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What Are The Symptoms Of Severe Vaginal Yeast Infection

I've got a question here from somebody inAustralia, in Sydney, Australia. What are the symptoms of severe vaginal yeast infection? The symptoms of severe vaginal yeast infectioncan be sometimes mistaken for bacterial vaginosis. Symptoms generally include itching and sometimessevere itching. Itching can be bad and really uncomfortable. I've had some patients thatcan't work anymore because of the itching. Itching, redness, discharge is quite common.Discharge can be clear, a white finished discharge up to a thick, almost like cottage cheesewhite discharge, but the two characteristic symptoms would be itching and discharge.

BV or bacterial vaginosis is that fishy odoror the foulsmelling vaginal area. Generally, there's not a really bad foul smell with avaginal yeast infection. It can be a musky sort of odor, but not generally a really fishystrong sort of smell. We get that more with bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis willalso have more of a whitish or a gray waterish discharge. Itching can be there, but nowherenear as intense as the vaginal yeast infection, which can be really bad. I've also found manywomen complain about a lot of pain after intercourse with a Candida yeast infection as well. Theyalso get them with bacterial vaginosis, but even more so with the vaginal infection. Thekey symptoms are those two things. Think about

the itching. Think about the discharge. Now some women with Candida yeast infectionsalso get pelvic pain to different degrees. Many of them can even have a lowgrade endometriosiswithout even knowing about it. I discovered years ago that many cases of severe endometriosisare, in fact, caused by a yeast infection. It makes sense because if you've got a vaginalinfection and you're going to treat it with applicators or creams from the andyou're going to take diflucan or fluconazole recurrently to cure this problem. You're notgoing to cure it with drugs. You're not going to cure it with creams. All you're doing isyou're driving it further up the vaginal area,

in through the cervix, into the endometrium,and then eventually you get endometriosis. So you get basically an inflammation in thewall of the womb. Yeast actually can get through there and start creating an immune reaction.Cysts will develop; small cysts develop around that area and that becomes endometriosis. Endometriosis has skyrocketed since tamponuse with many women. I've got a female friend who said that she found years ago amassive connection between endometriosis and chronic vaginal yeast infection, so you needto bear that in mind, too. You could have a lowgrade pelvic pain.

If in doubt, make sure that you get checkedout and have a swab and have that cultured for Candida to see whether you've got a bacterialproblem in the vaginal area or a yeast infection. Be sure to check out my other tutorials on howto get rid of a woman's yeast infection by doing the quot;kill and build phase.quot; This isa bulletproof way; 99 percent guaranteed to get rid of this vaginal infection. Thanks for tuning in.

What Are Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

I'm here with another frequently asked question,a male yeast infection question. What are male yeast infection symptoms? Well, there are many different symptoms ofa male yeast infection. It really depends on what area that you have got the yeast infection.You could have a yeast infection affecting you internally; your digestive system is acommon place. It could be your skin, particularly the groin region, the inner thigh, aroundthe scrotum, the penis, the anus; all those sort of areas could be affected. Your feetcould be affected. Your toenails could be affected.

So let's start with some of the gut symptomsthat I commonly see in guys. We're talking like burping, bloating, farting, these arevery common symptoms. Other symptoms are craving sweet foods or alcohol, wanting beer, wantingpizzas, wanting bagels or donuts, these sorts of sweet foods. Especially throughout theday or wanting several cups of coffee with sugar in it. Wanting Pepper or MountainDew or lots of sweet drinks, especially if you have quite a strong craving for sweetdrinks. These are real key sort of red flag symptoms for a yeast infection. If we're talking about the skin area, particularlyaround your groin, you're looking at redness

and itching. It could be burning. The skincould be cracked. It could be a bronzy sort of color to the skin, but it's not unusualfor a guy to get a lot of itching and burning around that area and then scratching thatarea. You need to be careful scratching it because you could get that area infected. So if we look at the keynote symptoms of amale yeast infection around the genital region, it would have to be itching, redness, andburning. Those are three of the key symptoms I would recognize that condition to be. With the toenails, it could be itching betweenthe toes. It's not uncommon. Look for those

kind of symptoms because they're quite indicativeof a male yeast infection. Thanks for tuning in.

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