Yeast Infection Of Breast Ducts

Do I Have Mastitis or a Plugged Duct

Do I have mastitis or a plugged duct? And they say dentists get the most disgustingquestions. You usually don't have a fever with a plugged duct, but if you do, it'slow. What happens with mastitis? Mastitis is an infection and inflammationin the breast. Mastitis often comes with a high fever. What on Earth causes this? Mastitis usually occurs in the first month,but it can happen at any time. A plugged duct

may be in the nipple or elsewhere inside thebreast and can happen anytime. And both cause reduced milk flow. This mustbe what cows feel like when they haven't been milked. You get heat, pain and swelling in the breast,too, due to the infection. If I have a breast infection, I don't wantto give it to the baby. When you have mastitis, the milk may havelumps. You can strain that out, but it is safe for the baby. I never thought I'd need to strain breastmilk.

If you have a plugged duct, you may see stringsof thick milk when it unplugs. It's safe for the kid, but you need to express it evenif you don't breastfeed. Because it hurts if I don't from pressurebuildup. Because fluids flowing through the ducts islike flushing out pipes, to remove the gunk. And if you don't, you could end up witha breast abscess. Another term I'm glad I didn't know untilnow. Plugged ducts may come from yeast infectionslike a baby's thrush infection, so the baby may have given it to you. Mastitis can comethrough sore nipples, infecting the breast.

What do I do about it? Use hot compresses before nursing and coldcompresses after nursing. That reminds me of the Katy Perry hot andcold song. Go ahead and breastfeed the baby as long asthere's no pus or blood. If it's salty from mastitis, he might refuse it. With all I'm going through, he's goingto put up with it, too. Spoken like a true mother.

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