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The Candida Diet

Hey guys, Axe here, of naturalmedicine and founder of DrAxe . In this tutorial I'm going to share with you The CandidaDiet and my top tips to cure candida fast. I can tell you from working with thousandsof patients. I'm going to go through the exact diet, the supplements, and a few treatmenttips that I can tell you, just within 24 hours you can start seeing incredible results ineliminating candida. So let's start with number one, the foodsyou've got to get out of your diet. It's going to be sugar, grains, and surprisingly foodsthat are cold. Now, that's part of Chinese medicine which I'll share more in a minute.But for starting out, if you have candida,

you obviously . . . I think you know this,but you want to get rid of sugar. You know, any time you have that white thrush on yourtongue, that's a sign that yeast is feeding on sugar within your body. We want to start eliminating yeast. We wantto stop feeding that candida albicans. And so, in order to do that, you've got to eliminateall sugar from your diet, and then also eliminate grains because grains are breaking down intosugar very quickly and even fruit at first. Now, listen, longterm, you're going to addsome grains back in after a few days and even fruit later on. But again, to start thoseare the biggest culprits that are causing

candida to grow. And last but not least, this is really important.If you're over consuming cold foods, ice water, ice cream, cold smoothies. According to Chinesemedicine, your spleen and pancreas and these areas in your body that are responsible foreliminating candida, they get over burdened by cold foods. And so rather than having acold smoothie, have a warm bowl of broth or rather than doing ice cream, have somethingwarm. Again, you want things that are warming to your body and drying. That's the key tokilling candida. Number two is doing a candida cleanse. Beforeyou go on my candida diet, what I recommend

the first thing you do is do a three day cleansewhere you're only consuming bone broth and vegetables, and that's really it for threedays. So again, bone broth, vegetables. You could do a little chicken in there as well. Basically you want to get a big crock pot.You want to do some chicken broth along with vegetables, including onions, celery, garlic,and a little bit of kale and sea salt. And basically you're going to do that soup withbasically vegetables. You can also throw in things, like cauliflower and broccoli. Andyou're going to do that bone broth soup with a little bit of chicken and just consume thatfor three days. I've had people do that two

weeks to see even faster results. That's whereyou want to start, in terms of doing a candida cleanse. It's mostly bone broth for a fewdays with a little bit of vegetables and sometimes a little bit of chicken. Step three is doing the candida diet, andhere are the best foods for helping you cure candida. Number one, it's going to be steamedvegetables, okay? Vegetables are the easiest thing for your body to digest. That's thefirst food. The second food is going to be fermented vegetables, like sauerkraut. Now,typically you don't want to eat the sauerkraut cold, but sauerkraut and kimchi are warmingto the body. They actually also help your

body get more good bacteria in its probioticswhich will help crowd out the yeast and bad bacteria that's built up within your system. The number three food is going to be bonebroth. Bone broth is incredible because it contains the amino acid, glycine, which supportsthe liver and helps your body clear candida. The fourth food is going to be organic meat,like wild caught salmon, organic chicken and turkey, lamb and grass fed beef. Those aresome other great options of foods that can help eliminate candida. And last but not least, it's going to be starchyvegetables, specifically things like butternut

How To Treat Jock Itch Naturally Dont Rely On Creams

Today, I'd like to talk a little bit aboutjock itch. I've done a couple of tutorials on jock itch, but this one is going to dispelquite a few myths about curing jock itch, the treatment of jock itch. Jock itch is a condition I've treated nowfor a long time, for over 20 years. I've treated many women with vaginal yeast infections.I've treated many men with jock itch. I've treated children with diaper rash. I've treatedadults and children with all manifestations of skin yeast infections like ringworm, forexample. I've treated toenail fungus, but jock itch is an area that I believe I'm wellqualified to give you some expert advice.

I had really bad jock itch in my 20s. I hadsome stupid advice from different practitioners and even my medical practitioner, ridiculousadvice. It took me a little bit of time to get rid of the infection, and I can rememberhow it drove me absolutely crazy. I lived in quite a warm climate in Australia at thetime, and I made all the wrong diet and lifestyle choices, and these are things I don't wantyou to make. I've treated thousands of people with jock itch, so I'm pretty sure that ifyou follow some of my hints and tips, you'll be able to nail this thing without wastinga lot of your time. Some of the myths I'd like to dispel on curingjock itch include don't waste your time using

creams. Thinking you can cure this skin conditionaround the groin and the rectal area using a skin cream. It's just not going to happen.You're going to get some symptom relief, but you're not really going to cure this thing.You really have to get to the deeperseated causes and triggers of jock itch and understandthat this thing needs to be treated on a deeper basis if you want to cure it, particularlyif you've had it for many years like some of my patients have. I mean some guys even get crazy advice fromtheir like using a vaginal cream for this problem. It's just crazy. These productsweren't designed for male jock itch around

the penis and the scrotum and the groin area.You shouldn't be using them. I mean you can even create damage for yourself using thesemedicinal creams, these medical creams made of chemical concoctions that weren't designedfor us as guys. I know we're still people. We shouldn't go into saying it's going tokill you, but it's just not designed for jock itch itself. Symptom relief will occur, butlet women use the vaginal creams, okay, and I'm going to give you a couple of good experttips, so let's get into it. Let's talk about a guy that I recently sawon Skype. A lot of my patients are on Skype these days. I'm going to call this guy, Gary;that's not his real name. Gary's a long distance

truck driver from Florida, so Gary does longhaul all around the U.S. Gary's had jock itch for about 15 years, a long time, and he wasreally well and truly sick and tired of his condition. Gary spends a lot of time in thecab of the truck, as you can well imagine. Gary's choices when it comes to eating foodare not all that good, which would often mean stopping at these roadhouses and eating allkinds of sugary and salty foods, soda drinks, and lots of coffee, the wrong kind of choices. Even though he was having regular showers,he wasn't really that much into personal hygiene like some guys are. So I spent a bit of timewith this guy going over how he really needs

to change his undergarments preferably twiceper day when it's quite bad, a severe condition. He needs to use cotton undergarments. He needsto use a tea tree oil based soap to keep the area clean. Preferably wear boxers and alsoat least once or twice a week spend some time soaking that area in a bit of apple cidervinegar or diluted tea tree oil mixed in water. That's going to help him quite a lot. Andin summertime, he's got to spend a lot of time at the beach swimming. And if he can,get some sun exposure on the groin because that's going to help him considerably. I also found out this guy's got quite a lotof pubic hair as he mentioned, so I told him

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