetes is a major problem, anda relatively common one. Anywhere from 2 to 10 women in 100 develop gestational diabetesduring pregnancy. Why the variation in odds? Gestational diabetes is more likely if youare Native American, Indian or Chinese. The odds are lower if you're white, while oddsgo up with age.

Gestational diabetes should go away when Ihave the baby. What can prenatal diabetes do for the short time I could have it? It could make the frequent urination of pregnancyworse. It can raise your blood pressure, making preeclampsia a greater risk. One is minor, the other a minor risk. It could make yeast infections a horror. Minor annoyance. You're more likely to get an oversized baby.If labor with a normal 8 pound baby is hard,

try a 9 or 10 pound bundle of joy. Oh, God, I have to get tested for that, rightnow. What other than race and age are risk factors? If you have a family history of diabetes,you're more likely to get gestational diabetes. And risk goes up with weight. Dieting during pregnancy is hard. You don't have to diet, just control weightgain. I've heard bad things about the GTT testthey do to find out if you have it.

s make all women take a glucose tolerancetest to measure their blood sugar before and after drinking a foul tasting drink. But itis safe, whereas diabetes isn't. Or the much harder work of laboring to geta 10 pound baby out. Or a Csection. Yeah, the horror story of delivery is badenough without making the baby sound like a big fish story. Oh, yeah, mine was THISbig and took THIS long.

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