Will Olive Leaf Extract Get Rid Of Candida

Can Olive Leaf Exttact Get Rid Of Candida

Thanks for checking out my tutorial. I've gota question here I received from an email from a lady regarding olive leaf extract and Candida.Eric, can olive leaf extract eradicate Candida? Is it an effective antifungal?In my experience, it's pretty useless as an antifungal. Now I'm stating it based on myexperience. You're going to be reading on many other websites that it's a very powerfulantioxidant. It's a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, that it has bloodstabilizingproperties, and it has this property and that property, blah, blah, blah. I'm sure you couldfind this out even if you say grab leaves off a lime tree or a citrus tree or mangotree, for that matter, any flaming tree or

bush or shrub will have some properties aboutit. But whether it works consistently time and again in a al setting is a differentmatter altogether. I may have mentioned to you before I've triedmany different supplements out. Herbal medicines, homeopathic medicines, nutritional medicines,even pharmaceutical medicines when I worked in a medical . I've tried everythingout for yeast infection patients, and I haven't really found olive leaf extract to be effectiveat all for Candida. It is a very bitter plant and it contains an active ingredient calledoleuropein. Oleuropein no doubt has properties about it that are very beneficial. But I'vespoken to many leading herbalists around the

world, some very smart people out there whohave the same opinion I have that olive leaf extract will have some immune modulating properties,but to call it a powerful antifungal, I think, is a crock. I think it's a load of crap. Youcould call anything a powerful antifungal. Salt could be an antifungal.As I mentioned, whether it works in a al setting, in my opinion, is different fromhow it will work in a test tube in some study at some university. I've used olive leaf extractup to 20 percent oleuropein, 10 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent; I found minimal benefitfrom people when it came to eradicating fungus, so I gave up using olive leaf extract a longtime ago. I also won't really use it in any

of my supplements that I create because Ijust don't find it effective. It doesn't come anywhere near grapefruit seedextract or oregano or tea tree or clove. These are known proven things. They not only workin my , they work in many people's s. They work in scientific studies. They're powerful.They've been proven to be effective antifungals for a long, long time. I'll stick with what'sproven and what's tried and tested and I'll tend to avoid things that I personally don'treally believe have much basis when it comes to helping people in the .I hope that answers your question about olive leaf extract. Thanks for tuning in.

How To Get Rid of Parasites in the Body Naturally

Hey guys, Axe here. Today I want to talkto you about how to kill off parasites. Now I would estimate that about 50% or more Americanscarry parasites and you may wonder where does somebody get a parasite. One is pork. If you'veever eaten pork, pork carries parasites and worms. So if you eat pork consistently, there'sa great chance that you have a parasite. Also, if you've ever been to another country,places like China, India, Africa, Mexico, even trips to places like Cancun, if you drankthe water or if you ate some of their food. There's a great chance that you could havepicked up a parasite specifically if you came back and had dysentery or some problem withyour stool afterward. It's very, very likely

that you have a parasite. So most of us need to do a parasite cleanse.You got to kill off. You got to get rid of the parasite so I want to give you guys somepractical tips of what you need to do in terms of diet and in terms of supplements to actuallykill off worms and parasites in your system. The number one thing I want to talk abouthere first is supplements. When you are supplementing to kill parasites there are actually antiparasitecompounds. I want to show you a few things here. This is from my buddy Gez Agolliin Atlanta and this is called Paracomplete. It's a parasite cleanse and it has thingslike Thyme leaf, something called Berberine

Sulfate is a natural. It's something actually. . . sometimes you can find these in coconut. They can kill off parasites. Oregano, grapefruitseed extract, Uva Ursi, so there are certain herbs that you can kill off parasites. Now the top three for killing off parasites,though, you can get in a tincture form. You'll see this here, it's black walnut, wormwood,olive leaf, and garlic. And so again, olive leaf, garlic, black walnut, and wormwood allkill off parasites. And often times you can find that a parasitecleanse at your local health food store. And so what I recommend you do is about two weeksof a parasite cleanse taking these supplements.

Then take a week off and jump back on fortwo more weeks and now that's important is taking the supplements. Now what's even more important is your diet.You can't just take the supplements and not follow this diet I'm recommending. In orderto kill parasites in your system and kill off the bad bacteria and the fungus that theseparasites live off of because parasites, like anything, they have to have a certain environmentto survive. So you've got to get rid of bad bacteria there. So you've got to go on a dietthat's free of all sugar and all grains. And when you're doing a parasite cleanse,I even recommend that you limit, your fruit

intake or do no fruit whatsoever, so for breakfastdoing rather than a berry smoothie, you just do a coconut smoothie with coconut, chia seedsand protein powder. For lunch, do a big salad. For dinner, do meat and double vegetables,but stay completely away from any form of sugar, including fruit. And now another thing I want to talk aboutis pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds of all foods, they've been shown to be the number one foodthat kills off parasites. And so one of the things I've personally done is I'll take,if I'm doing a parasite cleanse, I'll take pumpkin seeds, and I'll eat one cup a day.Half a cup I may throw in a smoothie in the

morning and another half a cup in the afternoonor you can make pumpkin seed nut butter or seed butter I guess and you'll throw thisinto something like a vitamin mix or blender with pumpkin seed oil. They carry that in most health food stores.So pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil, and I'll eat this throughout the day as well in orderto kill off parasites. This is important so remember that diet of no sugar, no fruit,just basically a diet of just meat, vegetables, and nuts and seeds, and pumpkin seeds arethe best. Also, I recommend doing a few colonics, probablytwo to three colonics, one a week for three

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