Yeast Infection Causes Hair Loss

Hair Loss Issues Fungal Infections and Options When PRP and Finasteride Dont Work for You

Thank you for your question!You're 21yearsold and the photos and history that you submitted, you're describing ascenario where you had some hair thinning and initially you also had to deal with fungalinfections in your scalp and that you lost some hair. And after undergoing three plateletrichplasma (PRP), you appear to have some improvement. However, in more recent history, you'vebeen placed on a 100mg Fluconazole to take weekly and finasteride and you state thatthe hairs fallen out because of those drugs so you are asking what to do next.Well I can give you some guidance and my thoughts about your situation. I'm a board certifiedcosmetic surgeon and a fellowship trained

oculofacial plastic surgeon, practicing inManhattan in Long Island for over 20 years and I am also the founder of Trichostemâ„¢Hair Regeneration centers, a system we've developed to treat hair loss which does involvewith the use plateletrich plasma (PRP) as well Acellular matrix and has been a verysuccessful treatment as a nonsurgical treatment for hair loss so I think that what we haveto define is the causes of your hair loss and then decide on the solutions.First of all, having a fungal infection can have a negative impact in your hair. Fungalinfections are often difficult to manage, do require both topical and systemic treatmentwhich appears you to be getting. I would agree

that there is some degree of hair loss associatedwith fungal infection but at the same time what appears to be is that you also have agenetic male pattern hair loss also called androgenetic alopecia. Now the challenge foryou was that of course you went to the PRP injections which appear to help you and thenthe hair fell off or fell out and so you may be making the error of correlating the initiationof finasteride and fluconazole with causation of the hair loss.To just get some concept to the challenge of with hair loss, with finasteride what you'redoing is you are inhibiting an enzyme called 5alpha reductase. This is the enzyme responsiblefor converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

Dihydrotestosterone follicles or sensitivefollicles will thin therefore, when you diminish it actually will slow down the thinning processand that's an important distinction. Finasteride does not necessary stop hair loss, it actuallyslows it down very effectively in many people. Unfortunately, a lot of our younger patientsand a lot of patients in general come to us don't want to take Finasteride because ofconcerns of long term sexual side effects. Now it is important that you do manage yourfungal issues but at the same time there is a little bit of a window where you may havesome benefit from a treatment that is a little bit different from the PRP. As far as my experienceis concerned, plateletrich plasma which we

use a lot in our practice we use it for fineline and wrinkles, we use it for acne scars, we use it for scar revision, we use it forcomplexion improvement. We love using plateletrich plasma, we use it for dark circles under theeyes but in my experience Plateletrich plasma for hair loss has a short term benefit. Thisis reflected by my observations on patients who come to us. People have come to us afterthey had plateletrich plasma injection will say that I went for injection every monthfor about 4 months and although I have seen some improvements, I just didn't know IfI can keep doing that. In our practice, Hair Regeneration has beenour solution for long term treatment of male

pattern or female pattern hair loss. We douse plateletrich plasma as part of our treatment but we also use extracellular matrix. Nowthis combination appears in our experience with over 5 years of data and hundreds andhundreds of patients come to us from around the world, with one single session treatmentwe've been able to for the majority of our patients 99% for both men and women stop theprogression, initiate or reactivate growth of hairs that is not growing and have thinninghairs become thicker. Now we do customize the treatments so thereare people will do maybe a second treatment in the second year but over all that systemhas been able to be successful for people

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