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CISTUS Cistus took its name from cleansing. It's a herb that cleanses our body really well, acting on several grounds. First of all, cistus results in slowing down the process of reproducing bacteria and also fights them. It has antibacterial properties making our bodies get rid of unecessary germs. The second method is catching heavy metals and toxins. Cistus is able to bind them very effectively, and, since it has urinic effects, it also gets rid of them very quickly. Now, last but not least, cistus can be also applied externally for skin changes, especially cold sores. It gets rid of bacteria that live on our skin,

and what's interesting and rare amongst herbs, it also helps improve the smell of our body. If you have any problems with excessive sweating, cistus will help to remove unpleasant smells that we sometimes secrete. The cistus infusion contains plentiful antioxidants, which have really positive effect on our bodies. They catch free radicals, slow down the process of ageing of our body cells, but they also act against arteriosclerosis, as they prevent cholesterol from settling in our veins. What's more, cistus has antiallergic effects and also improves the function of our digestive system. Cistus is a little plant that occurs in the area of Mediterrenean Sea, while its health benefits have been known for nearly 2000 years.

It turns out, cistus resin is one of the ingredients of the myrrh, which you might have heard of otherwise. This was how cistus became popular. The myrrh also comes from other kinds of trees, but you'll find it here as well. Well, generally speaking, we don't know what exactly myrrh contained, but it seems it contained cistus as well. The infusion has a nice, brownish colour, the dried herb is mostly flowers, stems and leaves of this little bush. I'd classify the flavour of cistus as rather dry tasting herbs. It's a bit malt, even a little tangy, I would say. You can also taste a note which resembles me licorice a bit. You can feel this aftertaste at the back of your tongue.

I think you can certainly drink it for taste, you can find much less tasty herbs or natural drugs, after all So I think it's a really nice flavour, and a really good cleansing effect, which is combined in one little cup. I think we can recommend it to everyone. See you on our website! Starring: Rafał Przybylok Our teashop: Camerawork and editing: Patryk Płuciennik Translation: Katarzyna Bidzinska

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