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Yeast Infection Home Remedy Cure The Problem Naturally

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Does garlic kill off good bacteria

Hi I'm Andrea Nakayama and welcome back toGet Your Big Ask in Here where you get to ask your questions, and where functional physiologymeets nutrition. Today's Big Ask is from Joanie, and Joanie asks quot;Does garlic kill off goodbacteria?quot; This is a great question, Joanie, and most of the research shows that raw garlicis antimicrobial, it's very beneficial. It can kill a little bit of the bacteria in ourmicrobiome, so we want to be careful to not be taking too much garlic at once or for longperiods of time, but it is antimicrobial, so it could be beneficial in certain situations.Most of the research is done on raw garlic, so that's either eating raw garlic in yourguacamole, or there's even some research that

shows how it can be used blended and mixedwith water and consumed that way, or dehydrated and dried and put into capsules. So that'swhere most of the research around garlic is, but again it can kill of a little bit of thegood bacteria, so don't be long term garlic for a long period of time.

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